Protectors of the Crystals, a Final Fantasy RP (Dead)

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The sensation of the floor vibrating beneath his feet was not something the Black Mage thought he may adjust to. The large hat was bouncing slightly, and his mask was slowly sliding off; on occasion he had to readjust it so it did not fall. Protocol dictated that it was never to fall off; 'no-one but no-one is allowed to see your face.' as one Arcanist said. That said turbulence was making it so difficult that he had to keep a gloved hand on the mask to keep it safely on as he climbed the stairway to the top deck.

Another sensation braced him as he reached the top, seeing the open skies and the congested tower structures just one story above his head. He walked up to the railing to observe the surroundings. Six minutes would pass and he would walk to the other side to stare for another six minutes. At times, he would turn his head or place his hand against his brow; the Black Mage was not quite sure of the significance of those gestures, but that was protocol. Before he reached the railings, his ears picked up some sort of movement. He cocked his head to the left and noticed one walled off chamber. His head tilted at the sight in case there were people watching. A question entered his head about why would there be a room on the deck where the entire area appeared unsafe. A minute passed and protocol dictated that he needed to go to the other deck and keep his focus on the horizon.

Six more minutes pass and it was time to go below deck. The scent of sulphur, saltpeter, and coal wafted in his nose...

"Mira-kiiins, you're crushing me against your aarmooor..." Lilianna complained. She was a full head shorter than Mira, technically, but not if you included her horns. "I'm just joking around, kinda, but its the next thing I expected you to go do. Go get married to some stuffy uniform. Captain Highwind, I believe we should get married and produce offspring" she wiggled Chocho in front of Mira's face, trying to mimic what she assumed a stuffy high ranking uniform sounded like. "And you would be all like, Oh yes, Captain, post haste! That is indeed a magnificent idea. For the glory of the crystals!" For some reason, she used the same voice, but it didn't matter. "Sides, you haven't exactly written in a while. Its like you hate shore leave. I'm never even sure you got half my letters." She wiggled out of Mira's grasp after returning the hug. "Buuut now that I see your cabin, there's not much space for martial relations."

She tossed Chocho on the fabric covered metal. "When I heard you were going to be leading this, I just had to sign up. Not to mention it's way more exciting than standing on a wall throwing rocks at the monsters that come too close. We're gonna be on the offense this time! You have a pretty motley group to take care of too. Figured someone had to be here to say "Yes, Captain!" and "How high, Captain!" when you say jump."

She gave one last squeeze as Lilianna slipped away, then sighed, beginning to put up her gear her helmet on the desk, her halberd against the wall. "After Captain Aleran made Admiral we had to split, regulations and all. Since then I haven't had a lot of prospects, most men either gawp at me or are always on the verge of wetting themselves. Not great relationship foundation. " She dropped into her chair. "I don't hate shore leaae! I..." She trailed off and rubbed her face. "I always have to be Captain Highwind, hero of Northwind Harbor, The Champion of the Skies. Ever since my promotion, ever since Northwind. Heroes don't have days off."

She shook her head, her expression gone from fond amusement to glumness before she rebounded. "Nevermind that. Motley group indeed. I wanted to take my pick of Halvor's best, but instead I got this mess. At least one of my picks got aboard. Glad I have you, although I think you're thinking of someone else. When have you ever said How High?" Mira shook her head, her lips tugging into a smile.

"Aw, I liked Admiral Cyrus. He was hotter than i-f-r-i-t. Stony gray eyes, hair that never moves in the wind... Oooh, I wonder if he's still available." She gave Mira a saucy look. "Couldn't see you being married though. You'd butt heads every day for the rest of your life. But what a waste. Rawr." she laughed, clearing a small spot of the table to sit down. A few baubles clattered to the floor, adding to the mess. "I'll pretend to listen to you in front of the peasants. Can't run around upstaging the Champion of the Skies." she joked. "Next time we land in a city, we need to have you a proper shore leave. Some food, some drink, some companionship?" Lilianna gave Mira a toothy smile. "I mean, there's plenty of guys who like a cold dominatrix."

"So does the whole crew know you have a gorgeous, brave, sword waving, non-heroic, baby sister on board today?" Lilianna never talked much about Mira to her brothers-in-arms. It would sound like she was bragging, and honestly, she didn't need the comparison to be made. Not to mention they weren't really sisters. Lilianna didn't even have their last name. "How've you been? Last I heard was when you uh... got hero'd. When ya made Captain." She tried not to talk about the... deaths. It was generally a place you didn't go.

