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Behold the Flamethrower Penis in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases at midnight ET in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped a lucky few from creating some abominations. The Washington Post’s Gene Park played Tears of the Kingdom and has kept up with early player creations, and he has shared one creation that just happens to involve a massive flamethrower penis. It’s… a bit hard to explain, so we’ll just let you see this creature in all of its fiery glory below.

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He looks a bit too happy if you ask me. As unbelievable as the giant flamethrower penis man image before you is, it’s only a taste of what players will be capable of when Tears of the Kingdom finally launches.

While Breath of the Wild let players climb anywhere and anything with an unparalleled sense of freedom, Tears of the Kingdom encourages player creativity with a groundbreaking Ultrahand ability. Its potential seems limitless, as it allows players to combine myriad objects to create new structures. (This is all in addition to the new Fuse ability, which can create a vast multitude of new items as well.) The utility here seems to know no bounds, and judging by this fire-fused friend we’re seeing today, there’s no telling where players will take their Tears of the Kingdom creations.

Tears of the Kingdom finally launches tomorrow, and its reviews are already teasing another home run The Legend of Zelda entry. We learned a few more gameplay details about the game earlier this week, with Nintendo promising some interesting connections to the Imprisoning War and the return of more traditional dungeons. With the latest Zelda title set to land on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, you can stay tuned for more updates and, hopefully, more strange player creations.

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