Unforgotten Realms: Episode 33: Question Mark Face?

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Mike pass me that ski over there... ROFLMAO

Like A Seven!


... how about their families live together, mike rents the basement, Rob's mom is visiting(and took Timmy along), they rent different sections of a double-size house(I don't really know what I mean here - only ever lived on a farm), or possibly Derros(Evil, insane, half-dwarf, half-human, creatures from the Monster Manual Edition 3.5, page 49.) have poisoned their water with massive amounts of a narcotic drug.

was just saying there are some things that u should just assume. understanding mike and rob's living arrangements arent important to the story and would just be a waste of time to explain.

btw this Derros guy sounds interesting... hmm (poisons own water) oops

On a scale of one to ten?!? How often does this Timmy bleed for there to be a scale


Awesome episode. keep up the good work

Timmy is so not evil.


OMG! I figured out who Timmy the Evil is in the past!


On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was this episode?

Like a 7.

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