We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I'll be feeling a lot better once we get to dry land." Jessica called back to Savranth. Staying at her position in the middle of the deck of Skippy's boat, she started looking off at the horizon to see if the island was visible yet.

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Rita just shrugged Ugh, I'd love to just tell him me and Loki already explored the other islands, but I'm not sure he'd want me saying that. She will follow Savranth and Jess.

"Right. Were you planning on integrating the alien data along with the human samples?" Ness asked somewhat curiously. After hearing the answer, she'd go back to the hotel and sleep.

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"Oh, well, we'll probably get to some in a little while..." Savranth said. However, Jessica could see the island on the horizon, now.

"No. The alien data is a dead end. And human systems are far more complex. The acidic blood of those creatures does nothing for human biology. They are a lost cause in that regard." Soto replied. "Though, they do take on traits of those they use as hosts." He added. "Would you like to be a host?"

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"Here's hoping..." Seeing the island, Jessica quickly took out her visor and stuck it on her head. She fiddled with the buttons for a few moments before managing to activate the zooming feature, giving her a magnified view of the closest edge of the island to Skippy's boat. She reached back into her coat and pulled out a piece of grey colored chalk, which she twirled about in her hand to keep it busy.

Black was already awake on the rooftop, she was sat up fiddling with her visor. New glass, mother chip and wires She sighed at the destroyer device. Oh well, better for it to be the visor then my face....

Persephone smoked over to Black and stood next to her. "Good day Miss Shooter." she said pleasantly.

Black looked up to Persephone. "Oh, Hello Miss Persephone..." She said, then swiftly stood up. "So....hows it going?" She asked as she put the scrapped visor in her pocket.

"Well enough." Persephone replied. "Tell me, do you use any sort of magic?" she asked, the question seeming to come from out of the blue.

Black shook her head slightly. "I don't..." She said, then held her left hand out, a small pistol materialized in her palm, she spun it on her index finger a few times. "Unless you consider that to be Magic, even if it's technically not" She added, then held the gun still and lowered her arm.

Percey reached out and gentled held Black's arm up to her face, having to stoop due tot he height difference. "How does it work then?" she asked.

"It's a long story...." Black said to Persephone, Persephone would noticed the barrel of the pistol was rather larger, with a small sharp point on the end of the barrel. "But the people of the Hazama can use the power of there soul to use and summon weapons...." Black said to Persephone, then took her arm back as the gun faded away cell by cell. "Does that makes sense to you?" she asked.

"Hmm...Why don't you start from the beginning. I'd like to know about this 'Hazama.'" Persephone said as she straightened back up.

Yukino shifted a bit as she began to wake up, slowly rising up to her knees.

Ness woke up, yawning a bit. I wonder how Jessica is doing now...

"Of course" Black said, clearing her throat. "The Hazama, more commonly known as 'limbo' is the world I come from, it's mainly a place for lost souls trying to find there life goal" She said to Persephone. "A person will be met with the own spirit, who will tell them there meaning to life, wherever that will be good or bad is up to the person in question. although you receive a great power from your own spirit, you may have to give up something as a cost until your goal is complete" She added, then looked down slightly. "recently the Hazama has been nothing but one massive fight ground, ruined buildings, the floor is just one big graveyard and many people stay there in a desperate struggle to try and get stronger....even if that means killing the innocent..." She said kinda bitterly.

"Interesting...very interesting...Terribly unfortunate that a place like that would devolve into a simple battlefield." Persephone said, her eyes flashing slightly.

"They say Limbo is a world of trails, to judge those who go to heaven and those who go to hell..." Black replied to Persephone. "Although it feels closer to hell if you ask me" She muttered under her breath. Seeing Yukino starting to get up, Black gave her a small wave. "About time you got up, Lazy bones" She said jokingly.

"Hmm...afterlifes are rarely ever very pleasant." Persephone said to Black.

Yuki stretched herself out a bit, the marks from last night still there. "Yeah, yeah... Mornin' to you too, Black. Talking about that wasteland world of yours again?" She asked as she handsprung herself into a standing position.

Black nodded to Yukino. "Yes, I was explaining the Hazama to Miss Persephone, seeing as she asked about it" she replied, when Yukino was closer Black noticed the marks from yesterday on her. "What...happened to you?" She asked Yukino.

Persephone smoked over to Yuki and gave her a quick hug, seeming to run her hands quickly over her exposed navel. "Good morning, darling." she said rather quietly in Yukino's ear.

Yuki shrugged toward Black as she looked down, pretending to be surprised. "Hm..? ...What happened?" As Persey hugged her, she hugged back. "Morning, Smokey!" She replied, getting a little less freaked out by the muse being near her.

Jessica continued observing the coast of the island, attempting to discern the details of a specific location. I wonder how much time I lost due to that little fuck-up... She twirled a piece of chalk around in the fingers of her left hand while her right arm continued to hang completely limp at her side.

Black pointed to the marks on Yukino's body. "These marks...." She said to her. "Did you fall over or something?" She asked her, she watched Persephone carefully as she hugged Yukino.

Persephone seemed to glance quickly to Black before smoking back next to her. She started silently inspecting her nails.

Yuki just scratched the back of her ears. "Eh... Not exactly sure. I just remember talking to Madam Smoke and then I fell asleep... or did I pass out?" She shrugs. "Either way, nothing to worry about. These'll heal in no time."

Ness cracked her neck a few times before tapping the clip and teleporting herself near Jessica. She arrived, clutching her head as usual as she muttered to herself. "Gah! You'd think I'd be used to this by now..."

Jessica's tail flicked as she managed to pick up on Ness showing up near her once again. Taking off her visor and turning to her, she gave her friend and enthusiastic one-armed hug in greeting. "You're back! I was beginning to think you didn't want to see me again." Her second comment carried far too much sincerity to possibly be mistaken for a joke.

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"They don't look too bad." Persephone commented, still looking at her nails.

Ness returned the hug, smiling a small bit. "Why would you think that? I was just caught up with a few things the last two days. How are you doing on your little quest, Jess?" She asked enthusiastically.

Grace began to walk out, and waved at Ness and Jessica.

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Black gave a small "Hmm". "If you say so, can't help but worry about you..." She said to Yukino. "Don't suppose you know anything about those marks?" she asked Persephone.

"Oh, I was afraid you might have been thinking I was useless and not worth being around. But if you've been busy, that's ok." Jessica replied to Ness. "As for my task, not great so far really. We're about to go investigate something now though. At least with what we have to do I can figure out if my Psionics are working again or not." She didn't seem to notice Grace for the moment.

"They should be gone soon enough, as they don't look very serious." Persephone replied to Black.

Yuki stretched herself out a bit before jumping off the rooftop. "We seriously need a change in scenery, you two." She gave a wink toward Black as she laced her hands behind her back. "Aw~! You don't need about lil' ol' me!"

Ness blinked a bit as she absentmindedly waved toward Grace. "Jessica, you know you're not useless and that I'd never think that. And as for what I'm doing, things haven't been going all that well either. Our lead was a total dud, but we do have an idea of the objects we need to open more of those temples up." She said as she brought up pictures of the altar indentations for Jess to look at.

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