There Will Be Brawl: Episode Six

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I can't stop laughing at Waluigi playing the Tennis Racket.

The kingdom has now been rid of the mario bros as we speak, and

MUAHAAHAHHAA *mario jumps in with a Yoshi*


Red: Come on Wa, let's go play some go-karts.

Waluigi: Yaaaay go karts O_O


Did no one else notice that Peach was with Luigi, Samus, and Pit as they were leaving Deedeedee's murder scene? Editing error or what?

Loved that Vork from The Guild was Waluigi!

When yoshis attack, heck yeah!

Waluigi is lulzy, and when Lakitu through the spiked ball (I forget what to call them but aren't they alive? Where are goombas?) I lol'd.

Great Jurassic Park reference with the raptors/Yoshis.

Who are those two guys where one says "he is fucking crazy!" He has spikey blonde hair and the other has brown hair and they both have orange scarves... Samus grabs the blonde from behind. I don't recognize them. They're not the Earthbounders or Ice Climbers or Fire Emblemers so who is left?

Great ending with Mario riding off =)

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