"I am not a dominatrix!" Mira said, her voice sharp and reproving. Then she got red around the cheeks. "Okay, there was that one time, but I haven't made a habit of it." She started talking fast, obviously anxious to change the subject."Until I saw you going through my stuff I didn't know you were aboard, I don't think I ever got any paperwork for this army of cloens they saddled me with. Unless it went in the pile." She shook her head. "My old crew back on the Redtail knew about you, but those were...well, it was a different crew. I was just the boss, I could talk to them. Well, some. Even the ones who came over from Redtail aren't the same."

She trailed off and got up, digging around in a footlocker until she pulled out a squat bottle of green liquid. "I haven't had a drink with my little sister since..." She rubbed her chin. "Since that party we had at home when I was on leave, right before you joined up...time flies." She dug out glasses. "Same rules for us as the crew - you can drink, but if you get drunk I'll use your fat to fuel the boilers." She poured the drinks and took a sip, seething at the taste - it was an old Galkan brew, colloquially known as Cactuar Juice, and was frankly more suitable for cleaning weapons or torching buildings than actual drinking.

Lilianna took a sniff of the stuff Mira poured into cups. "Gross." She poked at Mira's chest. "You know body hair isn't attractive, right?" She took a deep breath and tossed the stuff back. It pretty much burned everything from her mouth to her stomach. And felt like it would burn a hole through that too. "O... oh Mira... I don't know about you but... I remember having wine coolers at that party... not... fucking drain cleaner, woman. Phew!" Yeah, she wasn't going to have more of that. She felt like she was going to hurl. "So drink, but don't get drunk. I can see you skinning poor recruits to fuel this thing. Or ya know. Just throw this in there." She shook the cup. "Well, at least you can kind of drink here. Captain would wring the alcohol out of me into a bucket, and then have me flogged." Lilianna conveniently left out the part where that actually did happen.

"As. For. Papers. Let. Me. See... No. Papers. Anywhere. Bummer. Have fun making a strategy for 50 without knowing anything about them! Gods, I wonder how many of them can even fight... it's kind of cruel to unleash them on a monstrous mountain against rebels, don't you think...?"

Dagon had been stumbling around the cargo hold for a while. He wasn't sure who he was looking for, but he was hoping somebody would be here to give him some directions. The rags he wore from the night before still dangled from his helmet, covering the designs, and his stomach growled lightly. The citizens of Alexia weren't exactly charitable, so it had been a while since the last time had a good meal. "Well, I can always look to see if the captain is in the gallery. It wouldn't do at all to have one of her new fighters... no, her GREATEST fighter... not be able to fight at his maximum capabilities! I should hope that nothing would stop me from making a proper first impression." With that, he sprinted out of the cargo hold and made a dash around the ship, passing a few crew members, going higher and higher up the decks of the ship. He weaved through the small crew with his slim frame and frantic footwork, finally stopping once he had ascended up top, out in the open air.

He paused, slowly strode over to the front of the bow, and took a deep breath, momentarily forgetting his hunger. "Aaaah... such wonderful air! Such MAGNIFICENT machinery! TRULY, this is a good omen for this quest!" At the emphasized word, he thrust his clenched fist into the air, then lowered it and pointed forward "ONWARD, great Alexander! Take me to those who must face my RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT!"

Roderic glanced at the odd....fellow? He wasn't sure what to make of him, as he moved around and his movements seemed off. Likely had nothing on him as well, which was a little disappointing. But, it was someone else, which meant something worth examining closely. The strange fellow seemed to be...patrolling? He couldn't really put a word on it, but he was up to an obvious something. Before he could start heading down, Roderic found the right words.

"HEY! YOU! BY THE STAIRS! Ya got a name or something, or are you just gonna wander about like some moving board? Might as well meet up, since ya are obviously not from around here." Roderic began, having an odd thought explaining the moving around.

Probably learning the lay-

"Such MAGNIFICENT machinery! TRULY, this is a good omen for this quest! ONWARD, great Alexander! Take me to those who must face my RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT!"

"HEY! Yuke! Ya might not have the answers I'm looking for, but I'll ask you anyways. Know where we are going? Like, a specific location? I'd like to dress properly for the occasion..." As Roderic spoke, he decided he might as well do some exploring of his own, and went to one of the doors.

"Captains Quarters? Mm...might be worth the visit later..." Roderic muttered to himself, before starting to look upwards. Going up the ropes might be a better vantage point.

"Course, have you seen our other compatriots yet?" Roderic asked the Yuke once again, shouting a little with the increased distance.

