Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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Steven looked back at Prometheus in horror as the Titan seemed to completely lose his mind. In the chaos, Steven didn't even notice that several had decided to try to fly off, so Steven went to help Able get the cockpit door down. Steven grabbed the hinges, feeling for the weak points.

"It opens towards us!" Steven said to able, "The hinges are here and here."

Steven pointed at two points roughly a third from the top and the bottom of the door.

"Hit there and then pull!"

Friends, relatives, fellow Gods. Let's not be so hasty to leave. The captain here would appreciate if you all remained in your seats until the flight ends. I think well take a rather sharp dive into Rome, don't you? Maximum casualties and all that.

That really got to Remus. It wasn't enough that an entire plane of people had just been slaughtered, but now that demon in the cockpit was hoping to murder even more. He could feel his muscles contracting as his temper rose. "There is no way this plane is crashing into Rome. No fucking way." he told himself.

He whipped around when he felt something touch him on the shoulder. Remus was mildly relieved to see it was Able and not some creature which had sneaked up on them. The mute gave him and Etna a quick look before dashing across the room, slamming himself against the cockpit door. "Now there's a plan I can get behind."

Shortly after Dan approached him on horseback. "Remus. Take this, go to the cockpit with Aria. I know she has spells for combat. Don't worry about the plane, I have an idea." Remus grabbed the sword and stared at it. "The hell am I supposed to do with this? What does he think I am, a centurion?" He took the blade nevertheless. No point in declining a weapon, even if its usefulness was dwindled in his hands. Someone like Nicole or Etna would probably be better off with it.

Then he heard Steven bellow some helpful advice. "It opens towards us! The hinges are here and here. Hit there and then pull!" Remus approached the cockpit and began assisting Able with opening it up. He swung his sword at the hinges, striking them and causing shattered metal to scatter. No point in punching them and getting his knuckles hurt when he had a weapon. Remus then grabbed onto the portions he slashed apart and began pulling his all his might.

Prometheus tore Able away from the door, leaving a human-impression, but not opening it. He was very, very mad.

"Are you trying to get us all killed!"

Then, upon hearing Stevens instructions, Remus destroyed the door, opening the cockpit, before receiving a rather sharp kick, sending him sprawling, but unharmed.

Inside the cockpit, the airhostess' headless body lay twitching on the ground. The captain was standing above her, holding the head by a bloody stump. He turned it towards the group, and from his mouth came her voice.

Talk about a rude interruption. We were just getting to know eachother.

The captain stepped out of the cockpit, dropping the head, and began to shimmer. His body transformed; from a brown-haired American pilot to an elongated, blonde-haired elf-figure. His nose and chin protruded grotesquely, and he was dressed in some semblance of a jesters outfit, minus the hat. His long hair fell to his chest.

Prometheus stepped forward, placing himself between the God and the less imposing members of the group.

Upon seeing Dan and Sleipner, he clicked his fingers. The horse froze solid, unable to move.

Uh uh uh, Daddy knows best!

"Daddy?" She said looking to Dan's mount, now frozen in place "Then you must be Loki, I'd ask why your helping the drunken god of weak as drink, but from what I read, that'd be kinda pointless" she said as she made ready to defend her self, though not totally sure how effective it would be against a full fledged god, let alone a 'trickster god'.

Dan felt Sleipnir freeze beneath him, and felt the pressure hit. Hard. It only lasted a second, maybe two thanks to Vera, but it was quite draining. Dan growled, de-summoning Sleipnir. With luck, he'd be on his feet again in a little while. In the meantime, this Jester was already annoying him.

Uh uh uh, Daddy knows best!

"Hm, and who is this one now? Prepare yourself for a trip to Hel!" Dan placed his two fingers on his eyelid, and summoned. He opened the eye, and blinked a few times, it was weird having the feeling back. The eye was pale blue, with a serpents pupil at it's center, several veins around the eye began bulging. Dan barely noticed.

He could see through everyone, see the twitch of their muscle tissue, the activity of their blood and brains. The God was haywire, insane, barely readable. But he could see his attacks coming from miles away. This fight will be easy.

Dan dashed forward, not near as fast as Vera could be, but moving like a serpent, ready to dodge any attacks as they came. He made a fist, knuckles whitening, preparing for one devastating deck to the grill.

