Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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Athenus drove herself to a standing position on will power alone. She put an arm over her brother's neck to help support herself and knocked the potion out of his hands, watching it clash on the floor and shatter, wasting its contents. "Icarus, are you forgetting what mother and father told us? We're the only ones we can trust. This witch waltzes onto the ship, hands you a potion because i assume you asked for it, and neither of us are alchemists so i know you didn't make it; and your first reaction is to believe her and shove it in my face? i mean seriously..." she said and then stood on her own.

"I'm not saying that we need to be paranoid freaks, but you can't just trust any cute girl that shows up on our doorstep..." she said and laid a hand on the hilt of her sword, giving the witch a shove with her free hand to put distance between her and the siblings. "And stay back from him, i am not afraid to slice out your fucking ovaries if you get close to him again." Athenus said commanding. She was a bit jealous, but after that kid, she wasn't taking any chances with newcomers. If the witch could even take hints from body posture, the angel wasn't fooling around, even if a bit weakened.

"If you wanna talk, then start now."

May followed the two of them, her large mass moving rather easily and quietly. "You ok Rori? you seemed a bit... roid raged and orgasmic there.... as odd as it sounds..." she said to him, a bit confused by what just happened.

"Dammit! I knew it, too." Batter sprinted back out towards where the angels and the witch were, kicking open the door while they were still in conversation.

"A metal man just blew apart one of the engines. Some help would be appreciated. Eh-" he spotted the witch near them and grit his teeth, charging at her without hesitation.

"You ok Rori? you seemed a bit... roid raged and orgasmic there.... as odd as it sounds..."

Rori was practically skipping from his delight,whistling slightly, before May approached him. He turned around, with a curious look in his eye.

"Hmm? Well, I'm not sure what just happened, but I feel super charged! Like I can take on the highest levels of Heaven, and rule the lowest points of Hell! I feel..." Rori raised a hand, black fire on his finger. He wrote a single word in the air, and kept moving.


Ducking around the black fire, May continued. the seemingly endless amounts of catwalks and structures kept coming and going on and on. "Happy? You sure you're ok? This is like, a 180 from where you were about 2 hours ago. You're skipping, whistling... doing rather childish things... no offense." she said, concerned for his wellbeing and his choice of words.

The Guy closed his eyes, continually getting annoyed by the two children that he fell in on. How did I get this unlucky? Does the Demon King have it out for me?

Neither of the children make much sense to him; the boy puts off the vibe as if he was made of pure evil, yet he is skipping and writing the word happy in mid-air. And the serpentine female, he didn't know what to make of her. She SEEMED nice and cuddly, but something about her just rubbed him the wrong way. He would have to keep his eye on her.

"I will assume neither of you know what the building up ahead is?"

"Happy? You sure you're ok? This is like, a 180 from where you were about 2 hours ago. You're skipping, whistling... doing rather childish things... no offense."

Rori turned on his heel, grinning wider than ever and making sure to not hit her with the staff. He took her hand, and looked her in the areas right above the eyes. He was happy, not careless.

"Of course I'm doing alright, the grieving process is over! My demons aren't dead, they just moved from my head! And, I think I've found out what I truly want to do with my life." He began walking again, his voice even broke a little bit near the end of that sentence. He cleared his throat, and continued walking again with wide steps.

"I've been sharing my psyche with a demon for the last 10 years of my life. He shared with so many things, the voices and opinions of 100's of fascinating people. I felt whole, more than that, the first time I had any sort of POWER. I admit, I let it get to my head. Who wouldn't, my power was unlimited and my ears ringing with praises and scholarly debates from great people. That's when HE showed up. An archangel, come to stop me. He wanted to rein in on my fun, wanted to sever me from my new power. So he had to go, why should I be under the oppressive judgement of heaven with the rest? The people with no power, no ambition or drive to reach my level. So, I killed him. It took a while, but in the end even god couldn't ignore me like the rest of his colony of faithful ants. That is, until recently. A half angel attacked me, he got the jump on me and managed to cut me from my power." He held out his bandaged arms, staring mournfully. His smile was gone now, his face was back to an even neutral.

"I could tell from his demeanor, he was one for the status quo. He was one born with strength, one born to take it away from people like me. He wants the world under his boot, and I'll unleash all the forces of hell if it means stopping him." He looked up at May, and smiled weakly and innocently, "Sorry, I get wordy when I get angry.... No, should I make a familiar to help scout?" Rori raised his staff, which glowed brightly. A small imp seemed to drip out of the main one, and flew forward.

