WAOA Arena

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The gentle hum of the AI making it's presence clear attempted to gain the attention of Lambda, then the AI spoke.
"Hello, please proceed to the arena. An opponent will be awaiting you there."
OoC: @Gear: Sure.

Hearing the voice, Lambda quickly consulted the map of the facility she had made in her databases, then floated over to the entrance of the arena.

The Meta stood in the arena with his bruteshot drawn, awaiting Lambda. As the arena doors opened, the hate, anger and desire in the Meta's glare was almost palpable.

In the darkness of the recieving rooms a man tossed and turned on the bed, growling and gasping in his sleep. Suddenly he sprang awake with a snarl, bolting upright, a tearing sound as he ripped into the bedsheet with his fingernails. He sighed as he realised he had been dreaming, then stopped abruptly. Scowling, he sniffed the air. Then, getting to his feet, he began to pad towards the door, peering around, seemingly unhindered by the darkness.

Lambda stopped as she saw the Meta. She scanned him. "Scanning... Multiple Artifical Inteligences detected... Unknown technology... Preparing battle mode... Estimated threat level S." Dust swirled around her feet, the red light on her visor flashed and she spread her wingblades as she got into a fighting stance.

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The man pushed the door open cautiously, his demeanour that of an animal that knows it has little to fear, but is aware of the value of alertness nonetheless. The light of the hall revealed a man with rippling muscles and a scruffy, harshly lined face, dressed only in a pair of tattered old jeans and a white vest. He continued to sniff the air and began to set off down the hallway, glaring at the unfamiliar surroundings as he went.

OoC: @Random Right then. My character's in the lounge.

"Hello, and welcome to the Evilington Interdimensional arena. Please, enjoy your stay."
The Meta walked closer to Lambda, and she would hear whispers of the AI in his head calling for her with temptations of unending life and power.

OoC: @Random: Hi. You want to join in on the fight?

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Reaching the lounge, the man spotted the Meta and Lambda immediately. He frowned at the sight of the cyborgs.

"Huh. I thought it smelled like engine oil up here." He remarked dryily.

Laguna was looking at the bar, trying to pick a drink, when he heard a new voice. He looked around and saw the newcomer. "Oh hey, a new guy. Welcome aboard I guess. And I don't smell oil..." He gave the air a quick sniff.

Lambda rushed to engage the Meta, spinning like a top, her wingblades swinging at his chest.

The Meta raised his bruteshot, firmly blocking the wingblades before pushing them across in front of him harmlessly. He snarled and stabbed at Lambda's throat, taking a step forward.

OOC: Ah. I thought Lambda and Meta hadn't gone out yet.

The new man glanced at Laguna, then shrugged and grunted.

"Never mind. Care to explain where the hell we are, and how I got here?" He asked, clearly not amused by the sudden change of location.

"Where we are? Well, I dunno exactly where, but this is some kinda arena. How we got here, I think someone just pulled our names out of a hat and teleported us here."

Lambda jerked back, doding the Meta's stab. She did a low sweeping kick, the razor edge of her leg aromour kicking up sparks as it ran along the ground.

The Meta leaped up over Lambda's kick and came down with a hard punch with his left hand, holding the bruteshot with his right.

The man began to speak,then hesitated and looked at the screen, where Lambda and the Meta were heating up their duel. He grimaced.

"An arena, huh? Fighting to the death, I suppose?"

"Yeah but no." Laguna sat at the bar and pulled out a stool for the new guy. "It is to the death, but we get revived, we have good rooms, we got free food and everything. I'm not a fan of fighting, but it's not too bad."

Lambda's leg was clipped by the Meta's hand as it came down. The armour cracked, some of it falling off. Ignoring this, Lambda sliced at the Meta with both arm blades.

The new man nodded his thanks and reached across the bar, grabbing a bottle of beer and sitting down. Pressing his thumbnail against the bottlecap, he popped it off easily and took a swig.

"But we're brought here without warning, and against our will? Sounds like a load of crap to me." He grunted, regarding the bottle with casual distaste.

The Meta grabbed Lambda's hands to stop the slashes, dropping the bruteshot. He leaned in close and hissed unnaturally as he tightened his grip to crush her hands. The AI were becoming frantic, and began slithering into Lambda's neural computer.

"It is. I don't like being here, fighting, any of this. But it could be worse I guess." Laguna shrugged. "Always look on the bright side, that's what I do."

Lambda creid out as the Meta started crushing her hands. Her wingblades shashed at his wrists, making him let go. Lambda jumped back, then opened a rift in the ground. Energy blades spiked out of it, trying to keep the Meta at bay as Lambda fought off the cyberattack.

"Hmm. Doesn't that sound fun." The man snorted, drinking more. "What's your bright side here then?"