Yuria stayed close to everyone else as they made their way to the airship. She had no questions for Mira, just like everyone else it seemed, and when the Alexander took off, she stumbled a bit. She'd never been on an airship before, so it was understandable that she didn't have the balance for lift off. The airship headed out of the dock, and once high enough in the air and away from the castle, they set course for northeast, where their destination lay. Many a bird was flying around, with the occasional flying monster who saw the Alexander and decided it was not worth it to attack, at least not without a group, but even then, it would probably be better to stay away.

Once everyone started to wander around the ship, finding what to do until they would reach their destination, so did Yuria. Unfortunately for her sensitive nose, she'd found her way alongside a Black Mage who seemed to not have cleaned himself. For a long time. "How are you not able to smell that?" she said to him, moving away from him, though still staying on the third deck. A White Mage seemed to have joined them there, and she seemed like a better company to have than the Black Mage. She chuckled to herself. All three schools of mages were there now, just like in Durakia, though she didn't recognize either of them. No surprise, as they all had their own schools and no classes together. Unsure of what to say, Yuria tipped her hat at the White Mage with a soft smile.

Nr. i

The Black Mage paused in his rounds as different voices spoke up. The first requested his presence, but then seemed to have vanished. Protocol dictated that he climb back upstairs and face this stranger. He sees a small gathering of two other people conversing; there were others looking from the railings, but these two were the closest. His gaze falls on the both, his pale eyes flitting between those two. The first an Elezen with the wore his weapons like jewelry, and a peculiar automaton figure that could only be identified as a Yuke. He had no idea who spoke out between those two.

"What is it?" The Fat Bird spoke aloud.

"It's simple, You're quite the stiff mover, so whats going on here? And while I'm at it...ya got a name? Or do I need to call ya Board or something the rest of this little voyage?" Roderic asked, entertained by the now somewhat empty gaze of who he had called to.

"By the interesting choice of identity, with the mask and all. I prefer to just cover it up with a scarf or something, much less limiting of the vision and everything. Course, then again I figure that you have a good reason for it, not that it matters much to me."

Roderic continued his look about as he spoke, taking note of things to climb upon, ways to get around the ship quickly, and other such notable things. The ship was incredibly bare, and he noted that there were a few other....crew? It seemed that the group here was filled with a lot of random adventurers coming along for the ride. However, they were less his concern, since he had chosen his particular problem at this point.

Perhaps I can see what a few rooms look like later...and use the side of the ship to get into some less than 'welcome' areas. Course, I'll need to take a look first.

The accommodation was as expected: cramped. Still, Gerhard had lived in much smaller places in much slower vessels. Reaching within his robes, he pulled out a small satchel filled with his medicinal supplies and tossed it onto the hammock. Eager to escape the company of Vaila, he tipped his hat to the Red Mage and began exploring the ship on his own.

The galley... the galley... Ahhh, here we are.

Making his way over to a table next to the counter of the kitchen, Gerhard noticed eyes turn to him briefly before the crew of the Alexander resumed their own private conversations. It was nice, for a change, to be among those who valued Black Mages enough to not simply be hostile. In fact the attitude of most men from the interior of Halvor was far better than that of those who lived in Byron.

"Should have moved away years ago... What do you have?" mumbled Gerhard before flagging down the cook.

"New to the ship eh? Well, I figure they'll issue out your rations eventually..."

The cook looked at Gerhard expectantly and sure enough, a coin was placed on the table.

"Brown Flann sound good to you?"

"I'll drink anything that isn't literal piss." replied Gerhard, his yellow eyes unblinking.

"This is damn near close." he said jokingly, slipping the coin into his apron. After disappearing into the kitchen, he returned with a mug brimming with a frothing brown liquid.

Sniffing the mug to ensure it wasn't actually poisonous, Gerhard downed it in one long guzzle. The familiar burn of terrible spirits made him feel more at home with the added benefit of not really being at home. Tossing another coin at the cook, he left.

Best to be on good terms with that one, otherwise I'll be cut off.

He next made his way up top to get a look at where he would set himself once they left the safety of Alexian airspace. Surveying the skies, he noted the efficiency of the crew as they counted their ammunition and cleaned their weapons. Based on the readiness of the crew, Gerhard supposed the likeliness of winged beasts getting the drop on them to be low.

Damn. I hate company during my vigil.

"Course, have you seen our other compatriots yet?"

Gerhard turned and saw an Elezen in blue shouting over to...

You know what, I have no idea what that thing is.

Curiosity got the better of him and he made his way closer to the Elezen. With all the travelers he had seen living amongst the crews of Byron, Gerhard was rarely unable to recognize a race. However what really shocked him was the appearance of another Black Mage. He had expected to see more than one be brought aboard this ship except this one...