People had started getting even more desperate, and completely ignored what not just he, but other's proposed. In a matter of seconds, they had opened the door to the cabin and the cockpit, even thought whatever had killed the passengers was in there. Andrew frowned.

Fucking... Idiots. I'm going to get killed because of these idiots. Great.

"Are you trying to get us all killed!"

If so, I believe they just succeeded.

What were they to do? There had to be a god in there, right? Andrew realized that no one was moving, just looking towards the cockpit. From inside it, someone looking like the captain arrive, only to be carrying the head of the hostess. This person changed into a person with long blonde hair in a jesters outfit. Prometheus stepped in between them, a sort of protection, but it wasn't likely to last long. Whoever it was snapped their fingers, making Sleipnir freeze.

Uh uh uh, Daddy knows best!

Don't you mean mommy?

If there was one thing Andrew had actually bothered to remember from Norse mythology, it was the fact that one of them had actually given birth to a horse. While being male themselves. It was such an silly idea that it had stuck with him, as well as the name of the god who had done so.

Loki, right? Now I know who I'm getting killed by. Although, Loki was supposed to be trickster kind. Someone is bound to start yelling at him, I might be able to catch his interest with a question before he slaughters us all. A long shot, but...

"So, unless I'm mistaken, you're Loki, right? How did you manage to... do this? And why?" He sounded calm and confident, yet not threatening. "If you're going to horribly murder us, you can at least answer that."

Hopefully this could buy some time for other people to act.

From the corner of his eye, Andrew could see Dan moving. Did he really think he could punch a god to death? However, Andrew stayed calm, if only because he deemed it necessary to do so.

"Are you trying to get us all killed!"

"If we are going to land the plane, we need to..." Steven started, before he heard the door get knocked over and then heard Remus get knocked over. Steven helped to help get Remus up.

Steven turned back to the cockpit, seeing the pilot turn into some perverted version of a jester.

"Uh uh uh, Daddy knows best!"

"Great, a new god to deal with..."

As soon as the door opened, Vera went into action to keep the cabin pressurized per the plan. Then, with a few words from the enemy, the plan was dead. Without Sleipnir, she couldn't do much to affect the plane.

Dan was among the first to recover, moving to attack the enemy god. "Well... this is fun." Vera thought as she redoubled her efforts to keep the plane pressurized. Seeing Dan's new, impromptu plan in action, she waited until a second before Dan was to strike, then used her wind to give him a greater push and tried to pull the pilot god toward Dan - hoping to amplify the power of that punch.

Dan's punch phased through the apparition, sending him throttling into the cockpit. Seven different Loki's then materialized into the room, each laughing manically.

"Son of Odin; why am I not surprised to see you here? And you!"

The Loki's pointed towards Able. The lights flickered, and then went out. The plane began to decelerate.

"Vidarr was quite the opponent in battle, I wonder if you'll prove the same!."

They all laughed, a terrifying chuckle, before one of them made a mad dash towards Aria, putting her in a headlock. The other apparitions shimmered, producing mirror Aria's of their own, that copied each of her actions exactly. It was impossible to tell the difference.

They addressed Andrew with a mocking tone.

"The God of Plenty has promised to fast-track my sons succession, and Odin's timely demise. And I can't have you lot getting the way now can I?"

Prometheus was confused, but focused on Steven.

"Can you get to the cockpit and fly this thing?"

"Can you get to the cockpit and fly this thing?"

"I never tried to touch understand anything this big before..." Steven said, "I'll try, keep the clown off me!"

Steven ran to the cockpit, put on the headphones and took the controls. Steven was hit like a truck, feeling EVERY system, all the hydraulics, the fuel injection, the turbines of the jets, EVERYTHING.

Still, Steven managed to avoid blacking out from the information overload. Steven reach out, flipped a few switches, and pulled on the throttle to slightly level the flight. Autopilot was dead, the pilots wheel was gone, and several of the switches. However, the clown obviously didn't have the greatest grasp on aircraft design and had left most of the important switches in place, and the navigation and radio was still in tact.

"Help!" Steven said to the radio, "This is flight..."

Steven quickly pulled out his ticket and checked the flight label.

