WAOA Arena

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"Perhaps I will." Aethion muttered as Sephiroth left. Drayven glanced at him.

"I may do the same one of these days, if there is a warrior here suitable and willing to fight." Aethion looked up in surprise.

When was the last time that you drew Calaer-dam in battle?" He asked.

"Precisely why I wish to test myself here." Drayven answered. He smiled, with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"I may be at an age better suited to statesmanship, but I think I could still teach you a thing or two once I have limbered up my sword arm again."

"Oh don't worry the food won't kill you! The mayor said so" Lazer Pony brought out a picture of him and the mayor

"Right...." Knife says, before walking over to the Elves. "So, I heard one of you were eger for a fight."

"Where did you hear that! Heroes never fight for no reason" Lazer Pony said thinking Knife was talking to him

"No, they just feed them radioactive food." Knife says.

"I told you the Mayor said they wouldn't kill anybody. The Mayor is very dedicated to his job you know"

"And I trust this Mayor's word about as far as you can throw me." Knife says, "What's your point."

"He's very trustworthy... I heard he has a skin condition though"

"Lovely." Knife mutters, before walking off to see if he can catch up with the elves.

If anyone checked, they would see Gold in the arena, battling an unknown person. She had bright red hair, and wore a bright red skirt with a blue shirt. On her belt sat 6 pokeballs, and a white fisher's hat covered her face, to her mouth. A slight smirk could be seen.
Gold glared at the figure for a moment, before saying, calmly "Elite four champion. I challenge you to a pokemon battle." he pulled his first team member, and lobbed out Sheldon, who roared as he extended his claws.
This made the sneer on the champion's face even larger, as she lobbed out a blaziken to meet the Kabutops in comabt.

Carmen was in the stands, sipping yet another drink. Her face seemed a small bit flushed as she watched Gold and the other trainer from her seat. Huh.... More of those things...?

the champ called out "Blaze kick to start out." and the blaziken's leg ignited as it delivered a roundhouse kick into Sheldon's face, sending him staggering before he lashed out with his dual blades, slicing into Blaziken's beak and removing one of its long crests from its head. This caused Blaziken to shriek in pain, and it delivered a double kick into Sheldon's chest, sending him flying into the air and smacking against the wall, dropping to the ground and grunting. Instead of being annoyed, Gold smiled, his eyes taking on a very dark shade of red. "You know, blaziken was a poor choice. Seems you don't know the typings of all the pokemon. After all, Blaziken's fire fighting. You know what Kabutops is?"
as he spoke, Sheldon's plating shifted and water began pouring out of all the plates, pooling at his feet. Instead of stretching out across the arena, it began to gather around him, growing from the ground up to encapsulate him. "Water rock. a beautiful combination, at times. Not as great as Swampert's water ground, but still powerful. Sheldon. Use waterfall."
Sheldon took 2 loping steps forward before the water pulled him off the ground, and he became a spear of pain flying straight towards Blaziken, slamming into him and ripping the Blaziken apart with all the power of a waterfall.

Carmen smiled a bit at the blood flying from the Blaziken. Hmmph... A shame I can't jump in now...

The succubus looked over less-entuhused at her former host, before turning back to the fight.
Seeing that those beasts have 'types' of some sort... trying to punch stone wouldn't work well... unless you were needlessly brutish... like him...

Gold pulled out his pokeball and returned Sheldon. "pathetic. To think this computer, trying to be Lyra Reed. Disgusting." he wandered over to the bloodstained wall where the Blaziken died and stared for a second, before turning and choking the champ through his psychic powers. "weak. Childish. A blank slate. This arena is a sham. Projecting memories, and thoughts thatshould be dust." he let go of the Lyra clone, and left the arena, heading to the lounge.

Carmen smiled a bit more. "He's quite bitter... wouldn't you agree, Re--"

She raised her eyebrows a small bit as she noticed that Rex was already gone.

Rex was in the lounge. As Gold walked in, he gave him a little wave. "Yo. You seem pissed. Like... a lot more than usual."

Gold looked at Rex, before leaning against the wall. "long story. You want to listen? It'll probably strike you as stupid."

Rex nodded before giving Gold a smirk. "You did see me let myself get torn up in our last fight, right? Nothing is stupid to me."

Gold chuckled, and wandered over to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of vodka. He took a long pull, then wiped his mouth. Sighing, he sat at the table. "It started when I was 8 or so. I was just a little kid. There was this show, about people who were trying to challenge the league. People that wanted to take over as league champ. There was this girl, Lyra. She started training, the show followed her, and in 6 months she beat the league champ, on her first try. Thats practically fucking unheard of, one of the two. Doing both? Never been done, before or after her. The strangest part was that the day after, no one could find her. She vacated her champ house, and left her pokemon. No ones seen her since."
Gold takes another swig of vodka, giving Rex room to comment if he wanted to.

"So that girl was just good at what she did. Maybe she thought things were too easy and went off to find other people to challenge in other worlds. Who knows?" Rex shrugged.

