We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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Marisa did not like Fenrich's sense of humor.
"Oh don't call him that!" She kneeled down to Ethan to pet him. "Wait... how did you know he's a werewolf?"
"And aren't werewolfs made by an infection from being bitten from another werewolf?"

"Wait.... That lycanthrope dude! He showed up yesterday and confronted everyone! He must have had something to do with this."

Ethan quickly got away from Fenrich and sat dejectedly in the corner. He licked at his injured foot
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"Don't call him what? That is his name, far be it from me to judge someone based on their name... I didn't think you'd be the type to do that either..." he said with a very sincere voice. "Where I'm from, you're either born a demon, or your not. Besides, what kind of werewolf would bite someone and not stick around to finish their meal?"

"But you're not from here. This isn't your place. The laws here don't abide to you. This werewolf could've come about in some totally different manner." Marisa took a deep breath before speaking again. "And I never gave him a name, because I'm trying to figure out where he came from."

Reimu gave Fenrich half lid eyes, but spoke with seriousness.
"I've seen vampires that live an idle lifestyle. I've seen ghosts and phantoms make a ruckus, disrupt nature, and then apologize afterwards. I've seen oni's get drunk off their rocker. And this is all typical of where I'm from. They could behave very differently than where you're from."

Fenrich shrugged "Think what you want, but whatever he turned into seems... less than dignified."

Pompous butt-hole.
"Then I suppose we're at an opinion natured impasse." Marisa sighed, trying to contain her frustration. She walked with Reimu over to Ethan.

Marisa spoke up to Ethan in a friendly tone.
"Hey, we're fine. Can you tell us who you originally were?" She kneeled down.

Ethan went over to the crate of food reservoirs and than noticed he didn't have thumbs so he started to paw at the crates. He shook his head at Marisa

"Marisa. This wolf's soul... it feels similar somehow."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I think he's one of our group members."

They turned back to Ethan.
"Could you spell it out with your paw in the air?"

Fenrich and Valvatorez walked away and headed to bed

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Ethan spelled out his name. He felt like he should have added Pokemon trainer to it but didn't

"Oh! You're Ethan from yesterday!"
"I thought something felt familiar."
"Don't worry. We'll still call you Ethan."

"But it seems we came back at a late time. Not many people are about."
"Sorry Ethan. But we gotta head back. We came here to check up on stuff in this place."

They opened the crates for Ethan to help him eat the food.
"It's the least we can do before we head back. Make sure to eat up. Bye Bye!"

They headed back to Gensokyo for the night through the portal.

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Echo went to sleep with Holly and Nem left in a cloud of smoke.

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Reimu and Marisa were about to go back to see what people were up to. However, Yukari intercepted them.

"I'm sorry. But I'm going to have to confiscate the book from you."
"Huh? But why? We weren't causing any calamities through the book."
"It's dangerous magic, and I don't know how Patchouli got this book in the first place. I'm assuming that's where you got it from."
"Y... yeah."
Yukari sighs with exasperation.
"Shucks. That means there's probably more books like it. And I can't wipe out your memories. After all, Eirin knows about the place, and that computer artifact is a product of your journeys. Memory lapses would be the last thing I would want to do. So I can't just wipe out your knowledge of the spells. So, we're just going to make a contract all right?"

"Fair enough."

The end.

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Caius and Yeul stood on the edge of the city, overlooking the stretch of forest below.

"Our time here is at an end. It is time we returned home." Yeul stated. Although her tone of voice sounded the same as it usually does, her facial expression showed a hint of sadness.
"Are you certain that is what you want? We could stay for a little while longer, if you so desire." Caius answered, turning to Yeul. Although he was eager to leave the Expance and its many dangers, he didn't show it, knowing Yeul enjoyed her stay, despite everything that happened.
"Yes. I enjoyed what time I had here, but everything must come to an end."
"Would you like to say your farewells to the others?" Caius asked, turning back to the patch of forest infront of him.
"No. I do not wish to wake them, and leaving a note would serve no purpose, as they cannot read out script. Now... Let us be off. The longer I linger here, the harder leaving becomes."
"Very well then."

Like the had done when they left their own world, Caius and Yeul began to fade until the could be seen no more. Just like in the dream Caius had, they returned to Yeul's homevillage, and just like in the dream, they told the tales of their time in Troika to Yeul's parrents. Unlike in the dream, however, Yeul was not happy. Not even a small smile was on her face.

Everything must come to and end...

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Echo woke up, now lying on the ground with Holly.

Holly finally woke and walked around the ship, she started to panic when she saw that everyone had gone. "Guyssss? where are you lot?" She called out, slightly worriedly.

Echo walked with Holly and also looked confused. Nem showed up with a rather severe frown.

Holly looked up at Nemesis with a small frown. "Misss Nemsisss everyone'sss gone..." She said, then looked down at the ground. "I never got to sssay goodbye..." She added, then wiped her eyes with sleeve.

Echo hugged Holly and Nem patted her on the head. "It seems there is no reason for anyone to be here. Holly, do you have a way to get home? Do you have a home to go back too?" she asked in a caring tone.

Holly returned Nemesis's hug, still sobbing a little. "B-B-But....I don't have a home to go to..." She said to Nemesis.

"Hmmm...Would you be against going home with Echo?" Nem asked Holly in a gentle tone.

Holly looked up at Nemesis and looked back at Echo. "Y-You mean it?" She asked Nemesis.

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