"Alitalia 5235, we have had a massive terrorist attack on this plane," Steven made up, "Most of the passengers are dead, pilot, co-pilot, AND autopilot have been ripped to pieces, I need assistance to find a place to land this plane, do you copy? over?"

Aria yelped in surprise as Loki grabbed her 'Right, god, he can teleport to' "Does it bother you that actor who played you in those movies, did a better job making you seem imposing then your actually doing right now? Just asking cause you seem to have seen Thor and the Avengers" she smirked as she very abruptly blasted the trickster god in the side with a short ranged, but rather potent blast to the kidneys.

Dan noticed a shift in brain activity, he was going to use a power! Dan tried to stop himself, but felt pushed along, into a sort of tackle.

'Teamwork!' He thought, landing painfully on the ground. The eye was useful, but for now but he should have used a different one. Still, it was a gift of Mimir and the well, a part of his brain knew that. He probably had quite the range, but for now he would focus on kicking this gods ass.

Dan looked over his shoulder, in time to see the clones grab Aria. He felt himself giving way to rage, slightly, but gained control of himself. Physical attacks wouldn't do, and though he knew which one was the true Aria, he needed to play the fool.

"Wait, stop!" Dan stood up, and started strafing opposite the door, hostility in his stance, "Don't you dare hurt her! If the entrails of your children can't make you behave, we'll have to come up with something new, won't we?"

Dan flashed a look towards the one on the far left, the true Aria. He wiped his nose, towards the door. He shot several glances at it, Loki would catch onto him trying to get close to it... But did he know Aria could teleport? All she had to do was get him there, then Vera could take over... 'Please catch on, please!'

"Perhaps we won't allow your little friend to visit anymore, Loki. Just you and the venom, until the end of time. Think, you insufferable twit, Dio CAN'T win. The story of Ragnorak insures our victory in this. Fight the damned madness, and we will ease up on you punishment!" Dan watched in horror as Aria did the exact opposite thing he wanted her to do. Now there was just a pissed off deity, and they had no weapons.

'Whelp, my only regret is that I won't have a funeral.'

He gave it his all and bit down at the throbbing pain in his shoulder and pressed on. He'd almost totally stopped thinking by this point, all that was going through his head was the tiny plan he'd tried to make. Get in, get the thing out, guard the captain. If he couldn't break the door down Remus could. Once they got in the two of them could lure it out. If the pilot was panicking or she could throw whatever they were facing through a loop like she did with Gaia and he and Remus could take it out while it was stunned. That could work... right?

Just as he was working himself up into a state of confidence Able was whipped away by a fiery eyed Prometheus. "Are you trying to get us all killed!" The look he gve Able could have turned someone to stone. As stunned as he was the world carried on around them and Remus pried the door open only to be sent flying for his trouble. NO!

So it was the Pilot? Their attacker rippled like water and turned into someone else before their very eyes. And then there were more of them. "And you!" They all screeched, pointing at him. "Vidarr was quite the opponent in battle, I wonder if you'll prove the same!." Before he could react it was on Aria and then they all were, it was like looking at a demented house of mirrors.

Oh god Abe what have you done? No! He couldn't fall apart now he had to do something. They were dealing with Loki that much was obvious, he even looked freakishly like the pictures from some of the older books he'd read. How could he use that? He had to have some weaknesses.

For now Able had to work out which one was the real Loki. Aria wasn't going to be anyone's damsel in distress and was about to let her flames show why. Abe moved through the isles, trying to find the most tactical spot so that he could reach as many Loki's as possible, as quickly as possible. Now he just had to find his tell.

Things started happening very quickly, she caught someone saying the god was Loki, a name she recognized, good thing I went to see Thor and Avengers I guess... Seems this one picked up some tricks from the movies too, I doubt the direct approach will work on a trickster god. She still felt panicked, but that seemed to be buried now, the same sense of calm from the satyr fight filled her. Still there was little she could do against a god, especially in these confined spaces. Little I could do to him, but maybe I can help the others against the confusion. A warm glow flowed from her to the others in the room, a blessing of victory and strength for each of them, hopefully the sense of luck, of being on a path to victory would help them.

Still there wasn't much else, she moved over to Andrew remembering that he was still hurt from the last fight, and stood by him. I wouldn't do much good engaging Loki, but I can keep him away from the people who can't fight.