The Meta snarled and pulled back his arms, thin trickles of blood showing that the wingblades had not missed their mark completely. He rolled to the side to avoid the energy spikes, grabbing the bruteshot and turning invisible as he got up on his feet. He silently moved around behind Lambda, giving her a rather wide berth. The AI were relentless, though their attack lessened significantly as the Meta turned invisible.

"We can't really get hurt, we got custom-made rooms, free bar and lounge, and that thing," Laguna pointed at the screen, "probably has on-demand or a console or something, I dunno. But most of all, I like meeting new people, seeing new things. And the new people and new things here... well, they're not all pleasent, but they are interesting." He offered his hand to the newcomer "Speaking of which, I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Laguna."

Lambda retracted the spikes as the Meta turned invisible. Letting her firewalls handle the AIs as their attack diminished, she looked around the arena, scanning for heat, motion, radiation, anything that might give the Meta away.

"Logan." The man grunted, raising the bottle slightly without making eye contact. "I'm gonna level with you, Laguna. I'm not that fond of people. Never have been. I do what I have to do around them to get by, and besides that, I keep to myself. Sorry if it cracks your optimism, but if I have to beat the shit out of some unlucky bastard for the entertainment of a bunch of leering ghouls, I prefer to do it on my own terms, and in places where no one worth their oxygen gets in my way. Maybe this is one of those places. But I didn't choose it, and that doesn't sit well with me."

Lambda would maybe spot very faint radiation and heat where the Meta was, due to the breech in his armour spilling it out. She might also be able to see some contortion where the cloaking device warped light to make him invisible. He also displayed faint movement, although he was skilled at moving slowly, yet cover a significant amount of ground. This would change drastically as he jumped up in the air towards Lambda, turning visible in mid air and coming down with a overhead diagonal slash aimed to cut down from the shoulder and out by the waist on the opposite side.


Laguna lowered his hand. "I get that. I don't like stuff outta my control either. But you get used to it if your whole life is like that. And cracking my optimism?" He smiled. "Good luck with that dude."

Tracking the Meta, Lambda was facing him when he jumped up. She thew her wingblades above her, interlocking them to make a sheild. As the Meta hit it, she pushed them, trying to cut him to peices and throw him away. Her wingblades, however, were cut deeply by his blade.

The Meta activated his overshield to block the wingblade cuts, and responded with a series of savage cuts from his bruteshot.

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"Yeah, well, whether I'm in control or not, I'll continue to live the way I do." Logan replied before finishing his beer. He turned to the screen.

"So what happens now? Us being the only ones in here, I take it we're up next? What kind of system do they follow?"

Laguna shrugged. "I dunno much. You gotta fight at least once a week. Sometimes they'll just randomly say "hey you gotta fight", other then that I think you can fight other people whenever you want if you can talk them into it."

Lambda's wingblades shuddered and chipped under the assault, until eventually they shattered. Lambda fell, but opened up a portal in front of herself, sending a hail of energy blades towards the Meta.

Logan leaned against the bar.
"Huh. Sounds like a half-assed way of running a tournament. What if someone decides they're not going to fight for them?"

The Meta slowed down time, stopping it just before the energy blades connected. He looked at them for a moment, then walked around them and over to Lambda. Time resumed just as he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up in the air, holding his smaller opponent up with one hand in a tight, almost throat-crushing grip. The AI assault increased in intensity once more.

Having not been able to fall asleep, Erica left her suite and returned to the lounge where, after taking four steps into the lounge, she spotted Logan talking to Laguna. She stayed where she was, seemingly frozen in place. Impossible...

Being kneed on the elbow, it snapped with an audible crack. Greed grunted and breathed in deeply through his nose, but otherwise didn't give much of a responce. With Rex one the ground, Greed tried to stomp him in the face. Wherther successful or not, it would leave a sizable dent in the metal ground of the furnace.


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Logan scowled at the screen as he watched the Meta throttle Lambda. Catching a new scent on the air, he glanced at the door when Erica came in and watched her a moment, before returning his attention to the screen.

OOC: Hmm... perhaps I'll bring in one of the lads hanging around the barracks now...

"You don't fight for a week, you lose your room, and I think you don't get healed anymore. If you're the top when the tourney ends, you get a wish and can go wherever you like." Laguna saw Erica standing in the doorway. He exaimend her for a second, then waved. "Heya."

Lambda gasped as the Meta's grip tightend, the running lights on her armour beggining to sputter and dim. She kiced at him, hoping to slash open his chest.

"A wish? Hmph. This whole thing sounds more and more ridiculous every minute."

The slash caused the Meta to drop Lambda, then he hit her with a backhanded blow that could send her flying. He walked after here, breaking into a run if she was far away.

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