Doomsday Arcade: Episode 14

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I'd say girl. "Please consider getting f***ed, you crazy -b**ch-". And isn't your handler in FEAR a woman?

I think she's a girl, hence the crazy "bitch" comment. And your handler in FEAR is a woman if I remember right.


Danny Ocean:



What the hell did Shanks land on?

I was wondering that...

Me too. It looked familiar but I couldn't place it.

Some evil version of the goo from World Of Goo?

It's Gish, the main character in the Gish pc game.

Huh, I thought the thing he landed on was one of the shit monsters from Castle Crashers, but it does look a lot like Gish now that you mention it.

Alma was scary at first, and then it became funny again. You guys should definitely do an episode with Agent 47 from Hitman in it. That would be awesome!

Its a little late but I just noticed the mushroom cloud on opening has dots like a mushroom

I freaked out at some times xD

The Fear bit was quite good, and just like inth e game, it stopped being scarey after about 2 minutes.
Yes i would like a spliff.

well it stopped being scary to them after 2 minutes too. :P

very good episode boys, keep it up

Pink Floyd reference FTW! Just when I thought this show couldn't get any better!

Us....And Them. :D

Is the interview person a girl or a pre pubescent boy?

AHH! Fear part when the girl turned round made me fall off my chair... was expecting it and i dont know why my volume was still rather high but... woah :P gr8 episode

Probably my fav. episode.. Alma is one annoying b**** xD. And the Plants vs Zombies part. I LOVED it xD

That was my favorite episode hands down. I just watched it again now, and every time I watch it I absolutely love how the react to their encounter with Alma. From scared to startled to annoyed. Haha, this episode was perfect, and I love the interview for the FEAR position. "And you can get fucked, you crazy bitch."

LOLOL Scared the freakin crap outta me. Multiple times.

i appear to have left a stain on myself. The bad kind.
good incorp of F.E.A.R.

we are both useless

and made of win

"Please consider getting fucked, you crazy bitch"
Best delivery!

jumped about 3 times in that episode.

You made one of the scariest games on earth hilarious! nice!

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