Gerhard felt a deep chill go down his back. This was not like any other Black Mage he had ever worked with. This one didn't even seem to have any vitality in its movements. He would endeavor to avoid conversing with it.

"HEY! Yuke! Ya might not have the answers I'm looking for, but I'll ask you anyways. Know where we are going? Like, a specific location? I'd like to dress properly for the occasion..."

Dagon quickly turned around and shouted back to his companion "Were you not there for His Majesty's instructions? There are fiendish ones who seek to due harm to the crystals, and it is our duty to deliver HOLY FURY to those who would cause them harm!" He turned back away from Roderick, his voice now taking a scolding tone "Honestly, such a lack of DILIGENCE is unbecoming of a warrior such as yourself. You should try and keep yourself informed. Paying attention to critical details like this is ESSENTIAL for those who wish to protect this land!"

"Course, have you seen our other compatriots yet?"

He then saw Roderick with a few more people. "Ah! You seek our comrades? I shall assist you! I am looking for the Commander of this vessel." He said, walking over while he conversed with the others. He noted how peculiar the two black mages seemed, but he would not comment. Perhaps their attires also stemmed from great inspiration. "And hello to all of you, good practitioners of the arcane. Perhaps you can aid us in our search for the captain?"

As she walked further onto the third deck, Vaila's smile became a little less forced as Gerhard made his departure. Good. If he was going to avoid her she certainly had no complaints.

The black mage's pungency no longer close at hand, Vaila made her way across the deck to the red mage. "I see you've had the pleasure of meeting one of Byron's most infamous. He's earned something of a reputation of being entirely unpleasant I'm sorry to say."

Casting an eye over where Gerhard dumped his bag, Vaila excused herself a moment to put her own bag on the hammock as far as possible from his, before returning to the red mage's company.

"Ah, but where are my manners. Vaila Califax, white mage, at your service." She smiled pleasantly and extended a hand to her companion.

Nr. i

His head tilted to the right as the Elezen said his piece. "I am Engbyr." The Fat Bird spoke, putting a gloved hand to his chest to better identify himself. "The people of Lumalna have an odd taste for novelty in their hired help. And frankly, I like this mask." That was what the story protocol gave him, and he was supposed to stick to it.

Protocol however did not quite have an answer to speak with regarding the 'stiff' comment; the statement spoken was just vague enough to warrant waiting till a clearer version was given. "What are you looking for?"

The Black Mage could see that the Elezen was repeatedly distracted, eyes darting across the deck as if he was looking for something. A comment formed in his memory to keep his wand trained should something peculiar happen. He was unsure if the person was detecting some kind of fiend or treachery, yet that focus was absolute. Analysis was suggesting that he might lash out at anything but before he could receive a course of action, the odd Yuke interrupted the analysis.

His gaze focused on the Yuke, eyes staring through where the Black Mage thought it had eyes in. "Why do you need to see the captain? Are we not heading to the destination for our job?"

Roderic glanced at the new fellow who now seemed to approach their little party. The man looked quite a bit worse for wear, which he quickly assumed was by choice, and not for much of any other reason than that he he came close to likely listen in. It didn't matter too much, as the interesting smell that followed his appearance would have announced him quickly enough. However, it seemed that the Yuke took some slight offense to him not knowing what was going on specifically.

"Due diligence comes in due information, Yuke. Though, I would imagine critical information to also be names, but I notice you haven't bothered to ask for mine." Roderic replied to the scolding wryly, getting the distinct feeling that this Yuke had good reason to be making the insane jumps that he had been doing before.

"Though, to be honest I would rather meet anyone else but the captain at this point, as I get the distinct feeling, past experiences and all, that they will not be up to telling us everything we need to know.

Though, to his slight surprise, it seemed that the one named Engbyr told him the answers he needed...well, mostly. Something was still very off about this one.

"An interesting name, Engbyr. I go by Roderic in most places, and I know that the people of Lumalna have always had the most...interesting of tastes. Though, there is nothing wrong with liking the mask, it was more of an observation of how it might not be the best of things at the worst of times." Roderic replied, halfway pleased that the, he hesitated to call him, seemed to be able to carry some form of conversation at least.

"What am I looking for? All kinds of things. Right now, just looking for some information, people, and possibly a good drink to pass the time. I imagine you all don't have anything quite like that."

"I wouldn't really know how unpleasant or not he is. All I know is that me and my nose will be staying far away from him." Yuria said back to the White Mage. Her company was still more pleasant than his, given that he didn't even seem to want to talk to her.

Yuria shook Vaila's hand as she greeted her back. "Yuria Mitsuri, Red Mage. Good to have someone nice such as yourself to keep as company." Her ears twitched a little and her tail swished slowly from left to right as she returned Vaila's smile.

