We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica simply nodded to Omega and followed behind her back up the stairs. "Thank you for answering all my questions." She politely thanked the android as she followed her. "It was quite a nice tour."

OOC: I am so-late-it's-almost-morning-again Hatchy!

The droid gave Jessica a curtsy after it led her back into the portal room. "Thank you. Farewell, Dr. Broca." With that, it flew off back down into the labs.

As she entered, Ness gave her a wave and tapped a few buttons on the portal, setting its destination for Lakewest.

"ah yes, my apologies. I'm afraid I put personal interests over the companies. Some other time you and I should have a talk." with that, Ezekiel began slowly fading out, before disappearing as if he was never there.

Ness nodded toward Ezekiel before he disappeared and turned to Jess, before motioning toward the portal. "Shall we?"

OoC: @All Soo.... Did Nessy and Jessy finally catch Tao? Also, general summaries, character locations and blahblahblah... @Drak answered me on the chat, I feel this so pointless.... ;_;

Jessica nodded to Ness, gave her a smile, and said, "Sure!" She then proceeded to stroll right through the portal Ness had made.

Ness followed Jess and the two ended up in the lobby of the Spice Rack as the portal behind them closed. Ness quickly paid for a room and headed upstairs. Ness sighed for a moment before flopping onto the bed. "Did you like the tour of the lab, Jessica?" She asked, yawning a bit. After hearing her answer, Ness would nod and wish her a good night.

OoC: Night. (Insomnia, ho!)

Following Ness up to the room, Jessica sat down on the couch while Ness occupied the bed. "Oh yes! Very much so! Thank you for letting me come along. I'd offer to let you see my place, but I'm pretty sure you'd just find it disappointing in comparison." She said with a slight chuckle to try and mask her own self-denigration. After Ness said goodnight to her and fell asleep, she followed her lead, curling up on the couch and quickly falling asleep, leaving her coat on as she was back in Xiphatian territory once again.

Hellosh was near the porch of the hotel, sitting on the stairs while holding his sword vertically. Hellen was not far away from him; but unlike him, she was actually sitting on a chair reading a book called 'Basic Soul Arts.'

Hellosh and Hellen would spot a figure dressed in black casually going past them. However, strangely, his legs were not moving. In fact, his legs were bent slightly, as if the man had just jumped, an effect helped by the fact that he was floating an inch or two off the ground.
Does he have horns? But... that would suggest he's some kind of demon. But he doesn't appear to be pillaging... and he doesn't smell like a demon. How curious... he thought, as he glanced at Hellosh.

Hellosh glances back. "Do you want something, or are you just admiring the view?" He asked the man.

"Not really. Curious about your horns, though. Not often you see normal people with them..." the man replied. "Or abnormal people, for that matter."

"Great, another one!"Hellosh muttered. "I come from another world, and my people normally have them. And no, before you can ask, I'm not a demon nor are my people." Hellosh answered the man.

"Ah. That would explain it." the man said. "And I know you aren't a demon. You smell too... not demonic."

"Huh? Smell? You smell demons?" Hellosh asked the man.

OoC: @Trilby is the guy you're playing secretly a demon?

@Dirty: He's a demon hunter.
And it wouldn't be a secret if I just said 'yes'.

"Yes. More specifically, I sense the differences in magical auras between humans and demons, through my nose. For example, most lesser demons smell like lavender. It's a useful ability when identifying and tracking demons." the man explained.

OoC: @Trilby Hellosh will definitely find out. Remember the mark on his neck? It detects demons! :P

"Well, I am definitely not human. How do I smell?" Hellosh asked the man.

@Dirty: Well, in that case, he isn't a demon.
Also, how much magical power would Hellosh have at this point?

OoC: @Trilby Most of his magical powers are gone!(He got nerfed, remember?) But if your character can somehow detect his (Other)soul, he would find it powerful and violent.

@Dirty: Gotcha.
And it's the magic he's smelling (because, in his universe, demon magic is different to human magic).

The man descended, so he was standing normally, and sniffed a few times.
"You smell very faintly of... hmm... freshly baked bread, I think." he answered.

OoC: Would Hellosh's smell change if he regained his magical abilities?

"I haven't washed in days, and you say I smell like freshly baked bread. Yup. You're a strange person alright." Hellosh snarked. "By the way, what's with you and demons anyway?" He asked the man.

@Dirty: It would get stronger.

"Your magic smells, faintly, of bread. You, on the other hand, do not." the man clarified. "As for me and demons, I slay them. At least, if they cause problems. Which most of them do. I also kill them if their magic reaches dangerous levels, but that applies to all creatures."

"You slay demons, aye? How convenient, I have the ultimate demon slaying weapon. In fact, it's called the Demon Slayer. But I prefer to call it Mother," Hellosh points at his sword, "She can slay any demon and dark being regardless of their healing powers, she's also quite painful." Hellosh explained to the man. He gives him a questioning look, and said:"What do you mean 'Reaches dangerous levels'?"

"Well, if someone has too much magical energy, they might accidentally obliterate somthing or someone in an attemp to expend that magic. Or, worse, they might do that on purpose. the man explained.

"Are we talking army destroying powerful or just village burning powerful? Besides, I met some of those powerful in magic, they seem to control it. But I have to agree with you there, nothing's worse then an idiot with too much power." Hellosh replied.

Envy was waiting around to give the key to whoever would be taking it, along with the mech, to Lucia

Richard walks into the waiting room. "The machine has already been loaded. Will you be heading to Fourside with it?"

"Hmm I suppose so, at least to report to Lucia about the place." said Envy, standing up to follow Richard

"Very well. We'll be sending it on a small cargo airship. It won't be comfortable, but it'll get you there." Richard said leading Envy to the air dock.

Once there, they would see a moderate sized ship. It's engines already primed.

Envy nodded to Richard as he climbed aboard, saying "It will work, see you later Major, thank you for humoring me with this."

"Very well. Make sure the pilot stays away from Xiphatian controlled space. We don't want that to become problematic." Richard said as he turned to leave.

The ship began rising vertically, and left the hanger flying towards Fourside.

Envy patiently waited for the ship to arrive

Once he reached the door to the filing rooms, having evaded any soldiers along the way Loki pressed himself against the wall next to the door again and looked if there was a card reader next to it. If this wasn't the case, he would attempt to open the door when any soldiers that happened to be in the same hallway weren't looking.

"It felt empty? How do you mean?" Erica asked Sophia.

After a bit of time, the cargo ship came to Fourside. Slowly making it's way to the airport, it docked in one of the upper areas of the port. Men came to the ship, one piloting a mech designed to unload the cargo. Picking up the box it was in they began to move it to a device to shuttle it to the lab.

Loki would see that there is a card reader on the door. Likely to protect the files from prying eyes.

Envy followed the shuttle to the lab, he still had the key in its case with him

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