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"Yes, there are other races, too many for me to count. As for the mass relays, they slingshot ships around the galaxy instantly and are out main form of transportation." She said and leaned back. "Now, i don't know how many beings there are in the galaxy, but its definitly in the trillions, be it ten or a hundred trillion, i don't know. and i don't know who or what those things are. The reason i came aboard the ship instead of just calling to the station was because you had some form of accident and i wanted to see if i can help with anything. Ok?" The blue woman said.

"You're sitting ducks out here and you're not out to kill everything in sight. Thats reason enough for me to give my boss a call if you'd let me use your comm systems." She explained.

Amaya saw the other ship arrive and picked up a transmission in an unknown language. "Vessel, hold your ground or we will fire upon you. I repeat, hold your ground or you will be fired upon." she transmitted to the cruiser.

The response was broadcast across the bridge, allowing both Tau and Gar'vosh to hear it. "English response, Human presence confirmed." Tau also found several inconsistencies with the response, like it wasn't really a reply to the Tashya's first communique. "Recommend response translated into their language, Creator Gar'vosh. Their translators might be malfunctioning."

Gar'vosh rubbed the bottom of his respirator before he linked the translator to the comline, this time broadcasting specifically to the Blade in English. "Attention unidentified vessel, this is the Quarian-Geth Alliance ship Tashya, you are in a danger zone and are recommended to withdraw." With another flick, he turned the receiver off.

Tau cocked his head to the side as he looked back at the captain. "Sir, the ship has suffered severe structural damage. There is little to no chance they will be able to move under their own power."

"Yes, but they need to admit that." Gar'vosh got out of his chair and moved over to the tactical section of the bridge, eyeing over the shoulders of several manned stations. "We could use the tech that ship has, but I don't want to fight over it. If they see us as saviors, we might not have to fight to get what we want."

Tau nodded as he looked back to his own console. Probability of peaceful seizure of ship: 10%, added variable of ship being a human vessel: 0.009%

"I'm really more concerned about where she's from, and what her allies might do if she doesn't send some kind of reply, we are pretty much dead in the water here."

"Well isn't that the truth." Erik replied. "Well we better get to work. Amaya wants us to prep a Pelican for service right quick." Fortunately the one that had surived was a gunship, Erik felt a little better knowing they had that extra firepower. "Hey Sarah, if you go pre-flight this bird, I'll do a walk around and make sure she's set." With that he began a visual inspection of the Pelican.


Jastis leaned back, "How do you know about Humans? We have to record of ever coming into contact with your race, explain that to me."



"Head Engineer Rogers, how are the Huragok working?" the XO spoke over the COM still on the ships bridge. The shaking no completely stopped and things under control.

He could hear the working in the background, "Great, despite only having three of them they're working quickly. But like I said earlier, the Blade is a goner."


"Yeah. Damn shame, but nothing could have prepared us for this. The fires have been reduced to minimal and all of the areas cut off have been sealed off. We have power for now, but I can't say for how much longer."
Smith just shook his head, "Not even a year in service..."

"Sir, what is the current status? We have seen the station outside and the unknown ships. What is going on?"

Despite not being able to see the Engineer the XO shrugged, "I can't say. We can't seem to identify any of them. Were in a dangerous situation here. Just keep working on getting the situation 100% controlled and we will update you when ready."

"Roger that sir."

Suddenly shortly after that they received another transmission from the ship but this time it was in... English? How could that be?

"Amaya, send this response to the Tashya," he stood firm and allowed Tashya to record and send the transmission to the Tashya.

"Vessel Tashya, this is the XO of the UNSC Blade, we reading you. However we don't know of your alliance and for now wish for you to hold your place."

Ignore this space

"Because humans are from earth... joined the galactic scened less than a hundred years ago when they found that one of pluto's moons was actually a mass relay along with some ancient technology on mars that catapulted them forward hundreds of years in terms of technology." She explained with a look of confusion on her face. "You guys don't even know of your own history?" Then the asari shook her head.

"Listen, you need to let me call my boss, ok? or you're going to have a small fleet hounding at you soon. Then probably rushing in and stripping the ship of any and all tech while trying to kill you. this would be a floating heap of metal within a week. This is omega, vulnerable things don't last long out here." she said, almost pleading with them at this point.