"I hope this won't be a long journey. I'd rather not stay too long cooped up in an airship. I need to slay some monsters, hunt down the men who want to harm the crystals and Halvor." She was very eager get some actual use out of her sword.

The Alexander kept a steady course towards the mountains, with no real threat against them. Occasionally there was the flying monster such as an Ahriman who came a bit too close, but were quickly shot down.

Nr. i

He could only shake his head at this Roderic's words. "I would imagine that the place you're looking for is below deck." There was a small clause in protocol demanding to be helpful to others as long as it did not interfere with any current jobs, and the Black Mage could not see how this could hurt in the long run. His head slowly turned to look in a slow circle, appearing to take in the vast skies. Then the Black Mage's head quickly shifted back to Roderic. A thought occurred and a query formed.

"Are you with the congregation to dispatch a certain group of malcontents in the northeast?"

"And hello to all of you, good practitioners of the arcane. Perhaps you can aid us in our search for the captain?"

"Knowledge of the arcane doesn't make us omniscient although some would like to tell you otherwise." said Gerhard to the helmeted figure across the deck. The Elezen identifying as Roderic called it a Yuke so he was just going to roll with it. The attire he wore however made his lifestyle more obvious, as was did lack of weaponry.

"What makes a Yuke take up the path of Monk anyway?"

Studying the Yuke's posture, he was obviously a fighter of some note. Probably faster than he looked too.

All the better. It's nice having someone who can handle the faster monsters around.

"Right now, just looking for some information, people, and possibly a good drink to pass the time. I imagine you all don't have anything quite like that."

Gerhard stepped closer to Roderic, noticing that his clothing lent itself to fast movement. Hidden weapons as well hmm?

"There is a galley downstairs but good luck getting information out of them. We're the new ones here and that captain of theirs has them by the balls. The name is Gerhard by the way." he said, tipping his hat.

Noticing the gaze of the masked Black Mage shift to him, he met it briefly. A small sense of the magical energy contained behind the mask passed to Gerhard and he returned the sensation to it.

What kind of Black Mage needs a mask... We all are obscured... By the gods, what is behind it?

Vaila nodded in agreement to Yuria's anticipation of how this mission would ideally play out. Being a white mage, Vaila herself would be largely providing support rather than outright attacking anything but this arrangement suited her just fine.

After all, this provided her front row seats from which to observe several fighting styles in action, which promised to be very interesting. All she had to do was keep them in a condition to actually fight. That shouldn't be too much of a problem, she thought to herself with a touch of pride, she was a well trained white mage and would be sure to perform her duty without any foreseeable issue.

"Well I hope you get your chance to do said slaying and hunting. I haven't had the privilege of observing a red mage in proper combat before. I'm sure the style must be very interesting given the elements it contains."

Vaila sat on her hammock, being careful to keep her balance. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin her first impression on Yuria by falling off it.

"I wonder how long we have left until we arrive.." she mused idly, glancing out the porthole at the mountains passing by.

As the Uptight Captain droned on and on about her ship, Rowen just rolled his eyes. For crying out loud woman, it's a ship. It's like all the other ships. Get over yourself. It got even worse when she got to the matter of board during the flight. What? Crew quarters? Here we are, saving the world and we're about to be treated like grunt fodder for this trip? This is unacceptable! If these quarters are not to any kind of standard, I am going to make her life hell, that is for certain!

There was the one little bit of restraint he had for the situation. Once Mira was done talking, Rowen went off to inspect the assigned quarters. It took little effort, they were on the third level of the ship so it wasn't that far a distance. For all Rowen thought of them however, they could have been 100 miles past the outer limits of Byron for what they were worth.

"Is this some kinda joke? A hammock? A shoddy end table? Is this how we are supposed to be kept in shape enough to deal with this threat to the world? This is disgraceful!" Someone had to pay. Someone had to bear the brunt of the anger that was welling inside the Ranger at the sight of these lackluster conditions. And in Rowen's mind, that started at the top.

He tore out of the dingy room, intent on accosting the Captain. In lieu of her absence on the deck, he grabbed the nearest crew member he could fine. "Where is the Captain? I need a word with her."

"Uh, she's probably down below in her own quarters sir. She prefers to stay out of the way while we prep for take off."

Rowen's patience was growing thin, and he shook the crew member to the best of his abilities. Suffice to say, it wasn't much of an action. His limbs were built for stability, not strength. "Where is that!"

"Down the hall through that door! There's a sign on it! Now let go! You're ruffling my shirt!"

