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...And I can't top that. Also, goodnight.

Rex nodded and took the shot and dagger. Feeling a wave of power rush over him, he wiped the blood from April's surprisingly light cut onto his thumb and slid his lock down once more. As his blood touched the circle, his chain flashed red once again. However, his sword hummed and emitted a demonic aura. Rex's eyes glittered with a bright gold as he bounded up the walls of the cathedral as silently as he could toward the congregating angels, dagger and sword in both hands.

"Try not to die." Erina spoke directly from the sword.
"...Shut it..."

Snip and Goodnight

The Angels noticed Rex's rather flashy approach, flashy in that they sensed the presence of Rex's Demonic Aura, and the lesser Angels scattered into the sky where as the higher ranking ones drew swords of their own and unfurled their wings. A majority of them were unarmored or were lightly armored.

"[Foolish Demon! You dare challenge us on holy ground?]" One of the Angels said as it dove towards Rex, sword drawn.


Steel met steel and the fight was on... kind of. Another Angel took the opportunity to run Rex through the back, severing torso from legs.

Rex fell to the ground in a heap.... and then the simulation reset itself.


April stood staring as Rex tried the same approach, taking notes on what Rex needed to work on when killing Angels.

"Demonic Aura... he'll need a Shroud for that." She muttered to herself as she opened up her pack and pulled out a white sheet with what appeared to be a bearded face. Taking the Shroud of Turin and some needle and thread, she began sewing them into robes.

Tomoya - Tomoya's room...somewhere above the bar.

Looking at the balcony door Tomoya wondered what it could only do if he opened it. Curiosity getting the better of himl, Tomoya opened the door wide. Remembering what he saw last time, Tomoya could only say one thing. "Oh I remember-" Tomoya said before being sucked in instantly. A ringing came from his computer watch as he fell and downwards towards a portal.

Opening the computer watch out, Tomoya could only see one sentence. "Holiday over, back to work." Tomoya sighed as he closed up the watch. Falling passed the bar window, Tomoya could only wave back to future Puse as he fell through a portal. Combining his AA self and Pub self again.

Origin plains - Avatar Adventure Universe.

As Tomoya sat on the metal chair he arranged earlier, he could only feel a huge force of gravity fall on him. Collapsing off the chair, Tomoya quickly got up and dusted himself off. Looking around and seeing nothing of importance Tomoya could only think of some thoughts. "Ow...why does it feel like I got crushed by a dump truck and that I haven't been here in ages?" Tomoya thought to himself as he waddled to the Rising Dawn. "Why do I have a headache!?" HE could only say as he walked up the hanger ramp.

Writer's Booth: Mark

Mark smirked as he watched Tomoya leave through a Portal and back to his Universe of Origin. Sensing that some adventure was to be had, he quickly jotted down something on his Tablet PC.

Inside the Training Room, as April watched Rex attempt to kill Angels, a note appeared in her pocket informing her of the Archangel's whereabouts.


As he respawns yet again, Rex slowly sits back up after getting bisected... again. Weird how you can get used to that after a while. The first few times, the pain nearly made him go insane, but repetition does great things for people. Now calm and alert for once, a lightbulb suddenly went off in Rex's head. In the spur of everything and his panic, he'd forgotten the other transmutated weapon he could use.

Before the room reset again, he flipped down his lock and the familiar red flash was seen. After the flash however, he was holding a heavy-looking pistol resembling an USP .45 with a remainder of the chain hanging off the handle. He held down the trigger and a red ball of energy slowly amassed itself in front of the barrel.

"Maxing out one shot should at least take down one of those things... hopefully."
"Charge at 35%..."


Everything was just the same, the city heat, the rustic cathedral, and the angels fluttering about. Rex points the pistol towards the crowd of unsuspecting spirits and enters a kneeling position. The ball was getting larger and giving off red sparks of energy. Rex gulped down another bit of spit and hoped that an angel wouldn't happen to look down.

