219: Apple's Forbidden Fruit

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We're talking about a society that is okay with its preteen girls dressing like prostitutes, but freaks out at public non-sexualized nudity. Until that's overcome, it's always going to be an uphill struggle to discuss sex in a mature, adult manner.

The Safari argument is a bit of sidestep--I'm pretty sure we're at the point that most people realize the web is unregulated and anyone can set up shop there. You don't hear people blame Microsoft if their kid finds a porn site using IE, and if someone did, they'd be ridiculed without mercy. But by requiring all apps to be approved by the App Store, Apple gives tacit endorsement to what's available. They should treat the iPhone and iTouch like a VCR: if your kid watches a dirty movie on your Sony VCR, do you blame Sony? Of course not.

Apple should wash their hands of any responsibility for third-party content available for their devices, then they could a) get out of the wasteful business of bureaucratic regulation, b) save PR and legal costs by having to defend everything available on their devices, and c) stop alienating grown-up customers who don't like big corporations micromanaging their entertainment. But I'm sure they find the revenue stream from licensing third-party apps hard to give up.

the revenue stream is the primary business for them. Much how the amazon phone will be selling their devices for cost price (supposedly half the price of the current iphone on release but we will see it when it happens) theres a buttload to be made in that industry, and i think apple just wants to keep its clean and family friendliness (not surprising when you see 10 year olds with iphones)

Heh. I feel I ought to link to this decidedly NSFW story from the Register here. When you can actually knob your iPad (and let's face it, any device that lets you download and play video is going to let you download and play x-rated video) you've already lost the moral battle.

Sorry. I'm all for less censorship and more boobies, but the conclusion this article is trying to prop up just doesn't hold water. As you say, the PC/Internet has been a completely open platform all this time now. We've had over 20 years to perfect sex games, in fact we've had as long as computers have existed. If they're not "good" yet by this point, it's probably because making them good was never a requirement. Not because we haven't thrown enough money and skilled developers at the problem.

Anyway, adult games tend to have Uncanny Valley issues to begin with. The last thing they need is to be ported to Mobile.

(Captcha: 'blaze a trail.' heh. I have a filthy mind.)

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