"Understood." Amaya said and beamed over the message the XO requested

"They don't know of us? What? We've had plenty of contact with the System Alliance." Gar'vosh drifted off as he looked at the ship through the tactical monitors, several routes inside specifically being displayed.

"Likely chances are that, while this ship is crewed by humans, it is not of the Systems Alliance. 'UNSC' is not an Alliance ship acronym. Request more data, might I inquire the vessel?" With a nod from the captain, Tau took command of the communications. "This is the Tashya, we request further information regarding your affiliation." Tau paused as he calculated the risks of being so direct. "What is your ship's formal designation? What does 'UNSC' stand for?"

Sarah climbed into the Pelican and fired it up to run the pre-flight checks on it, inside everything looked to be ready to go "Hows every thing on the out side? we're all green in here ... Mother Fucker ... " she said as a blip on the Radar caught her attention, big ones at that. "Fan-fucking-tastic, dead in the water and a big ass contact out side. Hey Amaya, that ship out side friendly or do we have more problems?"


"Sorry but what? That's wrong. We never found any technology cache on Mars. That's a terraformed world now. We never found any mass relays. Our first contact with the galactic community was a 27 year long war that brought Humanity to the brink of extinction. We never came in contact with your race," Jastis explained, still hung up on how she knew of Humanity.


Smith looked at his fellow crew members and sent another message to the ship, "The UNSC stands for the United Nations Space Command, we're the military branch of the UEG. The United Earth Government. What is the Quarian-Geth Alliance?"

Luna stood up, non threateningly. "You're going to have to trust me that i will not hurt you, but i can show you the news reports on the intra net about humanity being involved in a war with the turians, another race. I watched them and still remember everything from the council accepting them into the galactic community to holo's of major fights. I ask of you to take off your helmet so i can show you something. You're nearly twice my size and could easily overpower me need be." She pleaded with the soldier. Luna was hoping he'd give her a chance.


The Spartan caved in, knowing they were getting nowhere. He reluctantly took off his helmet. Revealing a man with pale skin underneath, black hair and brown eyes. It was clear on the sides of his face that there was some augments made. "What is it that you wish to show me?" he spoke in a much more threatening voice.

"Error: dissonance detected." Tau began to thumb through the ship's historical record, only to, of course, find it lacking in human history. "Phrase 'United Nations' is found in record banks, but no other data is available." Tau found himself stuck in his own mind for a minute, trying desperately to reconcile two individual entities that should have authority over the planet Earth.

Eventually, he had to conclude the feedback loop with an acceptance of previous fact. Flipping the com open, Tau replied. "Quarian-Geth Alliance: Unified government of Creators and their creations. Maintaining ownership and authority over the Perseus Veil." Tau figured that such obvious information wouldn't betray their mission, and might provide "goodwill" between the two parties. "This unit detects error, the Earth in the Sol system is under the control of the Systems Alliance, yet is still a human domain. What 'Earth' does your government preside over?"

"I would like to place my hand atop your forehead. It will be painless, a bit odd of a feeling at first, but i can show you my memories through it. there will be no other repercussions of what i would like to do other than a bit of fatigue on yourself and me. Do i have your permission to perform this? It will show you that i'm not crazy like you must think i am." She begged sincerely. It showed in her face that she wasn't trying to pull anything over them. She actually had a bit of fear in her voice, just enough to show that she knew not to do anything.


What? Show her memories? This is crazy. "Do you take me for a goddamn fool?" Jastis spoke to the Asari.


The voice was very mechanical that responded, some sort of AI? If so it didn't have the same type of voice system their own AI's held. He once more would send a response to the ship, looking around he saw that the crew members were also very confused.

"Systems Alliance? What are you talking about? The Earth, in the sol system, is under the control of the UEG."

Murphy sat in total darkness in the bowels of the ship. He had bolted from the hangar after the seal had gone up and ran full-tilt to his compartment. Once there, he grabbed all of the secure hard drives and tech from ONI and shoved them into his pack, along with packs of plasma and plastic explosives. He had heard over the comms that an unknown, sentient being had boarded the ship, so he was prepared to completely destroy all secure items in a blinding flash if the ship was boarded by a hostile force. The hum of the ship was all around him, a soothing, yet menacing presence. Water rushed though the pipes, rattling them slightly, and steam raced through tubing, cooling and heating the ship. In the darkness, noise was amplified one hundred fold.