Sated for the moment, Rowen let go of the man and stomped down the indicated hallway. True to the crewman's words, the signs were on the door, indicating "Captain's Quarters" and "No Entry", among other things. I'm the one with the guns, so I think I supercede that! He could hear voices on the other side of the door: female, both of them. Talking with her girls to boot! He was done waiting.

He tore the door open, expecting to see the lavish conditions that Captain Mira had afforded herself. Rowen was disappointed though, to find a layout very similar to the one he had just spent the better part of ten minutes fuming over. Sure it was a bit bigger, it had a desk in it overflowing with items. Other then that, there was no difference. The Captain and one of the other warriors from the ceremony, the horny girl, were on the cot with a bottle of some green liquid between them. Whatever it was, it smelled nasty, like last call on 2 for 1 drink night back at the casino.

Rowen was thrown off a bit. He was all set to attack the Captain on her hypocrisy, but now he was going to have to change tactics. "So this is your excuse it is? You like it as is so everyone else has to suffer? Is that why the quarters down below are unfit for a crippled Moogle? The caravan I rode had more space then what you have afforded someone like myself! Someone who is being counted on to help save the damn world, ya know! So how are you gonna fix this? Cause I can't be hanging my weapons and my gear up on that pasty little end table!"

"I don't really have a style, since I haven't had proper combat yet. I finished the Red Mage school just a year ago, so hopefully, I won't be too green on the battlefield. Or red, rather." Yuria said, chuckling a little to herself for that last part. It wasn't a characteristic of Red Mages to like the color red as much as Yuria did, it was just a thing for her.

"I'll be able to mix my sword swinging and magic, at least. Should be very interesting how it'll work." If there was one thing she looked forward to when it came to her ability to cast magic, it was the fact that as a Red Mage, she had access to learning Time Magic as her ability grew. How and when were the big questions, but for now, what she had was enough for her.

She herself stood against the wall and also looked outside the porthole. "I'm not sure myself. The mountains are quite a way away from us, so resting for a bit might be good. But I'm too pumped up to rest."

The door burst open and she very nearly sntached up her weapon before noting the new arrival was only a threat by his ability to whine. She turned her head away from him for a moment and closed her eyes, breathing slowly, then rose to her feet, the two staring almost directly into each other's eyes. "I'm afraid we were never properly introduced, crewman." Her voice was calm, but as cold as ice. "Firstly, I did not request you aboard my ship, you boarded of your own choice. Secondly, this is a warship, not a pleasure yacht. We make do with the bare essentials, because unnecessary wwight costs speed. Thirdly, if you are dissatisfied with your accomodations aboard my ship you are welcome to depart at any time. There are fifty others just like you who don't feel they deserve to ride in the lap of luxury for acts of heroism they haven't committed yet."

She paused and took a breath, staring at the ranger with contempt. "Was there something else?"

"Hm, all below decks? Well, thats something, I guess..." Roderic couldn't help but look at Engbyr. That last sentence seemed odd again coming from the strange fellow. However, he could humor it in much the same way.

"Nah, I instead have come with an army of hijackers planning on overtaking the ship. I'm pretty sure the only reason any of us are here is because of the dispatching of the malcontents." Roderic began wryly, only to then note that the new individual, Gerhard, had decided to introduce himself as well.

"Well, that doesn't surprise me that this ship is run even tighter than its Captain. Nice to meet you all the same, Gerhard. I'm guessing you already tried working with the crew, and they were as helpful as...well, most other crews when you want them to do something different. " Roderic replied, taking another quick look as they flew over the mountains.

"So, with that idea in mind, I think I'm going to go claim a room now. Maybe take a breather before we have to go off and do some fighting, hunting, and other such things. If we're lucky, maybe we'll get to keep their stuff and sell it, or keep it...Unless you are all those upstanding types looking to do everything for glory, or for free."

Worst kind of voyage if this holds true. I had better be very wrong, or I am going to find a way off this ship as quickly as possible.

Nr. i

An awkward silence filled the air as the Black Mage waited for an answer from the Yuke. Roderic had given a response, but the time between the Yuke was noticeable. Still no response came and time had dictated that he lingering too long on the deck. Another black mage joined the group, but kept to himself, which was fine. He gave a nod to Roderic, the Yuke, and the new black mage, and was about to descend below deck when someone had barged past the crowd forming. The stranger went straight to the one room in the back, temper slowly building up for an altercation. Those never yielded positive results according to protocol.

He calmly walked past the growing group with a neutral comment of, "Excuse me." and went in the direction of this stranger. The hand that was kept on his rod never left his grasp. Closely behind this stranger, he could see what seemed like the beginning of a fight before it came to blows. With the captain no less. Protocol demanded that he step in and deal with this rabble-rouser. The Black Mage pulled out his rod and pointed the tip at the base of the stranger's neck, his mind preparing the spell of Fire.