"The God of Plenty has promised to fast-track my sons succession, and Odin's timely demise. And I can't have you lot getting the way now can I?"

Andrew was about to give an answer, just something to keep the conversation going. However, Dan and Aria started taunting Loki instead, making threats and boasting, before trying to offer a deal. Andrew didn't know much about Ragnarok, but something told him that it wasn't as simple as following a story.

Besides, messing around like this isn't going to help anyone. You're lucky if he doesn't just snap your neck.

Nicole moved in front of him as if to protect him. She had to remember he was still hurt. Andrew wasn't sure whether or not saying anything would help now, but he decided not to because Nicole was there. No reason to bring attention to the two of them like that. He looked over at Etna, checking if she was trying to use her power yet. Steven was trying to fly the plane, Loki might not attack him yet, but it was still a risky move.

She better calm him down, since I do believe he's not going to be very happy just about now.

Remus grunted as he felt a kick slam into his chest. The blow didn't hurt much, but was enough to knock him off his feet. As Steven helped him back up, Remus saw the decapitated body and shape-shifting captain that laid within the cockpit. The God that appeared before them appeared more comical than intimidating, yet the bloody work which he had done with the airline's passengers proved that he would be more than a fleeting threat. With his knowledge of mythology limited to the antiquity, Remus didn't realize who the God was supposed to be. But judging from what others were saying, it seemed he was a Norse deity called Loki.

"He doesn't look too strong. I could probably snap him like a twi-" Remus' train of thought was halted when Loki created multiple apparations of himself. "Well there goes that plan. Damned sorcery." Smoke and mirrors always proved to be a surprisingly effective counter against brute strength.

He then saw Steven move into the pilot's seat, taking control of the plane and barking into the comms about a terrorist attack. A wave of relief washed over Remus. Now there was a way for the entire group to get out of this mess safely. Remus made his way over to Steven, turning around and guarding his back. He held his sword tight and clenching the fingers on his other hand into a fist. He wasn't going to let a scratch get on Steven - the lives of everyone aboard counted on that.

"What? I am having a hard time understanding..." Steven said to the radio. The control tower Steven was talking to was staffed by men who spoke English, since that is the international language of air travel is English. However, the thick accent and the person's grasp of English was fully complete made communications difficult.

"Yes, terrorists, like the twin towers," Steven said slowly, "I don't know why they did it, they were screaming something about a... what is the God of wine... Yes! Dionysus. They said they were doing killing everyone for Dionysus... Where can we land? Lamezia Terme... thank you! Excuse me we got turbulence, I need to concentrate."

Steven took off the head phones off for a second and turned back. He saw Remus guarding the cockpit and patted Rermuses shoulder in thanks.

"The good news is we have a land destination, going to be on the ground in the hour if everything goes well," Steven yelled, "We will have to answer some awkward questions when we land. Tell me if you suddenly need a sudden shift in the plane to throw the clown off!"

Steven turned back forward, put the headphones back on and concentrated on flying.

Loki grimaced as Aria's blast shredded his side. He was hurt, and in that moment the apparitions flickered, singling his real form up against the cabin door. He threw Aria to the ground, before raising his hands at Dan.

Give my regards to the Frost Giants, Spawn of Odin!

The air quivered from the Gods fingertips, streaming towards Dan; powerful and old magic. Just as it reached him, the shadow of a raven enveloped him; and Dan was gone. The blast struck the cabin; tilting the plane wildly, Loki screaming at the loss of his target.

The plane tilted back, now prompted for landing at Lamezia Terme. Prometheus heard Steven, and called back.

"No! We need to get to Sicily! Cancel that!"

He turned to where he thought Vera was, keeping an eye on the seething Loki.

"Can you get outside and keep the plane going?"

There was too much going on; the Titan was no field commander. Loki whipped past him, knocking him to his feet, and charged at Andrew and Nicole, magic pulsing at his fingers.

Aria bounced hard off the floor, hard enough she missed Dan vanishing but not enough to miss where the real Loki was.

She was hurting, the way she landed had hurt her shoulder, and bad enough she didn't wanna move that arm around much. Still she teleported behind Loki and again focusing on keeping the burst short ranged, drilled him in the back, about dead center on his torso with what looked like an aether lance, that started at her elbow and extended a good 5 feet past her knuckles

Loki was running towards him and Nicole, and Andrew didn't know what to do.