Murphy knew that he would probably get razzed by the other members, but what they didn't know was that the blinding flash that would destroy the secure files would also incinerate Ryan Murphy, leaving nothing more than bits of burnt flesh and ashes. It took intense willpower and training to sit silently, listening to radio traffic in order to determine if taking your own life would save the lives of many others.

When is became apparent that the threat had passed, Murphy rose and returned to his compartment, stowing the files and explosives. He made his way to the bridge to see what the boarding party was, and to begin a sync with his communicator and the ship's AI.

Tau kept the line open as he responded, now set upon his task to reiterate what he knew rather than accept what he was told. "Negative. Earth: third planet of the human-designated 'Sol' system, part of the human-designated 'Local' cluster, part of the human-designated 'Orion' arm of this galaxy. This is under the control of the human-created 'Systems Alliance', with only a historical coalition of nation-states called 'United Nations' resembling the information you have stated. Your data is either corrupted or faulty. Recommend record revision."


Smith muted the channel so the other ship couldn't hear, "Amaya, what is your take on this. I don't understand any of it."

"No. I take you as a man of logic and who believe what he can see and feel. That is why i want to do it and show you. Now i felt as if a second set of eyes was in the room when i walked in, and am now believing that there is someone in here with us." She said, walking around the desk and leaning on it.

"If it won't work, then what is there to fear beside it actually working?" she asked him. "i know i will die if i try to harm you, and self preservation is something i take strongly to, right after helping others."

"Well Mr. Smith." Amaya began. "I'm picking up the same sort of thing from the 'guest' aboard, who is speaking with Captain Jastis. We don't know where we are and with this slipspace drive and the anomaly, any number of things could have happened. I've been searching around for UNSC signals and i have found none. I don't know..." she said defeatedly.


The Spartan stood up, "Alright, fine. Do what you must."


"Head Engineers Rogers," he reopened the COM channel with the Engineer.

"Smith? What's up?"

"'What's up', is that I need to know if a drop ship could enter the ship from anywhere and allow someone to board."

There was a pause from the other side, "Yeah. Well we can have them dock in the remaining part of the Hanger..."

"Keep in contact, we're going to have some guests."

"Yes Sir." He muted the Engineer.

"I can't go over there. With the Captain meeting with the intruder, I can't leave the Blade without leadership."
Smith reopened the channel with the ship, "Tashya, are you willing to send some people over and meet with us?"

Tau paused as he looked back to the Captain, who had heard the question. "What are you thinking?" Gar'vosh moved away from the tactical stations and over to Tau, for a more personal conversation.

"I believe I should go to the Blade, in order to provide more options for the vessel's retrieval."

"What? You'd be giving them a hostage!"

"Chances of incarceration are likely, but the risk is comparable to the gain. I will be able to gain intricate knowledge of the ship's interior, and of their fighting capabilities. Even if I am captured...my value is negligible compared to that of the Blade."

Gar'vosh stopped to consider what Tau had said, but seemed to shake it out of his head. "I'm not going to order anyone to that fate."

"Order not required." A moment of silence was exchanged as the captain thought the decision over, finally giving Tau an affirmative nod. The Geth turned away from the captain and activated the line. "We are willing, this unit offers itself to your services on the condition it may come with personal equipment."


"Alright, we will meet you there. We will direct you," Smith said as he finished the COM channel. He knew he would need a breather so he walked over to a container on the bridge and grabbed one. They always had them on the bridge in case of an emergency.

"Amaya, tell the Spartans in the Hanger to not shoot anything, I will meet them down there."

Luna breathed a sigh of relief. "Now, i promise i will not hurt you. a bit tired is all." Luna said walking up to Jastis. She really took in his height this time. Taking her right hand, she laid it atop his forehead and focused; closing her eyes. "Clear your mind. Think of nothing but calmness and breath easy." She said concentrating.