"Please leave." The Fat Bird spoke up. "Your tone is unacceptable."

"I did not board this ship by choice," Rowen told the Captain. "Saving the world wasn't even my choice. Fate chose it for me. It did not tell me I would be on such a lackluster ship, but I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. But know that I am no crewman of yours. I am only hear to serve this mission's purpose, and that was handed down by the King himself. So I'm not taking orders from you, unless they are in my best interests. Now since you clearly don't know how to manage people, why don't you-"

"Please leave."

Rowen jerked his head back to try and figure out where the hell that had come from, to find one of the two mages, pointing his stick at him.

"Your tone is unacceptable."

"My tone is unacceptable?" Rowen was getting agitated, and if this coward hiding behind his magic wanted to butt in on his pow-wow with the good Captain and start something, he was going to have no problems. Still it might not look favorable to take out another one of the invited protectors before the ship even left the Kingdom.

He reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out his lucky coin. A gentle toss sent it flying into the air for a brief second before he caught it and slapped it on the back of his left hand. "Hmmmm," he noted. "Consider yourself lucky I don't fight here."

Done with the side show this meeting had turned into, he brushed past the mage and headed for the door. "If your Majesty there doesn't mind, I'm going to raid the cargo hold. I'm sure one of the sticks she keeps there when not shoved up her ass will make a decent coat rack. Give myself something to do on this damn ship."

Nr. i

The Black Mage got out of the stranger's way, and holstered the rod back in his coat. His gazed focused on him until he vanished beyond the stairwell. His head turned back to the captain and the second member and gave a slow nod.

Mira had barely heard the ranger's tirade, but her attention became sharply focused as the Mage showed up, weapon drawn. "Put your weapon away, wizard!" She barked. "If you have a problem with a member of this crew including the guests you can take it to fisticuffs. We do not draw weapons on each other. I will not have blood spilled before we even see the enemy." The Ranger had already stormed off, but he was no concern compared to this.

Dagon had stood by and listened to the Black Mage Engbyr and Roderick, not wanting to interrupt. Still, he had the sneaking suspicion the last question was also directed at him. He was impressed by the strange mage's vocabulary, even if his mannerisms were peculiar. Before he could make a proper response, he had left, going after a new face, who had just finished shouting at a woman. He heard the lady, who was revealed to be the captain, shouting at Engbyr, but his attention was on the newcomer.

"If your Majesty there doesn't mind, I'm going to raid the cargo hold. I'm sure one of the sticks she keeps there when not shoved up her ass will make a decent coat rack. Give myself something to do on this damn ship."

"I think NOT!" Dagon said, blocking the doorway. "To behave so rudely to a COMRADE is poor form. To be so rude to a LADY is DOUBLY poor! And to the CAPTAIN makes it QUADRUPLE the poorness! I shall not permit you to leave in such a fashion. Now APOLOGIZE."

"If you have a problem with a member of this crew including the guests you can take it to fisticuffs. We do not draw weapons on each other. I will not have blood spilled before we even see the enemy."

"Ah, a DUEL! Also an acceptable alternative. You seem quite sure of yourself, child. Perhaps you'd like to prove your invaluable prowess to the Captain?"

As Roderic began to make his way down, it seemed that the mage seemed to suddenly be in a hurry. More than Roderic, at least, which he found a little odd...Of course, as he continued going he saw the destination, and paused. It seemed that a small commotion had started up, over at the Captain's Quarters, no less. This could only end in so many ways, and Roderic needed to see them play out.

"Put your weapon away, wizard! If you have a problem with a member of this crew including the guests you can take it to fisticuffs. We do not draw weapons on each other. I will not have blood spilled before we even see the enemy."

Well, that sounds like the good captain of the ship. Seems that the wizard made a fuss. Now lets see how he reacts under pressure...

While Roderic was going to be enjoying this, the Yuke from before blustered past him, with the odd...tenacity, he would call it, that he possessed. The Yuke had decided to impose some grand ethics upon the transgressing fellow, which Roderic quickly began to consider his options for. Whoever had caused a fuss might be a nice ally on this ship, especially if everyone was jumping to the captain's aid at this point.

"Ah, a DUEL! Also an acceptable alternative. You seem quite sure of yourself, child. Perhaps you'd like to prove your invaluable prowess to the Captain?"

