211: A Pikachu in the Family

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New Troll:
When Furbies were the hot, new thing, I bought one for my little sister for her birthday. Problem was, the only one I could find was the store display and it was still two weeks before her birthday. So for the next few weeks I had to drive around with this little fellow in my car, talking to me the whole time. (I was told not to remove his batteries or else he might not work right anymore.) He would call me mommy, and even though I ignored him, he always knew when I was around and genuinely seemed to love me. So finally my sister's big day comes up and I give her her new little friend. She's overly excited not expecting one, and the family is pleased cause no one else could find one, but it was all very short-lived.

He didn't like my sister. He never once responded to her, only becoming "happy" when I was around. After about a month, my sister ended up removing it's batteries herself. I still have no idea how those stupid things are made, but after that incident, I avoided them at all costs.

They're made with the souls of children, and the imprint upon the first person who cares for them... I mean, they must be, right?


I liked this story. It was very cute... alas, if only Pokemon were real. They'd make excellent pets.

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