"Fuck," he muttered, stepping out of the way and dragging Nicole with him. It probably wouldn't do much apart from give them another moment, and barely that. It also hurt like hell. Honestly, he wasn't able to think straight, his mind running through all the different outcomes, but not giving him a safe one.

"Wait, stop! Time-out." Why was he saying this? To buy time again? Or was he panicking? Could he be scared?

Impossible. That's not it.

"I give up, okay? I wouldn't be of much use, but I can join you people, if it means you won't kill me." He sounded more confident than his words was, but Andrew continued, without looking at any of the other people. "Really, I don't care which side wins either way, as long as I'm on it. And I can heal people, or poison them, whatever fits you the most." He sounded more cold and collected now, as well as selfish. However, no matter how convincing his tone was, he was still lying. Not that anyone in the room could spot that, he had some serious explaining to do later.

Andrew doubted Loki would do much to consider it. But it was probably surprising enough for them to win yet a small, small amount of time.

What am I waiting for?

He didn't know. His mind went to Etna and her magic, but his eyes stayed on Loki's, not flickering a second. If they did, he might see through his bluff.

What is taking Etna so long time? Does this mean she can't control gods? Or was I mistaken about her powers?

Because, she was trying to make Loki give up, right?

"Can you get outside and keep the plane going?" Prometheus asked in her general direction.

At the time, Vera was at the open door, trying to keep the cabin pressurized. Guessing the Titan was talking to her, she used her wind power to slam the door shut - hoping someone would get the idea to latch it closed afterward. Thereafter, she took to the sky; using her wind to keep the plane moving forward and in the air.

Dan vanished and Loki started charging at them, Nicole braced herself trying to remember a throw she had learned, it's easy just use their weight and momentum against them, I can do this. She would have to question what happened to Dan later, but at least given how Loki had reacted he was probably safe. Things were lining up and then Andrew grabbed her from behind pulling her to the side.

"I give up, okay? I wouldn't be of much use, but I can join you people, if it means you won't kill me."

OH YOU ASSHOLE! Her wings expanded behind her, shoving Andrew off of her, they were out of Loki's path just barely now but that wouldn't help for long, out of the corner of her eye she saw Aria appear behind the god and attempt to blast him, maybe that will at least stagger him. She threw out one of her legs back into the aisle to try and trip Loki as he ran at them, if he stumbled it would work even better. Lets hope I'm lucky, I usually am.

Steven felt the blast, having a hard time regaining control. The blast had ruptured a fuel line

"No! We need to get to Sicily! Cancel that!"

"I am not even sure I can get this to land in Italy anymore! DON'T LET HIM HIT THE PLANE AGAIN!" Steven yelled back, before putting on the headphones.

"Control tower, I have just had some kind of explosion," Steven said, trying to remain calm, "I cannot make a landing at Lamezia Terme, the steering is sluggish, the plane is tilting off course, and I am losing altitude, I am going to have to bring it down in the Mediterranean! I will try to get it somewhere near the shore of Italy, do you copy over?"

A whisper escaped her mouth, "The fuck?"

Trickster gods and an even trickier Andrew. What was he doing switching sides? Well, enough about him. They had larger problems to deal with. Etna took deep breaths, fighting the feeling of panic and helplessness. Now what was it that trickster gods ran on? Wits, confidence and a flair for the theatrical. That, and probably unadulterated stubbornness. There was only one thing to do. Loki was certain of his victory, confidence streamed like a raging waterfall. Time to stop the flow. No doubt she would have no control how Loki would react. But she had to try. Etna was tired of feeling useless.

Uncertainty and fear coursed into his mind. Whether it would take was another matter...

Loki slowed as Andrew was shoved out of the way by Nicole. The searing magic at his back compelled him forward, but he felt resistance in Andrew's words. As if they carried some aether weight. He was confused; unsure. He could not grasp at any thoughts; they seemed to come and go. But not for long.

His eyes focused and he spat.

"Celtic Mistress! You cannot trick a trickster!"

With a flick of the hand, he pinned everyone in the cabin against the plane wall; their limbs frozen, their bodies contorting in pain. All save Remus and Steven were pinned. And Vera, who was supporting the plane, which was running low on fuel.