It was a few seconds before luna was ready. "Embrace eternity." She said, opening her eye as they were solidly black now. Jastis felt images and memories enter his mind. It played out like a movie. Showing the first reports of the new species, (humans), surfacing on the intra net. Then videos of the fights between the humans and Turians. Then the peace treaty and accepting of humans into the galactic community. ending with the first human being put on the council. She gave him a rundown of the entire history of humans in the galactic community.

Ending with a gasp of air, Luna caught her breath, holding her head and walking over to the table, leaning on it. She had her eyes closed and was rubbing her temples now.

Amaya chimed into the Spartan IV's headsets, Sarah and Erik. "Be prepared, as of now, the other signature isn't hostile and might be sending a boarding party to the ship to discuss terms with the XO. Who is heading down to the hangar now. In his words. "don't shoot anything." ok?" she said to them.

As Murphy neared the bridge he saw Jastis and a blue humanoid creature engaging in a discussion about sharing memories in an interrogation room. Slipping inside, he quietly moved. He could do what he needed to do from there. He stayed out of the blue creature's view, but made sure that Jastis saw that his sidearm was ready for action, if need be.

Making his way to one of the consoles, Murphy inserted a card into a slot. When prompted, he keyed in his access code to the computer and started the sync. He kept his hand on his weapon, ready to draw and fire at a moment's notice.

He was unusually quiet, but he didn't want the blue creature to become alerted to his presence. This was Murphy is full spook mode.

"Roger that Amaya, we will prepare to receive the boarding party" Sarah said as she shut the Pelican down and got out, then walked over to the opening in the ships hull to wait for them

Voh waited as he listen to this woman words. "Demon..you are not seriously believing this are you!?" he ask though he was quickly silence when she said felt another person within the room. Perhaps she knows more then she leads on. Or perhaps she could have felt his presence Voh didn't know which one but didn't like it either way.

"If she tries to strike you down demon. I shall make sure she doesn't live long enough to enjoy killing a legend." he said as he uncloaks, knowing it was a bit pointless when she knew he was somewhere within the room. Plus a Spartan and a Elite in the same area as allies is a bad combination for any enemy forces.

While she did her magic trick with the Commander. Voh decides to uncloak. He actives his energy sword so it fully ready incase she tires anything funny. In stance as he decloaks the field around him. Though he heard the doors opening and spies the one human he didn't like. Growling but paying no attention to him as he turns back to the blue female.

The melding seem to have stop and she backs away and rubbing her temples. The cloaking around Voh slowly disappears as blue lighting covers his form. Slowly showing off the massively tall warrior before Luna. His cold stare from behind his helmet gave him a frighting image. The cloaking fully gone and there stood Voh'Tohai in his silver color Commando armor. He turn his head to the human and said something. Though in his language it sounded ruthless and would drive any warrior to shiver in fear. "(Demon I believe something is wrong with her. She seem to have pale a bit. What did you do to her?") He ask, though without a translator it sounded like "kothar si jikahshi creolnali ui xuut mrith jacioniv. jaciv seem ekess tepoha uich vi smunsoua. svabol tira wux tir ekess jacioniv"

The asari refocuses as the room stopped spinning. Looking up, she saw quite possibly the scariest creature she had ever seen. She fell back. "Godess, HELP ME!" she screamed and became engulfed in her biotic cloak. Her right leg INSTINCTIVELY kicked up and sent the full table into the sangheili's face, traveling far faster than any normal flip.

Meanwhile, Luna was backing up until she was at the wall. Then the asari's fist was covered in a deep blue biotic cloak as she slammed it time and time again into the wall she was against, beginning to dent the thick metal plating on it.

Voh has been through a lot within his life. Many creatures from humans to Brutes have try to take his life with many different weapons. From plasma weapons, to bullets, to even the mighty grav hammer the brutes use. Though not one of them, not a single one of his enemies has ever be so foolish enough to try and use a table against him. He growls as he slice the table in half with ease.

The one emotion Voh felt was pure angry. Did she really think that a mighty warrior of the Sangheili could be stop by a mere table!. He thought as he charges at her, ready to swing his blade and claim her head as a prize. As he charges he let out the most fear elite battle cry loudly. The sound of the battlecry seem to have expand throughout the ship. Meanwhile one of the crew that was trying to help around the ship hears the battle cry. "someone is really piss off"


Jastis saw all of these memories, it was too real. It strained his mind but the mind of a Spartan is hard and enduring. As soon as she finished he was slightly disoriented. So much just happened. Suddenly 'Tohai erupted from his cloak and the Asari kicked the table with her biotics in fear and Voh sliced it in half.

