Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

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This was one of my favourites, you really work well with the slow paced ones so this and Eternal Sonata are two of the best IMO nice work guys!

So, all her family are dead and her only tie to the air force was her husband, who is dead, so what possible link does this woman have to this game??

"...who was a bit on the small side."

"Next up, Eyebrows and the Thugs."

Also, that jab at Greyhound, niiiiiice.

One more joke about Eyebrows and the Thugs and I will die.
Seriously, it always cranks me up.

Thanks guys!

Too funny. I understood Highbrow and the Thugs :)
This episode has special something sauce all over it.

Glad I wasn't the only one who got the Day of the Triffids reference.

Anyway... ye GODS that's a horrific cutscene. Not only is the subject matter depressing, that woman can't seem to portray any emotion at all. Doesn't anyone ever bother to watch these things before they release them? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Anyway again, I liked the little comment about getting away from the RPGs. A subtle backhand to the people who've been getting on their case about that.

Oh, that was brilliant. I couldn't stop laughing, at all.
Always fun. ^_^

Excellent as always.
These make my Monday's, keep making them.

Damn you need a prozac after that! Even with the funny voice-overs it makes you feel terrible. I've never been into flight simulators (never could get off the ground without bursting into a ball of flame), and this is one game I won't regret avoiding. JRPG + Flight Simulators = BAD!!

I think the Unskippable team did a good job but the actual content prevented me from rolling on the floor in tears of laughter...

Lmao, that was easily the best Unskippable ever.
Also, how pointless was that cutscene for a Flight Sim.

Depressing but hilarious :)

If I ever had rented the game before watching this, I probably would have returned it before the cutscene finished.

"And then, as I walked along, I saw a box of the cutest puppies in the world, and they all violently killed them selves in front of me". "AWWW."

That ending was hilarious!

"Wait a minute, I can't read."

The puppies made me completely lose it. Thanks, guys!

Wow, that actually made me quite sad!

And the actress that did the voice was Erin Fitzgerald - she was in Eternal Sonata and has made a hell of a career as a voice actor. See all her stuff here

That was one of the best yet. I love the NIN ref to the weather, genius...

Fantastic, man I never want to play that game now, so depressing.
How bout doing the Freelancer intro, now there's some plot developement screaming out to be taken the piss out of :D

I loved AC6, so...many thanks for doing this (and I agree, that plot was yawnful)
Don't worry though, you literally fly above the plot in this game
"That night, you're father and I -Totally did it"

I thought about renting this game but after that depressing sob-fest of a story i'm better off with HAWX.
Great videos, guys.

And then, when I walked, I saw a box of puppies violently kill eachother.
And this lady won and ruled with an iron fist.
Funny voiceover,but depressing cutscene.

Uhn... I dunno if I can take another one in a row with the dialog/narration is as bad as Unfinite Indiscovery and this one. Need another The Darkness where you can't hear 'em...

I like how they completely ignore what the game is about in that cutscene XD

That was the single most ridiculous cutscene I have ever seen.

I quit playing the game after I heard "go dance with the angels" for the tenth time. I'm pretty sure that was like in the first 3-4 levels.

Why would you try to completley depress the player before playing the game?

Honestly, does a game only really about flying really fast aircraft and shooting down others at lightspeed really need this much of a set up and background?
Please, this is like a bad porn...I don't need an excuse to go out on an aerial shooting spree...for family or country or any of that sentimental shit.

Random old Slavic lady in the news report was epic.
The 10 minutes of bullshit line about the narrators was the cold, hard truth...I think Japanese writers really outdo themselves and forget that they're only supposed to be filling in minute-or-so gaps between intense action and GAMEPLAY.
You guys nailed the pathetic narration on the depressing road...or should I say the Broken Dreams Blvd.?

Thanks, Unskippalbe, for pointing out just how insufferably lame her self-pity and senseless patriotism were...god, it's sickening.

Man what a shitty game. That is a depressing woman. How can she ever be an Ace Fighter Pilot?!

To take revenge on those who took her family from her, mayhaps?

yo is this the new silent hill game? Seriously dead family members, crappy narration, some place I don't give a crap about and a traumatized lady is the formula for silent hill.

Silent Hill: Airborne- This time fear meets the sky (pyramid head flys a pyrimid shaped plane over the horizon)

"..and I faked every 'wish'" xD

Great episode

Aww, guys, you cut out the AWACS scene, I was really looking forward to you guys making fun of Shamrock :P

Yeah, the cutscenes in this game sucked ass. Ace Combat 6 turned the franchise into JRPG of flight sims. It's still fun as hell to play, though. Just skip the cinematics. :)

This is the game I've been waiting for since you guys won the Escapist Film Fest...I love the Ace Combat series. It's almost embarrassing to admit now, but this game is the reason I switched from PS2 to 360 in this generation. That being said, the cut scenes are always laughably bad, and the dialogue is so anti war, you wonder how any of the characters joined the military in the first place.

Please, Please do a part 2 to this episode...there's so many more cut scenes that need to be made fun of, especially the enemy Colonel who is convinced to betray his country after spending a half an hour with street children in the city he's occupying...Please??!

haha the cutscene does seem misplaced...

I still await them trying out Valkyria Chronicles

Wow... If I had started up a flight combat game and seen that, I would have chucked it out a window. Good god that looks terrible.


that was a really boring video but u did a good job with it.

Best ending line in any unskippable episode to date. xD


This is the first game you guys have done that I actually own. The gameplay is incredibly fun, but the cutscenes...well...at least they're good for a laugh. Thanks guys!

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