Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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So whats a chip sandwich? Or Jammie Dodgers and what I think was Majestic Nadia?

Two pages in twelve minutes.

Also, this seems to be turning into a Luigi support thread.

its been a LONG week, this made my day better

Totally with you on the tails and sonic analogy

I didn't know Yahtzee had an older brother. It was one of the funniest in a while (I think).

Wow, I didn't even know this game existed, not to mention was out.

My thoughts exactly, when I saw the title I thought that it was going to ba a retrospective on the whole mario thing.

Bah DS game reviews. This is like a snack between meals. The fact that you didn't mention how overused he is kept it from being bumped up to appetizer.

Although I really liked your take on the complexities of the mushroom kingdom.

I love the Mario RPGs! Especially the original, for the SNES. Man I wish they'd bring back Geno. He was the biggest badass ever.

His one liners seem to be getting a lot better (along with his disturbing mental images). I do wonder if he's ever checked out a JRPG like the Tales series without the turn based combat (I know he's done the super paper mario, but I'm talking about one that's main character isn't also in every other genre of games except true FPSs because Nintendo is still sane)? Yes the story of JRPGs are a bit cliched, but then so are a lot of FPSs and hack and slashs. I know I may get attacked for my support of them, but I grew up on them and every game that's less than 60 hours long feels like a waste of my cash when I remember that I got games for no more than $40 that lasted a long time. I'm also not supporting every JRPG since some of them are absolute crap that don't even really try (and is it so hard to find voice actors that don't make my ears bleed?!).

The other thing I have to say about this review is that I somewhat agree with Yatzhee about kids for a much more personal reason (it involves my name and the fact that I worked with 2nd graders for something like 6 years).


The more I look at other posts, the more I realize that people don't read the Extra Punctuation sections.

I enjoyed the child loathing. Great review and even greater applaud for the resisting of title bashing... not that it doesn't deserve it.

Did not see this one coming.
I would've bet money it was gonna be brutal legend.

Rawr submit your soul to a one-eyed demon!


Hilarious, as always, but I was hoping for Uncharted 2 or Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising.

Oh, and I despise children too. Annoying little f*cks.

Why was Tails inferior to Sonic?

Dear God Yahtzee, did you just invite every fucking kid to chime in with their stupid Sonic fanboy opinions? The day of lamp and genie cliche and three wishes and uterus balloons cannot arrive too soon.

Awesome review as always, hadn't heard of this game before but am willing to check it out now.

I have no siblings whatsoever, and I like Luigi more :D
Also, good job to Yahtzee for not complaining too much about Peach's stupid. He's totally right, but he's done that whole bit before. Quite a few times, actually.

Though ZP always gets me to chuckle, this one is the first to make me laugh in a long while. The humour is more in line with that of the early ZPs, has it's small share of rather crude humour, but also a good amount of wit, especially with the Shakespeare stuff at the beginning. All this and without having to resort to senseless bashing. Keep up the good work Yahtzee.

Oh yay.. .Another DS game...
Well glad to see my money was well spent in not buying one atleast..

Shouldn't you be trashing Brutal Legend into oblivion by now?

Sounded pretty like what I expected it to be. Sounds par for the course in the Mario RPG series.

The last game (Partners in Time) was too easy for me (I had to deliberately kill myself to see the Game Over screen) so maybe when the price drops I'll get this one.

there are 3 paper marios

its always so funny to read the first couple of comments on a yahtzee video, why are you telling us your going to watch it?


ive never been into the mario saga and i dont think ill be getting into this one either, its always good to see that im not the only one who reads to much into things...

p.s. i am an older brother, heck im the oldest brother...

not bad but why this game??? i would rather eat my own shoe soaked in acid than play a Mario game

So it was a Shakespeare play that had someone demanding that someone else eat a spider? Which?! It's important! To me!

Tails is better than Sonic because when he dies he comes back a few seconds later.

Look up asshat in the dictionary, you'll see Luigi's fugly face.

... Huh. Didn't see this one coming.

Gotta say, I loved the view of the mushroom kingdom through the lens of politics.

Yes, as a child I too was the one forced to play as Luigi, however I never truly favoured him until Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. This was because using the Leaf power-up turned you into some sort of flying raccoon freak by waggling your silly tail up and down. I just found it amusing to be Luigi and turn into a green raccoon is all. And thinking about it now I have to ask the question; If the Luigi Brothers could successfully fly for a short period of time with only ONE tail how come Tails needs TWO to accomplish roughly the same flight time?

I agree with the kids part.

Tails > Sonic

Luigi > Mario

On a side note, I like the box art for 'Bowser's Inside story', its simple and not cluttered up with all the mismatched characters of other Mario games. Although having a box art of Bowser's insides might have violated several laws >.>

Good review, although I didn't find myself laughing once

Enjoyed the review, nice of you to not badmouth Mario too much, or talk about him at all.
Personally favoured Luigi, don't know if it's because I try to be different or I'm just plain odd.

I always said the thing Mario needs more of is political parody. I'm hoping for "Mario and Luigi: Guerrilla Boot-stomping" next time.

PS: Thousand Year Door = 100 Years War? Have they been secretly teaching history though video games? Since I'm a public-school educated American shmuck, the best I can hope for historical comparison is "sounds similar."

If all of you people chiming "beutal legend" read extra punctuation you would know that it's next week.

So whats a chip sandwich? Or Jammie Dodgers and what I think was Majestic Nadia?

Chip Sandwich = Fries between 2 slices of bread and ketchup (although the image looked more like HP brown sauce)

Jammie Dodgers = shortbread cookie with strawberry jelly in the middle

the Nadia - No Idea but they were digestive biscuits which are somwehere between a wheat cracker and a cookie (great to dip in tea especially if you cant find a hobnob)

comedy as always. red, greasy ballons.....hilarious but will not be able to close my eyes for the next 12 hours

worth it though

I really agree with Yahtzee: Luigi is WAAAAY better than Mario, and we need more games starring him.

great review, I was trying not to crack up in the middle of the library lolll

I was kinda hoping for Brutal Legend but oh well. It was still funny though.

The Rockerfly:
Good review, although I didn't find myself laughing once

For some reason I laughed at the banana bit at the beginning. Twas the only laugh however

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