Roderic couldn't help but openly let out a laugh at that point. The situation had turned into something he didn't expect, and they hadn't even done anything yet. If the fellow who had caused the mess got through relatively alive, he would have to make sure to buy the person a drink. Or some coin, or something to make up for the great things he was about to witness.

Vaila smiled. "Well, there's a first time for everything. I'm sure you'll do fine unless you're secretly managing to conceal irrational gloryhound tendancies." The smile became more wry at this. "It's those sort of people that tend to keep me in business day to day."

She wasn't too worried though. So far Yuria had seemed quite sensible and thus probably not likely to suddenly turn into a raving lunatic and throw herself at a pack of monsters screaming COME ON I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON the moment battle was unpon them.

She nodded in agreement at her companion's antsyness. "I can certainly understand that. What we're here to do is a little too exciting to just sit still." Her whiskers twitched unconsciously as if to underline her own eagerness to proceed with their mission.

Lilianna's hand flew to the hilt of her sword as a young hotshot burst through the doors. She didn't relax as her sister did, though. Guards generally didn't without the word to stand down, no matter how pitiable the "threat". Were these really the people that were to become Halvor's salvation!?! Did they really just let EVERYONE onto the boat! She walked around to Mira's side, but it proved unnecessary as more miscreants piled in the room. A black mage, and a Yuke.

There was something wrong with the mage, something she would think twice about before stepping in the ring with him, but his magic was on their side today. Still... with the rumors about black mages, he/she probably wasn't one to be trusted. The Yuke, who didn't have a staff or rod on him, was definitely a monk. A headstrong, impulsive one. She didn't mind too much, as long as he had the strength to back up his ridiculous sense of justice.

The guy who burst in the door was a featherweight. Not a brawler to be sure. By the looks of it, he wasn't a student of magic either. Leaving thief or ranger, both of which he had the qualifications for. Neither of those scenarios were one that forgave him the outburst.

She stood silently, ready to cut the guy down a few notches. Not like Mira's halberd wouldn't do the trick.

Rowen wanted to leave when some...thing stopped him by standing in the doorway. "What the-" was all he got out before the roadblock launched into a diatribe that made his teacher's winding words sound like the drunken slurs coming from the Keno room.

"Ah, a DUEL! Also an acceptable alternative. You seem quite sure of yourself, child. Perhaps you'd like to prove your invaluable prowess to the Captain?"

This birdy looking thing was talking about fighting? Straight up? That wasn't going to happen. Sure, probably wouldn't take much to beat the hell out of a bird, but Rowen wasn't going to be touching another one of these inhuman creatures, which this ship seemed to contain a startling amount of. Probably some drunken lackey anyway.

"Look birdbrain. You see these hands?" He held them up, palms open, tattooed sides pointing into...wherever the hell the eyes were supposed to be. "These are finally tuned precision weapons, carefully calibrated to work some of the deadliest machines known to society. Not for tweaking beaks. So I'm not fighting you. I'm not even touching you. But you think you can out maneuver these?" He put his hands down and lifted the side of his jacket, revealing one of his prized guns sitting in it's holster. "Then maybe we'll have a little dance. Now get outta my way."

Nr. i

His head tilted to the left at Mira's outburst wondering why she would ask him to disarm himself when he already holstered it. Protocol did not have an answer for this. In a job - any job - efficiency was key, and anything or anyone that could interfere with the task done was a danger.

"The man was seeking an altercation." The Fat Bird answered. "To spoil for a fight against the captain would be unacceptable for this job." Questions were listed in his head. Did Mira sought to disengage this person herself? Did she prefer this mission to be handled without the use of force? If that's the case, why were these assorted mercenaries hired to begin with? Was the stranger under her command? There were suggestions, but none of them made any sense.

"Would you prefer to keep my rod until the job commences?" Protocol dictated that this question needed to be asked.

"So I'm not fighting you. I'm not even touching you. But you think you can out maneuver these? Then maybe we'll have a little dance. Now get outta my way."

"If the Captain would allow it, I would try to fight you with your weapons. For though your hands are crafted to work fine machines, they are not crafted to deliver the WRATH of DIVINE FURY!" Dagon said, stepping out of the way. "But if the call is not mine to make. I would like nothing more than to teach you some RESPECT, but I shall honor the wishes of the Captain. Still..." He turned to Mira "I'm sure you wouldn't mind a quick spar. I'm sure we have a healer somewhere on here."

He then turned back to Rowen "I would think you'd like to have a chance to prove your skills, child. But it seems you're all BLUSTER and no ACTION. The cargo hold is waiting for you." It was the last thing he'd say if he decided to leave now. Dagon thought that any further confrontation would reflect poorly on himself, so he would remain proper for the figure in charge.

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