Able seemed in the least amount of pain, still somewhat able to push through the magic with sheer might. Prometheus had an idea.

"Nicole! Give Able your strength! You need to get the door open Able!"

Prometheus struggled against the wall, trying to crane his neck towards Remus. If Remus could just hold his attention for long enough.

Casting a sidelong glance at Andrew, he grinned, though still in pain. His bluff had slowed Loki, but now he was going to have to take action. Andrew was going to have to put a lot of faith in the titan.

"I give up, okay? I wouldn't be of much use, but I can join you people, if it means you won't kill me." Remus stared at Andrew in stunned silence at this. "Did I really just hear what I think I heard?" Andrew wouldn't really betray the group like this in the middle of a life-or-death situation, would he? "Maybe he's just bluffing..." The doctor's tone certainly seemed more cold than panicky.

Yet Remus didn't have much time to linger on his confusion. Loki had pinned most of the others against the walls with some vile magic. Luckily he and Steven had not been affected for whatever reason. Prometheus barked an order to Nicole and then turned to face Remus, expecting him to act now. When Loki glanced at Andrew he broke into a charge. Remus ran towards the God with his sword raised up, swinging it high towards Loki's head. It was a rather obnoxious attack which Loki would no doubt spot and counter with ease. Yet with his other hand, Remus formed a fist and aimed to strike low. As the feign sword lashed out, he threw a punch forward aimed at the God's groin.

Loki raised his arm to block the sword, yet from out of seemingly nowhere Remus' fist collided with his groin. Loki was a god, but he was also a man. Doubled in pain, ice-crystals formed and dropped around him, denoting extreme hate and seething rage. But it was enough, and as the group dropped from the wall, Prometheus hoisted Andrew by the collar and spoke.

"Whatever energy you have left in you, now is the time. Paralyze him."

Still holding Andrew aloft, he shouted at Able and Remus.

I hope Nicole's shifted that blessing; otherwise we're all fucked.

"Get the door open now. Everyone else secure yourself. Aria! Get ready to jump!"

Loki, weakened by his pain, somewhat succumbed to Etna's magic, confused and dazed, wallowing on the floor. Yet the mist coming off him was ice-cold; cold enough to freeze water solid, and Prometheus had to place a lot of trust in Aria.

They were all going to be very tired after this.

Nicole had pushed him away with her wings, clearly upset over what he had said. Of course, this wasn't going to be easy for him, if they did survive. He had shown them a side he'd rather hide, and even lied so that it seemed worse.

That doesn't matter. It's useful, but I don't need them to like me.

Still, some part of him felt both relieved and disappointed he had to shed his mask so soon. He didn't get a lot of time to consider this, though.

Loki seemed to have been confused by what Andrew said, although Etna's magic was clearly part of the reason he seemed to hesitate. Aria also seemed to have attacked the god. It had given them a bit more time, although they were soon pinned to the wall. It was painful, his ribs hurt, the rest of his body did too. He had a difficulty breathing, but his mind still went through what was happening, as he had no other choice but to stay there.

Damn it... but he hesitated. It had an effect.

Prometheus grinned at Andrew, had he noticed he was bluffing? To him, was there anything else to do than to continue his lies?

It's not like we can do anything else. Not like I can do anything else.

"S-so that's a no then? You sure?" Andrew said. He grinned, obviously in pain from the sound of his voice and facial expression. He had to sound confident, he had to keep it up, although, most of all, he just wanted to be gone from there. Andrew still doubted he could trick Loki, but who knew?

However, he never got the chance to find out, as Remus attacked Loki, and the grip on them was released.

Thank god.

However, Prometheus lifted Andrew up by his collar, it wasn't over for him yet. It didn't help on his injuries.

"Whatever energy you have left in you, now is the time. Paralyze him."

"Y-yeah." Was he trusting him? Or not trusting him? To Andrew, right now, it didn't matter. He gathered what he had regained of magic, and, when Prometheus let go of him, he went over and used his abilities to paralyze Loki. The god was cold, extremely so, Andrew wasn't sure if his hand was going to be fine after that. Still, he made sure that Loki was as paralyzed as he could make him, before securing himself by holding onto a seat further away from the door.

I was of some use, right?

"Nicole! Give Able your strength! You need to get the door open Able!"