"Charge at 87%..."


Rex releases the trigger at this moment, sending a ball of red demonic energy, the size of a small RV, screaming through the air towards the crowd. The recoil sends him backwards a few yards and throws him onto his back, looking upward. As he reverts his chain back to a sword, it gives off a hissing noise and plenty of steam, blocking off his sight.

"D-Did that work?"


April looked up at the wreckage that used to be a Cathedral. Around her, the simulated pedestrians scattered, covering their heads as parts of the Cathedral came raining down on the street below.

When all was said and done the dust cleared, there it was: A dead Angel. Its body had been ripped apart by the power of the Demonic blast but for the most part, the torso was intact as was the majority of the blood.

"It worked. Though you'll want to keep yourself more inconspicuous next time." The Angel hunter stated as she handed him the robe that she had sewn together out of the relic.

"It works like camouflage that snipers wear. It makes you look like you're Angelic rather than demonic. It'll allow you to get much much closer next time." She stated as she went over to the Angel body and picked it up with one hand, dragging it off to a simulated lab.


After getting up, Rex slips the robe on with a flourish and takes in a bit of the scene he'd created. Looking at the various corpses of himself, the rubble of the Cathedral, and the blood trail of the Angel's corpse being dragged, he felt something between smug self-satisfaction and fear that his sanity had gone and would never come back. Erina's exasperated voice broke his little trance.

"That... was a lot... of work... I've gonna... rest for a... good while now..." Rex felt a little bad working his partner so hard, but the reward surely would be worth it... or at least he had hope it would. He quickly trudged after the hunter, anticipations high.

And here be the recipe

The Lab was could barely be called that. Butcher shop would have been a more apt term for what went on in there. As Rex looked around, he could smell the smell of Death that clung on everything.

The Angel... or what was left of the Angel that Rex had killed was discarded in a heap of body parts that made Rex nauseous to look at.

"It's better if you can keep them as minimally damaged as possible." April responded as she pulled open a door that revealed several still live Angels chained to a wall, each one nude and each one scared as hell. They'd seen what happened to the others that used to be chained with them

"This is a simulation of the lab that I keep at home. I always try to keep a couple alive and healed so that they're fresh." She explained as she unhooked an Angel from the wall and closed the door to the closet that was Live Angel storage.

She struggled a bit but managed to get the Angel over a grate that had been stained black with the blood of Angels.

In a motion that was barely discernible to the eye, the Angel was decapitated and then hoisted upside down so that as much blood as was in the body could be harvested.

"Nothing to it." She said as she watched the blood drain and headed over to a table that had an Angel corpse that had already been drained of its fluids. There, she began opening it up and pulled out the bones and heart.

"Now... this is where the fun starts..." She said as she took the bones to a dryer and pulled out a bone that had been completely removed of flesh and moisture. In another machine, she tossed the bone, where it began being ground up into a fine dust.

"That's the easy part. However. In its current state, its too powerful for any one person and will render them insane. The trick it to cut it with a little Imp." She said as she mixes 9 parts Angel Bone to 1 part Imp Bone.

Now it was on to the "Sangre D'angelo."

She had a pint of Angel's Blood and a Pint of Demon's blood.

"Now... An Angel exists by feeding on the good intentions of the people of the world... where as a Demon feeds upon the negative emotions of the people. The result is that it boosts the opposite when they feed. An Angel makes a person more evil and a demon makes a person more good. They compensate for this by not taking too much from one person and they also try to boost the good or evil in a person before they feed." April said as she poured a half a pint of Angel's blood into a flask.

"Now... if you want to go berserk, you drink just Angel's blood. If you want to feel absolute Euphoria... Demon's blood. If you don't want either side effect, just the boost to speed, agility, strength and the ability to regenerate.... You mix equal parts." She continued before looking to Rex for any questions.

You're a sick man. And I respect that.