Selena yelped in fear and raised her hands a spell overtook the batter and he found himself frozen mid sprint. something solid was holding him in place but he could see and hear everything around him
Athenus aw this and drew her sword
"What did you do witch?"
"I'm sorry I'm sorry" she said trembling her eyes were wide
"He just came at me and I got so scared" she looked like she was about to cry, Icarus felt sorry for her and placed himself between Athenus, the batter and Selena.
"everyone calm down, we just had two major attacks do we really want a third enemy?" He glared at teh batter but gave a soft look to his sister, silently her to relax, he knew he may seem reckless but this witch was not like Rori or the machine she didn't act malicious or aggressive,she had truly offered to help.
Selena meanwhile looked terrified she was shivering, holding her arms close to her body. She sniffled slightly, holding back tears.

Thialfi walked up to the witch, giving her the evil eye.

"That tall windbag healed us first, remember? Either make her go away or Mjolnir will. Don't test us on this." He held out his hammer, and hid behind Batter a bit. He really, really didn't want to get hexed today. Already way too many bad things happening so close together....

"Says the guy hiding from behind someone paralyzed." Icarus responded, he was having a pretty rough day, what with two vilains and this hothead
"Perhaps boy ,you should learn to pick your battles more wisely
Selena meanwhile was hiding behind Icarus she was visibly scared.
Electricity crackled from his fingers he looked ready to kill. his eye had once again became a diamond shape.
He flared out his wings making him look a bit more threatening
"Now I suggest you drop that ego before you get hurt, This witch has a lot ore trust going for her than Rori, Rori did appear dangerous. we just gave him a chance we do NOT let one bad decision ruin it for the rest of everyone. Don't test ME on this."
He was ready to Fight Thiafli if the foolish viking was too thick headed to listen.

Thialfi backed up a bit behind Batter when the witch did, before sighing and moving to look him dead in the eyes.

"Look at the ship, look at today, look at your damn self! This chick is clearly evil, don't be fooled by her hexes!" Thialfi tutted, and shook his head sagely at Icarus, before turning to the witch,

"Look, I was just VERY nice to the last guy, who JUST got done with his attempted mass murder. I got a bad feeling about you, we Norse have a lot of bad blood with your people. Come back tomorrow, okay? Let us rest up, and then we'll listen to your story." Thialfi reluctantly held out his hand for her to shake. He gave a glance back to Batter, keep your damned guard up, we might need to kill Icarus.

The witch looked in tears and walked out without a word she didn't give her name or anything. a few minutes later they saw her flying away on a broom she looked pretty sad she waved goodbye it looked like she was teary eyed before flying off in the distance Icarus let out a sigh.
"I just didn't want anyone to get hurt we're in no shape to fight, I assume Mjolnir drains your energy. Well actually I was hoping you were bluffing and just wanted to scare her and me, lets get the dawn fixed up."
The spell around batter broke apart as the witch flew away he was once again able to move Icarus walked out of the captains quarters his head hanging low.
The Rising dawn had several cleaning bots they had a sort of spider human appearance they had been repairing the holes caused it was slow putting in scraps of metal and welding them on. tthey were reapiring the vents and wires using all sorts of scraps it was slow but they were getting the job done on the floors they were also at teh engine room looking around for the circular gear. Icarus was on the outside balcony thinking is wings were out and flared wide making it hard to get close to him.

Batter stayed in the other room with Thialfi, testing out his limbs and seeing if the spell had completely worn off. "I don't think we can trust Icarus." he said to the Norseman, "He puts too much faith in everyone he comes across. You saw what happened, what if he lets another impurity onto the ship and tries to defend it again?"

Thialfi sighed, and sat down, unstraping his gauntlet.

"I don't know... but I got a bad feeling this ends with him dead." He slammed his bare fist on the floor. Whatever game that witch was playing, Thialfi would crush her if she gave even the slightest hint of danger.

"Batter, I need a rest. I'm going to let you borrow Mjolnir for awhile, to help with repairs and such. You should be able to handle it." He took off the hammer carefully, and laid it on the ground, and took off his belt. He tossed it to Batter, and laid down on the ground, instantly asleep.

The entire time, Athenus had kept herself in a ready stance to fight, sword drawn need be.. She didn't trust the witch one bit, and wasn't afraid to show it. Her strength wasn't yet back fully as she crashed into the dresser next to her, one crash that could be heard from the balcony.

"Shit..." The Demi angel said.

