We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Yes that's correct..." Black said, then let go of Yukino. "We can go there as soon as I know White doesn't exist in this world or the next" She said in a very serious tone.

Yuki seemed to nod a small bit. "So... the only way we'd know is if we actually found her, right?"

"Correct" Black replied to Yukino. "Unfortunetly with this war going on I can't go walking around carelessly, but if she was near I'd sense her spirit..." She added, placing a hand to her chin in thought.

Yuki nodded a bit before turning toward Black, somewhat interested. "So she's a clone... but why was a clone of you created anyway? You're enough of a handful alone, I'm sure."

Once Rita was back on board the ship she looked over at the unconscious Jessica and sighed before picking her up and carrying her to a bed, assuming there was one.

Loki turned around and looked Jessica as the tumbled through the portal and laid on the deck, unmoving. "It seems she has exerted herself to too great a extend." he commented dry.

Rita would find beds below deck, in the first room on the right.

"Maybe in this world yes, but in the Hazama I'm heavily outnumbered" Black said to Yukino with a small sigh. "She WAS suppose to helping me, not going against me.....but Insanity effects every living thing there" She added, then walked a bit closer to Yukino. "I hope you understand that means your be effected as well, although I can't tell how badly..."

Yuki's smile increased immensely. "I'm already insane, Black. Don't worry about me, I'll stay loyal to the cause... as long as the fights are fun."

Ness slowly rose up out of bed and looked around the room.

Rita would find it surprisingly difficult to lift Jessica, as she weighed quite a bit more than one might expect from someone of her frame and build, roughly in the area of 180 lbs. She didn't seem to stir at all as she was being lifted.

"Yea, she should really work on tha-What the hell? Why does she weigh so much?" asked Rita as she failed to pick up Jessica.

"Even so, don't underestimate what it can do to you" Black said to Yukino. "And I wouldn't underestimate the people there either, been a while since they've had a new 'toy' to play with" She added in a less serious tone.

Yuki laughed out loud, clutching her stomach slightly. "They'd better not hope that I'll break! They'll be so disappointed!" Getting a bit more serious, she nodded. "I'll keep myself in check.... as much as 'in check' will mean."

Loki curled up the corners of his mouth, smirking slightly upon seeing Rita attempt and fail to lift Jessica, finding the sight mildly amusing. "Do you recall that poorly dressed androgynous... person we encountered in the mountains? When he leapt from the tree he sat on, he all but sank in the gorund as if it were water. Perhaps she is like him, weighing far more then their appearance would let on." he said to Rita, walking over to Jessica and picking her up, with next to no difficulty. "Afterall. Appearances are a deceptful thing."

Alarmed by the flash the portal appearing on deck caused, Skippy left the helm of the boat and stepped out on deck. "What's that racket?"

"She has overexerted herself. Would there be a place where she might rest aboard this ship?" Loki asked Skippy.

"Yeah, that there is. Below deck, first room on the right."

Nodding, Loki went below deck.

Ness would find the room to be minimalistically furnished, having only the essentials.

Black smiled at Yukino. "Well, I'll be there....mainly to make sure you all don't kill each other..."She said, then yawned slightly. "I'm gonna catch some rest, I'll see if we can find White tomorrow hopefully" She said to Yukino, then gave her a small kiss on the check. "Night" She said to her, then walked in to the cave, laid down and fell asleep.

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Rita followed Loki. "While she does weigh more than it would look it wasn't nearly as much as that weird guy would weigh. If some 200 pound guy had jumped from that same spot he wouldn't have sunk into the ground like that, but there has to be an explanation for this instance."

Ness took a deep breath before tapping her clip and teleporting herself near Loki, Rita, and Jess, appearing in a small flash. Wonder how she's holding up...

Yukino kissed Black back before waving her off. Somewhat bored, she began to dash away from the cave, keeping it in mind, outside of Rockbyrd and away from Lakewest.