Jastis reacted in an instant and ran and tackled the Elite and they both were sent against the wall and a huge dent rippled in. With all of his strength he was holding back the Elite, "Stand down Elite! That's an ORDER."


He left the bridge and headed down to the hanger, the two Spartans in the hanger would be his guards in case anything happened. It wasn't long before he was outside the door of the hanger. But before that he turned and went over to the armory and got on boots that can magnetize to the ground. Similar to the MJOLNIR armor but usable by normal people.

After that he stepped out of the armory and went to the hanger, after taking a deep breath he stepped in. He wasn't attached to the ground at first but then magnetized. He was able to move normal speed but not able to jump high.

Spotting the two Spartans he called them over, "Spartans fall in."

Luna was now in the corner of the room, sitting in it with her knee's up to her chest. She was freaked out, but in the process of calming down. "Wha-Wha- What is that thing?" she asked nervously. The asari's entire body was shaking. "It is far more frightening than a rachni. and looks a bit worse too.." she said, not dropping her biotic cloak.

As the Asari whimpered, Murphy towards her with his weapon drawn.

"Show me your hands!" He barked. "HANDS!"

She obeyed the command, and Murphy moved swiftly behind her, holstering his weapon and pulling out zip-tie restraints. With what he had just seen her exhibit, he doubted the restraints would last, but it would still give precious time to draw down on her and subdue the threat. Quickly and robotically, he yanked the ties tight, tight enough that they dug into her skin. From another pouch he pulled a "gag bag", which was just a thick, black bag with a drawstring made for putting over prisoner's heads. He drew the string tight, making sure it didn't constrict her breathing too much.

When he was done, Murphy stepped back and unholstered his weapon, ready to fire if need be.

Sarah turned and jogged over to the XO and fell in line beside him as they waited for the boarding party to arrive "So ... who pissed off the Elite?"

Following Sarah over to where to XO was Erik saluted. "Sir, just who is supposed to be coming over?" And why in the hell does our CO have a stick up his ass about us?

Gideon was still in the Slip Space Core Room, most of the fires had been dealt with thanks to co-ordination amongst the group, the only fires that were still around lingered in non high risk areas, meaning the engineers could handle them by themselves. Seeing that he was free to leave, he contacted the A.I. known as Amaya.

"Staff Sergeant Kerrigan to Amaya at command. A majority of the fires over in the Slip Space Core have been extinguished, and the only ones that are remaining are situated in non-essential or low priority areas, and according to the engineers, they can handle those by themselves. Is there anywhere that I am needed currently?"

Voh growl as he struggles against the commander. Wanting to slice the woman for attacking him. Though as Jastis was holding him back and ordering him to calm down. Voh starts to as he see the blue woman seeming afraid of whats going on, as well being handcuff by the other human. Sighing as he stops fighting and deactivates his sword. He should have no acted like that. He was better train though he been tense this last few minutes from whats everything that has been happening.

From them jumping into slipspace and coming out with only half of a ship. To not knowing where they are, and the numerous numbers of ships around them including that huge station infront of them. To now this blue woman showing off with her "magic" and then throwing a table at him. Though he gets over it as he calms down.

"you can now let go demon..I have calm myself. Perhaps you should go see if the female needs help. I shall see if the other need my help as my presence seem to scare the female." he said. Still a bit annoyed that she threw a table at him. Though he did appear out of nowhere and he was one of the very few tallest elites within his race. Waiting for Jastis to let go of him so he can leave.


Jastis let go the Elite, "good..." he walked away from the Elite and turned to Luna and Murphy, "everyone calm down. Everything is fine. She didn't harm me... In fact the revelation she gave me believes I know what happened."

He went over to Luna and removed the bag and restraints. "I am sorry for what happened. Seems we need a new place to discuss this all."


"Well Hamman, we're going to have some guests from the ship called the Tashya. It's apparently from this Quarian-Geth alliance. Non-humans that we have never encountered before. We're going to have a diplomatic discussion."

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