Trying with every bit of his being not to throw up, Rex asks "And the powerful or high-ranking an angel or demon's parts you throw into the mix, the more powerful the mix is, right?"

With a pause, he added "And how easily do your clients get hooked on this stuff?... And... if it's not too personal... What made you actually want to do stuff like this for a living?..."


April nodded in response to Rex's question. She never gave her clients the more powerful stuff however, it was like selling an assault rifle to your customer while only keeping a handgun for yourself. However, this was a piece of common knowledge that April hoped she didn't have to tell Rex and one that he hopefully wouldn't learn the hard way.

As to how addictive the substances were.

"Let's put it this way. All they need is a taste and they're your customer for life. Go without it for a week and the psychosis sets in. Go without it for a week and a half... might as well be dead. Vegetative state... unless they remove a take an inhibitor for the rest of their life. Then they belong to the pharmaceutical companies. They throw me a kick back, by the way." She continued, ignoring the last question. A girl's entitled to her secrets.


Although he didn't get an answer to his last question, Rex decided to let it go. Trying to pry anything more out of the hunter meant more time in the "lab", which he wished to forget as soon as the simulation ended.

"Ah, I see. That's all I've got to ask for now. Thanks for the less--" Suddenly, something clicks in his head and a look of shock comes onto his face. "... That shot you gave me during the other simulation..." Images of him becoming an angel blood addict ran through his mind. He shivered a bit in his robe.

April saw the look on Rex's face and saw the panic before she smiled and shook her head. A showed him the bottle of that she had poured for him. Just standard run of the mill blood. The simulation had done the rest.

"You're good. No worries." She stated as she stopped the simulation.

"So... why the interest?"

Rex scratches his head a bit and shrugs, as the room returns to its normal state.

"Well, I was going to go work on a pet project of mine today. But Lucifer seemed all jittery when I came down. Usually, he's so snarky and confident, so I wanted to see what was so scary that even he'd be shaking."

Rex smiles a little bit. "That and I thought there'd be some sort of crazy ritual needed to make this drug. But all it ended up being was something from an RPG: kill things for parts then mix 'em together into something... Even so, the fighting was pretty fun..... despite the numerous deaths..." He passes the robe and dagger back to her. "As promised, nothing I've seen here will leave this room."

He stretches out a bit and walks toward the exit, then turns to the hunter. "Oh, we never ...uh... politely... introduced ourselves, right?" He stuck out his hand towards her. "I'm Rex. It was nice working with you. Your name?"

April looked at Rex and gingerly accepted his hand, her hand gripping his strongly but not painfully so. A confident grip that told him that she had no fears.

"People call me April... for some reason I remind them of Spring and Rebirth. Ironic really." She stated as she thought about killing Lucifer in her home dimension. She thought about killing the one in this one but it appeared that he knew the proprietor of this Pub. A Pub that she needed to find other Angels in other dimensions.

Rex nods to April and retracts his hand back to his pocket. "Nice to meet you. And yeah, rebirth doesn't seem to be your sort of thing." He gives her a quick wave before opening the door and heading back into the main room to pick up the roll of blueprint he'd left earlier. Eh... I can always try this out tomorrow.


Mark: The Writer's Booth

Mark was looking through the various role plays that he was associated with and then suddenly noticed something strange.

Doc... genetic material...

"You cad. You just put yourself in the Really Wild Wastes..." Mark said as he thought about how to deal with the Raiders and Clone Gary Army. How fun.



April followed Rex out of the Training Facility and sat back at the bar, looking over at Rex's blueprint before ordering a couple of drinks for herself. Opening up her pack, she pulled out a pill made up of compressed Angel Dust.

"So... where's that Devil of yours?" She asked the bartender, Puce.

"He comes... he goes... I think he's avoiding you." Puce said, not looking away from the Piano where Kurumu was playing.

"It's a shame... considering that he's going to steel your girlfriend away." April said with a grin.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that she bears the mark of someone who has made a deal with Lucifer. He's gonna take her away from you if you don't kill him... permanently."

mmm... soap opera setups.