I did that already, wait maybe its weaker when dispersed? Nike had taught her how to use the blessing when she had revealed her powers, but she had never actually used the ability before now. She focused, concentration became easier when Remus's blow let them drop from the wall, she wasn't sure what Prometheus had planned but she had a feeling it was a good idea.

"Get the door open now. Everyone else secure yourself. Aria! Get ready to jump!"

The blessing shifted, an intense aura of golden light forming around Able filling him with strength and luck. Lets hope this works. She grabbed tight to the nearest seat, her wings wrapped themselves around another, though she doubted they could hold on terribly tight.

Everything seemed to be happening at once. The plane was quickly being turned into Loki's personal rollercoaster as Able and the others were lurched back and forth by the rapid movements. Before he could do anything about it though Able, and the others, were sent flying. It was like being run over by a brick wall as the full frontal force knocked the wind out of him. For a moment it was like his body wasn't his own, it felt like he was being wrenched apart by invisible bonds. It felt violating but whatever nordic instinct lived in Able gave him enough stubborn strength to fight back, his body resisting the ethereal force that was surrounding him.

Luckily Remus swooped in just in time to get them out of it, dropping Abe to the ground with a thump. He scrambled to his feet, rushing to complete the titan's orders. He had no idea what they wer up to but it wasn't like a straight fight was doing them any good.

Able made a B-line for the door, as he saw Andrew moving to Loki and the others readying themselves for what was about to happen. Everything else seemed to be happening a lot slower all of a sudden and his feet felt lighter, the world seemed brighter. Able made it to the door in good time, in great time!

Why do I feel like going for a run right now? Huh.

The door was pretty beat up and jammed shut tight but that was okay. Abe was more than strong enough to open it. Easy peasy. He chirped to himself. He bet he could bench press that door, he felt great! It was like the whole fight hadn't even happened, he was so fresh. Able gripped the handle.

Okay, let's do this. Brace yourselves everybody! This was gunna be great.

Able wrenched the door open, letting he cold in and the air out.

Oh this is immediately not great!... I can still do it though... DAMN I feel positive!

Aria took a deep breath as the door opened, she'd never 'ported any one with her before, but that didn't matter, she felt, no knew she could.

Aria vanished, appeared and grabbed Loki around the neck, vanished again, reappeared by the door, threw the God off the plane, teleporting once more behind a table that was nailed down and held on till Able closed the door. She hoped she wouldn't have to do that again, teleporting more then just her self really took it out of her, as such she was breathing pretty hard as she held on to the table.

Prometheus was confused; it was all over so soon. He had intended to throw Andrew at Loki, paralyzing him, then have Aria teleport him back in.

Prometheus looked at Andrew, taking a serious tone.

"Well, that worked out better than I expected. Your safe for now Andrew. I hope for your sake your offers of allegiance were a ruse."

He laughed from relief; they were alive, and Loki was hurtling at a rather alarming speed towards the earth. Taking a quick survey of the group, he asked.

"Is everyone alright?"

Then turning to the cockpit.

"How's the plane? Still holding?"

Sitting himself down, Prometheus quietly poured over what had happened. He suspected that Dan had been taken by Odin; for some reason or another. Perhaps the rivalry between Loki and the God had proved too much, and would not have his pride hurt by the loss of a son.

Drinking heavily and finishing the bottle, the Titan laughed again. Despite life-threatening danger and sarcastic, spiteful youths, he was indeed having a lot of fun.

Aria sat down and caught her breath "Where's Dan?" Aria asked after looking around and not seeing him.

After Loki had been thrown out of the airplane, Remus let out a heavy relieved breath. He was feeling great now - partially because they had managed to handle such an incredibly dangerous encounter without casualty, and partially because punching a God so hard he cried made for a damned invigorating feeling. "Is everyone alright?" At this Remus shook his fist into the air. "Fuck yeah. Radical." he replied, bringing his hand back down.

Looking over the rest of the group, he was pleased to see none of them seemed injured. Although something did seem off, like something was missing. Aria realized before him what that something was. "Where's Dan?" Remus' eyes widened and he ran to the other end of the corridor. He began frantically looking around corners and scanning the area for any sign of the demigod. "Shit! Fuck! Where is he?!" Internally he prayed to Mars that Dan hadn't been lost during the fight.

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