We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica sat in silence as the car began moving, her curious glance switching between Makoto and looking out the window at Noel periodically.

"You have my thanks then." Loki remarked as he followed the young man. "Might I ask, what is your name?"

"Cause you're a cat person like me, and I'm a Kaka. So that makes you a Kaka, meow. But you're not like me completely, so you're strange. Strange Kaka." Tao explained to Blair.

Echo was a bit weirded out by traveling in the car, as she had never traveled like that before.

"Me? My name's Geo. Who are you?" The man asked as he walked up to his house and...

If Rita touched a button she would find that the ends of the 'blades' suddenly all became connected to each other with a laser, becoming a laser wheel.

Geo and Loki entered the house. "Hey, are you awake, in here?"

After a while, Ness pulls up at the city limits and sticks her head out to call to Blair and Tao. "Hey guys! We're moving to another town, get in!"

Makoto saw Jessica glancing at her. She gave a small wave.

OoC: @Drak Probably won't be able to do it tonight, because time, but I think it would be good iif Jessica bumped into Laguna when the group gets to Fourside. You ok with that?

Blair raised an eyebrow. "So if were cats, why are you calling me a "kaka" Tao?" She asked Tao. "And can't I be something other then strange, like magic Kaka or cute Kaka or Awesome Kaka?" Blair asked, as she started to think of better titles for herself. Seeing the car pull up, Blair looked at it with an "Ooo". "I know were going to town! Marcus told me" She said to Ness, then wondered if there was enough space for both of them.

Tao got into the car.

"I am Loki." Loki answered the young man now identifiable as Geo. As he entered the house after Geo, he was that Rita was awake, but barely paid attention to her, his gaze instead falling to the "laser wheel". Not soon after, however, he remember that he had an act to keep up, and thus he looked back to Rita and said, "Good to see you are awake and unharmed."

With Tao in the car, they had one more spot. Noting Blair's expression, Ness explains this to her.

OOC: So, who all else is in Fourside and ready to move on to a different town?

"Kaka is Tao's tribe, and everyone is a cat person in my tribe, meow." Tao said to Blair. "But...Tao already remembers you as Strange Kaka, meow..." she continued in a somewhat hesitant tone.

Blair carefully got into the car and looked around inside. "WOO ROAD TRIP!" She said excitedly. "Oh okay then" Blair replied to Tao, her ears drooped a little as her "cool" titles got rejected. Blair turned into her cat form so there was enough room and sat on the dashboard of the car.

Lyra also hopped into the car, scooting in and finding a small seat.

OoC: Wait... I thought the group in Pewterscove was heading to Fourside.

Rita did not touch any buttons, she turned back to the two and said "Oh, hey. Thanks for taking me back here..."

@Gear: Nope.

With the car at max capacity, Ness grunts a bit as she continues on the road toward Holadino.

@Gear: Sure, it'd be nice to have them eventually meet.

Jessica started to feel a little cramped as the truck had reached its full capacity. "Uh, hello, I don't think we've met." She said to Makoto. As she was about to introduce herself, Blair suddenly turned into a cat, to which she could only respond with, "Interesting..."

OoC: @Dot Oh.
@Drak Ignore my last request, I mixed things up. Though I still think they should meet sometime.
@Slenn Where's the Fourside group going?

Blair just sat lightly and carefully on Echo's lap. "Sorry Miss Echo, I hope you don't mind, there's not a lotta space in here..." She said to Echo, ready to move off in case she did mind.

@Gear. I dunno. Dal'Sheed has done all he wants to do here. He's got a 1 month rental car, so anywhere out of curiosity really. I'm still in point-and-click adventure game mode, so that's what I'm going off of right now.

As the group arrived in Holadino, they would notice that the road sort of ended becoming more rural, a contradiction to most of Legaia, most likely due to the simpler style to those that lived here. There was a massive field of crops a few military buildings on the outskirts and several small houses for farm hands and a large main farm where they undoubtedly dealt with the majority of the meats milks and such.

"Good to see that you friends have been reunited. Oh you found my laser fang." Geo said as he closed the door behind them.

"Oh hey, another Kaka! Tao's meeting so many family members here, meow." Tao said excitedly as she saw Jess. She started moving over to her, no doubt causing quite a bit of trouble in the cramped vehicle.

"Don't mind..." Echo said to Blair as she carefully watched Tao move about, using the cat to shield her chest.

OOC: Mmm...Note to self: Have Tao grope Blair while in human form.

OoC: Late. I'm off. Have Makoto follow the group.

OoC: @Outis, I was surprise she didn't already.

Blair smiled at Echo. "Thanks for understanding Echo" She said happily to Echo.

As the road got a little more bumpy, Ness stops near the hotel and the car slowly rolls to a stop. "Alright... looks like we're here... Now... where am I going to park this thing?" She starts looking around outside.

Yes... Friends. Loki thought upon hearing Geo, then turned towards him. "Laser Fang? I supose that device is called that for a reason?"

"For understanding." Echo said as she smiled back at Blair.

OOC: I didn't realize just how busty she was...

Savranth gets out of the car. "Well, there is a hotel over there, you can try parking it over there. I'd like to avoid the Legaian military forces if at all possible, though."

"Of course it is. If the lady will hand it to me." Geo says.

Jessica glanced out the window and looked out as the massive field of crops. She sighed for a moment before the ride became bumpy. After the car was stopped, she followed Savranth's lead and shuffled out as quickly as she could, leaving Tao to climb about on everyone still inside. She took a moment to take a deep breath and look around at everything first.

Ooc: sorry, Internet borked

Rita handed Geo the device "What's your name anyways?"

OoC: @Outis, Yep! that's why Noel was jealous/depressed earlier.

Blair just sat neatly with Echo, trying no to be a bother for the young girl.

Tao and Echo quickly make their way out of the vehicle. Tao made a beeline for Jess. "Hi there, meow." she said, trying to get her attention.

Echo kept her distance from Tao as she held Blair in her arms.

Blair just watched Tao run over to Jess and shook her head slightly. "That's one cat that's had a bit too much catnip if you ask me" Blair said jokingly, as she flung her paws over Echo's arm to get better grip.

"Not a bad place, I suppose..." Savanth said of the farm.

The air was fresh, the ground firm, out in the fields could be spotted farm equipment similar to the vehicles that were capable of small hovering.

"My name is Geo. I don't think I caught your name." He says as he activates the laser fang making it the four different stalks all become connected via a ring of red lasers.
"See, this is a weapon of my own design. It's a boomerang that can cut through even a bolder."

OoC: Geo has been added to the Codex by the way.

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