As April drops that bomb on Puce, Rex orders a 24-pack of Pepsi Throwback and asks, "You guys have a hangar here, right? Does it have a junkyard or a bunch of spare parts lying around?" . He starts whistling the refrain of a certain song while he waits.

The Writer's Booth: Mark

Mark looked over at the Bar and shook his head muttering to himself about damn kids and their Pepsi.

The Bar: Puce

Puce looked over to Rex and nodded.

"Yeah there's nothing really but spare parts and junk lying around in there at the moment... except for my MONO Racer, The Spectre Mk. III" Puce said as he turned back towards the scene at the piano and started thinking about what April said.

He started wondering what happened to Hadrian. It had been quite some time since he had seen the Werewolf. Walking over to where the Guardian of Light was housed, he knocked on the door.

"Uhhh... Hadrian? Are you still alive in there?"

Hefting up the 24-pack and placing the blueprint on top, Rex walks awkwardly through the Main Room to the Hangar. After stepping inside, he sets his stuff down, flicks on the lights and takes in the vast majority of junk lying around. He smiles and takes a deep breath. "Reminds me of the junkyards at home... Good times."

As he unfurls the blueprint and lays it out, numerous sheets of notepad filled with extensive notes scatter around him. The blueprint laid before him is one of a custom hoverboard. Rex smirks as he downs his first can and starts searching the Hangar for parts.

AAAAHH! AFTER [insert time away here], I'M FREE!

"Hggggghhh..." was Hadrian's mumbled reply.

Creaking and stomping could be heard as he made his way toward the door, steadily growing louder, before coming to an abrupt stop. The door handle jiggled around a bit, eliciting a few angry growls from Hadrian, then a sudden silence.

After a few seconds, his fist splintered the upper half of the door, making a hole the size of a small television screen. He stuck his head out to look at Puce, revealing his terribly ragged state. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair and clothes were all mussed up, and if one peeked into the room, it looked as bad as it was before Puce repaired it.

"...Well hello, Puce." He spoke in a stilted manner, before pausing and smacking his lips and cringing in disgust. He stuck an arm out to wipe at his mouth. "Ugh, it feels like something crawled into my mouth and died. What happened to me?"

Daft Sikes:
He Doth Indeed Liveth!


The Writer's Booth: Mark

Mark looked up from where he was seated with the slumped over AFK body of Jake and started talking into the air.

"Hey Daft! Welcome back! I haven't seen you in like forever man! Welcome back. Hope everything's going good with you."

The Bar: Puce and Kurumu

Puce looked over at the Writer's booth, annoyed and then looked in at Hadrian with a more than slightly concerned look. The last time he had seen Hadrian was after the Cuban Coffee incident a month ago.

"Well big guy, you've been out of service for quite some time. Long enough for the Death Claw colony downstairs to get a new Matriarch, Natsuki and Jack left back into their world, there's a new couple in here and they just had a kid AND we've got an Angel Hunter in the Pub... she hunts Angels and turns their bodies into illicit drugs." Puce explained as he opened up the door the rest of the way for Hadrian.

Seeing that the big lug was up and about, Kurumu ran over to where Puce and Hadrian were and gave him a big hug... and then backed away, pinching her nose. Apparently a shower was in order.

The Hanger: April

As Rex prepared to build his own hoverboard, April wandered in and started tinkering as well. It was a bit freeform but in the end she was looking to cobble together a hover bike of sorts.

"Interesting choice of transportation." April said as she installed an antigrav boot onto the front of the machine.

Apparently a shower was in order.

Hadrian frowned at Kurumu, and gave himself a sniff. He cringed, and repeated the succubus's action of shielding the nose from his own foul odor. Due to his strong sense of smell, it did not do much to block it out.