She used her sword to support herself along with her other arm to use pieces of furniture support herself as she made her ways to the balcony doors. "Icarus... I don't know what you are thinking right now, but I hope it is just rational..." Athenus said, standing in the doorway, leaning on it heavily and using it as a support. "You yourself said we were in no condition to fight, why did you trust her? You just met the girl and were already willing to give me something that came from her hands." His sister said, then looked at the ground. "I can only assume you'd of tried a tiny bit of the potion beforehand, but it could have been made so that a large dose of the stuff hurts, and not just a sip... And Godess only knows what she wanted with you, she stuck to you like a magnet."

"IF they do we will kick them off this ship IF they cause trouble and nothing else, Batter that means you don't attack someone at random, clear?" he said stepping through the door and sits down in a chair

Icarus had been thinking about the girl when his sister came staggering
"Are you alright?" he asked her, he moved close so he could support her, letting her lean on him.
"Actually I was thinking About mom and dad, My eye's still pestering me, Maybe Our parents might know what's wrong with my eye and maybe they can fix the problem. I just need to get into the void. I have an idea but I don't want to leave when we're in this state I'm going to get tat engine started. he got up Athenus leaned on him as they moved to the engine room
"How are ypu going to do that?"
Icarus didn't respond but she could notice a slight bit of static as if he had an electric charge.

Batter scowled. "I've been right this whole time, and yet you still don't trust my judgment? I even took your advice for once and didn't confront the metal man, and look what happened anyway." stepping over Thialfi, he sat down on the couch and sighed. "I will attack whoever appears to be impure, and nothing else."

"yes I do actually but you have be trustworthy and also on your guard then you make sure said person is impure because if you do what I think you gonna do about Icarus i will stop it and yeah the metal man left, he's gone and wouldn't be coming but he got what he wanted and he left"he said sits back in his chair

Viscus : Aperture Science

As he left the Airship to it's own devices, Viscus made his way over the strange coordinates that the transmission sent to him.
Within a few minutes, he had made his way to the entrance of the labs:

Not waiting for a welcoming party, he began to remotely access the labs defences and disable them from the inside.

"Then we're in agreement. I won't attack anyone right away, including Icarus, but in return you have to listen to me." he remembered he had Thialfi's hammer and set it down next to the sleeping demigod.

"agreed" he said getting up and walking over to a little bar in the room and two shot glasses and bottle of vodka "you drink?" he said offering a shot glass

Icarus reached the engine room the machines had repaired the damage and replaced the sphere-gear.
Icarus placed both hands on the engine, his fingers crackled with electricity.
"Gonna have to pulse it to ensure an even charge" he said focusing his electricity it rushed from his fingers pulsed into the engine. the ship reacted to this charge being sent into it the ship had a strong Tesla coil which created a massive crage but being in sleep mode and with the damage was having trouble doing so.
the Dawn came back to life its lights went to full power the engines began to turn with power and the Tesla Core awoke the engines hummed with energy, the canteen medical bay and all the facilities came on and active.
Icarus had used a lot of energy he pulled out the microphone
"Attention passengers, the We are now fully activated lets go some where away from here." with that he slumped his way to the lounge, he had put Athenus down there and he sat beside her her the Demi-angels were exhausted.
Icarus fell asleep in seconds

Damn, can't even make some calibrations to the guns on this ancient ship, and something already seems to be making some racket. He was still trying to get the layout for this ship, he found himself on.

This place is like a maze, I will need to find a map and memorize it soon. While walking down the hallways, the lights flickered once, and then turned fully on. Well that helps some. He figured that getting to the command center of the ship would give him some answers to the ruckus and new-found power. While walking down another hallway, he saw that some robots were making repairs to the floor and ceiling.

Crap, I must have missed a good fight. Once he made it to the command center, he saw that to no avail, no one was in there. Damn, maybe they are having drink or something. He thought sarcastically. He then made his way to the lounge (He remembered bumping into it on his way to the weapons station.) He walked through the door and noticed that three strangers were inside the room; a kid in strange tunics and cloths, a male that looked to be wearing a uniform of what humans called "baseball" and an older male that was wearing clothes that were as strange as the kid's.

Well this is new. Garrus decided to play it off and try not to act hostile towards the strangers, "Look, I was in the middle of some calibrations and heard a whole bunch of noise and action. I don't suppose any of you know what that was about?"

"Sure." Batter got up and joined David. He was about to take a drink when he spotted another newcomer in the doorway. Before he could say anything, the creature spoke first:

"Look, I was in the middle of some calibrations and heard a whole bunch of noise and action. I don't suppose any of you know what that was about?"