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As Jessica was lifted, Loki could probably easily tell that she was out completely cold as a result of exhaustion, and probably wouldn't wake up for a while. At least not until the boat had reached ashore of Shantaio, or wherever else it might end up going now that it's purpose for having left had been fulfilled.

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"It was but a example. There would, naturally, be difirences." Loki said to Rita, laying Jessica down on a bed. He contemplated placing her under the effect of his mind control while she was out cold, but decided against this when there was a flash nearby, believing someone else had made a portal. Turning around, he saw Jessica. "Quite some time has it been a while since we last saw you."

"I know." replied Rita before looking over at Ness. "Oh, hello."

Ness waved in return to Rita and Loki before looking over at Jessica and looking slightly concerned. "Yes... it has been. How are you two? ...and may I ask how Jessica is doing?"

Yuki continued to make her way toward Everwood, curious.

"I'm fine, she exhausted herself from teleporting though." replied Rita

"It is as she said. And it has all been for nothing, as we found not a trace of what we were suposed to find." Loki answered Ness, sitting down on an empty bed. "Might I ask, how did you manage to find us here?"

Skippy pulled up the fishing net he had cast out, supirsed to find he had actually caught a decent number of fish. "I'll be damned. I never catch any of the blighters when I want to, but by accident, they be caught in droves..." he muttered to himself, dropping the fish back into the sea, then going back to man the helm and setting course for Shaintaio.

Ness scratched the back of her head slightly. "Let's just say I have a way of teleporting myself places and near people." She nodded toward Rita, still visibly concerned. "She overworked herself again? Even after having to deal with that recovery from the first time? ...I see." She put her hands in her lap and twiddled her thumbs slightly. Please be okay...

Rita shrugged "I doubt she'd be dumb enough to put her health in real danger just to go to and from that island."

"What would the limits to this ability be?" Loki asked Ness, noting her concerned look, but not caring in the slightest.

Ness nodded slightly along with Rita before looking toward Loki. Guess he believes the same as she does. "Hmm... I've only recently obtained this ability... but I'd say distance and latent ability would be the limits on it... I should probably test it more once I leave here."

Jessica stirred slightly in her sleep, turning over onto one side facing Ness and curling into a ball. Though she still seemed to be sleeping, despite the conversations going on around her. Her ears and tail flicking a few times were the only signs that she seemed in any way aware of the others presence's.

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"I see. A shame. I had half hoped it could posibly be of help to us in finding this place we were sent out to find." Loki commented, glancing over at Jessica as she turned.

After some traveling, the boat arived back in Shaitaio.

Leaving the helm, Skippy walked over to the strears leading below deck. "We're back at the capital." he announced.

After some time had passed, Jessica stirred in her sleep once again. She sluggishly sat up in the middle of the bed she had been laid on, groaning and rubbing her head all the while. "Uuuuhhh...what happened?" She groggily asked whoever was around her before opening her eyes. Having strained herself some more, the sclera of her eyes had been completely colored a bloody red instead of their usual white.

Ness nodded slightly toward Loki before noting Jessica getting up and her discolored eyes. She quickly dashed up to her side, visibly worried. "Jessica! What happened!? Your eyes look horrible right now..."

Yukino made it back to the cave and fell asleep.

Having heard Skippy, Loki stood up. "You can have a moment to yourselves. We will be heading back to the palace." he said to Jessica and Ness, heading up the stairs to the deck, and leaving the ship, Rita following.

The combination of just barely having woken up and Ness' panicked tone led to Jessica being confused. "Huh?...My eyes? What's wrong with them?" She replied, still sounding half-asleep. She yawned as she scooted over to the end of the bed in preparation to stand back up. Hearing Loki, she looked over and waved at him. "I'll try to catch up soon."

Ness scratched the back of her head again. "Your eyes look all red... but I'm glad to see you're alright. You didn't find any hints to what you were going to find on that island?"

She waved toward Loki as he left.

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