"Damn! That's pretty bad," He looked at Puce with watery eyes. "I'm sorry, but I think I need to get myself cleaned up before I stink up the entirety of the Pub. Got a shower anywhere?"

Puce nodded as he opened a door that was located between the bedrooms behind the bar. It was a staff bathroom and had a rather large bathtub and shower as well as sinks.

"I think you'll find this rather nice." Puce said as he peered inside the bathroom to make sure that it was fully stocked with Shampoo and soap.

Nodding, he kept the door opened for the Guardian. He would fix Hadrian's room back up while he washed himself... that is if Hadrian ever managed to take a shower.

There was a noise behind the trio of staff members and a high pitched "voice" that wasn't really a voice.

"UNCLE HADRIAN!!!!!" The "voice" said as Hadrian found himself tackled under the weight of someone... someone who was hugging him.

Soda cans, notes, transmutation circles and parts strewn everywhere, Rex finally finishes his hoverboard. He downs one last celebratory can and wipes some sweat away. As he gives the board a kick, it sputters then lets out a satisfying hum as the anti-gravity kicks in. As he floats around a bit, he sees April building up a hover bike and flies over towards her project. "Ah... Not bad so far, miss." He squats down on the board to get a closer look at the machine. "Wanna race once you're done? It'll be more interesting to test our rides against one another."

April looked at Rex with a smirk as she installed a miniature fusion reactor into the bike. It started looking less and less like bike and more and more like a rocket.

"Sure... but you'll lose" She stated as she started installing the weapons.

Rex sighs a bit as he sees April slapping weapons onto her mini-rocket. "Is violence always on the forefront of your mind? Those things will just slow you down in the end." He sits down on the board and observes her work from afar. He takes a quick glance at the large "BOOST" meter on the side of his board and smiles to himself. Given how powerful an engine I've got installed, how light this board is and the huge boost capability, I should be able to smoke her. If she decides to start firing bullets though... this could get nasty quick...



"Wha -AGH!!" Hadrian cried out as he fell to the floor, getting pinned down by something. "What the he-"

Hadrian looked down to find a small, winged and reptilian-skinned child smiling up at him. Said smile showed off rows of incredibly sharp teeth. He couldn't get her scent to determine what she was, as his foul-smelling self was covering it up.

"Puce? Might I ask who this is, and why is she calling me uncle?"

Puce and Kurumu

Puce and Kurumu stood there laughing as the Lilith squeezed her "uncle" with as much pressure as he could sustain given his less than kept state. The couple continued to laugh until their sides practically burst from the mirth.

Finally it was Puce that explained the situation.

"When Lilith was hatched, she patterned onto Natsuki and Natsuki became her mother. As an odd side effect of that, anyone who has ever dealt with Natsuki but isn't related is called Uncle or Auntie." Puce explained as he watched Lilith stand up.


Suddenly it wasn't a child that was trying to help Hadrian up but a rather more mature looking humanoid Deathclaw that looked about in her mid 20s.

"Sorry Uncle Hadrian. Sometimes I get a bit carried away" Lilith said as she scratched the back of her head in embarrassment.

"Pew! What died in here? Uncle Puce did you forget to clean out the refrigerators again?"


April grunted as she finished the calibrating the focusing ring on her Gatling Laser cannons before she looked at Rex.

"Violence is always at the forefront of my mind when you're dealing with my line of work. Sometimes you get a client that thinks they can screw you out of money. Sometimes you get a client that thinks that they can do things better than you can. Suffice to say... Violence or the threat of violence is the best insurance against additional violence. She said as she mounted the bike and fired up the engines. There was a loud roar, as if someone has just started the ignition sequence on an F-35.

Gracefully the bike shot out of the hanger, where it took to the road like a rather graceful bull in a china shop. She tested out the maneuverability and speed before she pulled back into the hangar.