Batter's eyes flicked to David, then back to the...thing. He remembered his promise though, and he downed his vodka before he spoke. "We were attacked by several things today: a demon kid and his army of spectres, and a metal man who blew apart one of the engines. Are you here to attack us as well?"

"Look, I was in the middle of some calibrations and heard a whole bunch of noise and action. I don't suppose any of you know what that was about?"

Bumps, yelling, arguments, and now this guy. Thialfi woke up, slightly ticked off. He stared at the new guy with confusion, before slowly putting on his gauntlet. He held out his hand, Mjolnir came flying to him... And then took him with through the wall.

'Oh, right, belt...' Thialfi let go of the hammer, and drew his sword.

"New guy, again?! Do we just attract weird people?" Thialfi shook his head, and climbed back through the hole.

David looked at the alien men and then at the bottle of Vodka he was holding and then back at the alien man again and at the bottle again and then sighs "i'm gonna need a bigger bottle" he said chucking the bottle aside and getting out one the size of his head "there we go, this is the stuff" he said and turned to the alien man "you friend or foe?" he said pouring a glass of vodka and downs very quickly

Icarus stirred from the ruckus
"Guys come on I just got the Dawn moving I really needed a na-" he saw Garrus he tried to take a solid stand his hands ready to charge up a bolt
"OK pal One false move and your angel-" ah who am I kidding" he slumped and fell back asleep. His wings had flared for a moment before disappearing again though Garrus did get a good look at his black wings before they faded away and he returned to sleeping, this time on the floor.

"Hm let's see." Garrus looked toward the baseball player, "Attack you? No, I don't exactly feel like dying today."

"New guy, again?! Do we just attract weird people?"

"Wait a minute, your a kid in bathroom robes and using flying hammers, and you're calling me weird? Granted I may be an alien to you people, but still.

"I'm a friend." Garrus then looked at the bottle of vodka. "Vodka, huh? I heard that was some strong stuff, though no where near as bad as some drinks on Omega." The boy with apparently black wings jump up and fall back down asleep. "Hmm, well it's not like I haven't seen anything weirder. Look, I'm not gonna start trouble, I kinda like my body right now. Sorry if I made you guys a little jumpy."

"I'm so delusional I'm seeing Garrus fucking Valarian on our ship..." Athenus said, getting turned to by everyone in the room. "Ok... I'm not just seeing him then... He's from a universe called mass effect. Good soldier and trustworthy one as well..." She said, still a bit weak and tired. "Take my word on this one, he's cool." She said to them.

"oh really?? well how about you grab a chair and we'll have ourselves a drinking contest between you, me and Batter here" he said pointing at Batter and offered Garrus a shot glass "we'll see if Vodka isn't as strong as the drinks on Omega like you say or not" he said pouring himself and Batter another glass

"Thanks for backing me up," Garrus replied turning towards the new voice. He saw that she was also dressed in strange attire, and that she was also a kid. "Well, my universe uses mass effect for our technology, but my universe being called mass effect, I'm not sure. It would be the first time I've heard it."

Garrus then walked over to the bar, grabbed the shot glass and downed it quickly, "Alright, I'm game, but a fair warning, I'm known for being able to gulp them down like a krogan."

"a fair warning accepted and i also warn you that me holding my liquiker is more legendary than Richard Harris and Charlie Sheen, i repeat Charlie. Sheen." he said downing the shot glass and then pouring another for himself and Garrus

Thialfi sheathed his sword again. A sterling recommendation from the person who kicked him in the head, might as well go with it for now. Besides, drinking.

"Hello, Norse deity here? We seriously don't have water in Asgard, it's just milk and mead. Guess which one I prefer." The boy hopped onto a stool next to his new alien pal, and did a few quick swivels.

"I'll have what he's having. Just more of it."

"alright but you asked for it" he said pulling out a small glass and fills it with full of vodka which Thialfi probably doesn't know about "this is some of the strong stuff we got, on my world we call it vodka, it can knock someone flat out if" he said pausing to down his own glass "said person isn't use to it"

Garrus downed another shot of vodka, "OK, it has some kick to it, but let me tell you, you will have my full respect if you can down more than three shots of Ryncol before falling flat on the floor." He then turned to the kid that popped a squat in the stool next to him.

"Norse deity? I've heard humans talk about some guys named Thor, Loki, and Odin. I'm assuming you aren't one of them. Wait, are you even old enough to drink?"

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