Carmen learned against a wall in the hallway, listening in.

Knife, unable to find the elves, walks back into the lounge and smiles when he see's Gold and Rex. "G'day fella's" He says, "I don't reckon we've met before, I'm Knife."

Gold rubbed his scarred head as Knife said hello, stopping as he was about to speak. "Uh. Hi." he said to Knife, not surely how to politely ask him to screw off.

Rex gave Knife a small wave. "Yo. I'm Rex. Nice to meet ya. Saw you choke out Carmen, that was pretty good." He looked over toward Gold and raised an eyebrow. "Dude.. you spacing out?"

Carmen let out a very faint sneeze from her place in the hallway.

Gold grunted. "Sorry, trying to figure out how to phrase this next bit." he looked back at Knife. "Okay buddy, you mind leaving me and Rex to talk for a bit? We're having a bit of a private discussion."

Rex tilted his head a bit. "Private...?" There was a decently long pause before something could be heard going 'click' andRex suddenly nodding a bit. "Ah... I think I understand."

Gold waited for a moment, for Knife to leave, and said. "Where was I? The whole disappearing act?" he nodded, and drank the last of the vodka. "anyway, once that happened, she pretty much became a legend. Everybody talked about her, you know? the fact that no one knew who her family was didn't help. So, she kind of became my hero. I watched all of her battles, over and over, and swore that as soon as I could, I'd be the next champ. So, I got to ten, the legal age to get a pokemon. And I do this one job for the professor, one stupid little thing. I go, and I pick up this egg that the professor's buddy needed. and I bring it back to him, with my fucking retarded little chikorita, and I start walking out to leave town." he looks at the vodka bottle, then sighs, and goes to grab another bottle. He grabs the second bottle and drinks about half of it before he sits down and starts speaking. "then they showed up. fucking rockets. Burned the town down for the egg. Turns out it was some ridiculously rare 'mon. They held me down and did." he gestures at himself. "And they pretty much left me for dead. Killed everyone else but some girl I knew, who they did things to as bad as what they did to me. she's pretty scarred up herself." he took another long drink, before shuddering. "I didn't have a fucking word for what they did to me, you know? I was ten. They did fucking things to me..." he looks into the bottle, before finishing that one as well.

Rex blinked a bit before sighing and beginning to pull Gold away from the bar. "I can tell. You're downing that vodka like it's water in an apocalypse. But... I kinda know how ya feel." The dude calmly pulled the right sleeve of his jacket up, also moving the chain with a small rattle. Underneath, Rex's right arm was completely taped up with black bandages. He started to unravel it a bit until an almost raw and grotesque looking index finger waved around. "My entire arm's like this due to... someone. I honestly don't have words for it either. It's not hate or anguish... but it should be. Drowning it in alcohol sure as hell ain't gonna help that though." He said as he wrapped the finger back up and pulled his sleeve and chain back down.

Gold frowned. "This is alcohol? Fuck, no wonder this tastes so nasty." he leaned back, and closed his eyes, which bore a scar across the center. "Still, sucks for you man. I've had 7 years to get over it, build emotional distance. that looks like it happened what, 2 weeks ago? when'd you get that?"

Rex shrugged before looking away for a bit. "...Long time ago. ...Let's just say I got something that I couldn't handle. Hell... I can barely handle it now.. This was the price I paid before things went 'click' and I learned to control it more." He flexed his bandaged hand a bit before sighing and looking over at Gold. "I brought this on myself. It's a lot different than being taken advantage of... like you were" Although.... there was plenty of that...

Anyone in the hallway would see an evil grin come across Carmen's face as she calmly floated away, making zero sound. He still intrigues me. I want to know more, but I'll need to control myself ...for now.

Giving Rex and Gold some privacy, Knife walks out into the hallway just in time to see Carmen float away in silence. "Um, do you do that often?" He yells after her."

Gold bit his lower lip, before sighing. "Yeah, well. After that, rangers found me. Kept me alive. I decided to join them. Trained for four years, got my strength back, signed on with them."lets not mention the two years of therapy. he thought, tossing the bottle away.

Carmen flits her wings so she ends up levitating upside-down as she looked at Knife. Her hair hung down and her face changed to her normal neutral expression almost instantly. "Do what...?"

Rex nodded. "Yeah... finding a group to crash with helps a lot. So... provided I'm not a total idiot, that covers up until 3 years ago for you. What have ya been doing since then?"

"built up my team. I went from nothing to Sheldon, Buffy, Atin, David, Alorno and smokey. A pretty decent team upgrade."

"Yeah... I can tell. They were pretty tough."

"Float around silently with an expression like you're pretending to be an axe murderer." Knife says, "It's pretty unnerving."

"That they are. Atins been with me forever. Best team I could ever ask for." Gold stretches from his seat. "anyway, back to your original question. I, for a time, blamed Lyra for getting me on that path. Plus, the machine put my memories of her team. And it pissed me off because I knew her team was better. Tge arena insulted her, and I still respect her, despite everything. So there. Why I was pissed."

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