Rex covers his eyes from the flying dust as April shoots off on her bike, barreling out of the hangar. He smirks as her bike flits around effortlessly, then sighs yet again. "Man, why do I always end up in these 'can't win' situations?" As she rolls back in, he steps up on his board and floats up next to her, stretching himself out a bit. "Shall we begin?" His board hums silently as he holds his foot over the accelerator.


"Pew! What died in here? Uncle Puce did you forget to clean out the refrigerators again?"

Hadrian coughed self-consciously at this, a little red tinging his cheeks.

He began moving slowly towards the bathroom, intent on ripping off his clothes and hopping in the tub to rid himself of the putrid stench. "Uhmmm... Yes, now if you'll excuse me Lilith, uncle needs to go take a shower..."

Puce, Kurumu and Lilith

Puce and Kurumu began to laugh once again as the door to the bathroom slammed shut. Lilith looking clueless as ever. If there was one thing that Natsuki never taught her daughter, it was how to be tactful.

"Ahh Lilith... what are you even doing up here? Aren't you supposed to be down there... erm... laying... eggs?"

Lilith sighed and waved off the suggestion.

"All done Uncle Puce. With the new population control estimates that Fenris helped me with. All I needed to do was pop out a few hundred eggs. No biggie." She said as she settled down at the bar and began nursing a scotch on the rocks.

"Are you even supposed to drink when ... you're... well... you've got..."

"Auntie Kurumu... don't tell me you're being a stick in the mud. Besides... I don't need to worry since alcohol doesn't pass though the egg shells.


A silent nod and they were off with Rex taking the initial lead due to the superior acceleration his board had with it being so light. However, behind him he heard the roar of April's engines... and something else. The whining of Gatling Barrels spinning.

"Watch that ass!!!!" April yelled as she tested the Gatling Laser Canon... firing towards Rex but not aiming to hit him.

snip goes pewpewpew

Rex looks back as April lets out her yell and immediately ducks his head down. Lasers flew past him left and right, and he didn't dare move an inch to either side in hopes of not getting plastered. He slowly moved his foot from the accelerator to the booster and the board let out a blast of steam and dust as it sped farther ahead.

As he deactivates the booster, Rex turns back towards April and taunts her by slapping one of his buttcheeks. "Don't get left behind, lady!"

Suddenly...the bar door opens to admit a black metallic spider-thing inside, and it had its own theme music accompanying it.

"I am Regis Mark-5. I will destroy all who stand in my way, as well as all other things in the universe."

It was about three feet tall, body slightly-glowing along with its speech and glaring with red eyes as it walked in.

"Your lives will be crushed, your cities will be burnt to the ground, and your planets will disintegrate under the might of the Regis Mark-5."

The Writer's Booth: Mark

As the Regis Mark V entered the Pub, Mark looked at Jake, his face still covered in doodles, and chuckled at the absurdity of such a character as Redis Mark V that had just wandered into the Pub.

The Bar Counter: Puce and Kurumu and Lilith

Puce looked from where the trio were standing and waiting for Hadrian to finish his shower, Puce having repaired Hadrian's room to the original state, and spotted the Regis Mark-5 as it entered the bar and gave its speech about standing in its way and any impending destruction that would be a result of getting in the way.

Wandering over to the counter, Puce greeted the Metallic Spider.

"Hi there... welcome to the Pub... How about a drink before you decide to destroy anyone?" Puce asked.

The Outside: April

April watched as Rex rocketed ahead on his hover board and smirked as she engaged the overdrive on her own engine and aimed for a ramp, propelling her into the air.

"Look out below!"

As Rex looked for April, he heard he voice and looked up as she was rocket down from the skies towards him.


The doodles vanish into thin air and appear on the ass of the next idiot who tries to screw things up around here.

"Just thought I'd do something random and funny. Where exactly are April and Rex now? You don't mean...OUTSIDE outside, do you?"


The robot was threatening a table when Puce got his attention.

"The Regis Mark-5 shall drink in terror as the world crumbles to dust around you. All shall perish. None shall survive...except the Regis Mark-5."

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