Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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Exactly, go do some research. DMC came out well before GOW

What's funny is that I think this game just came in the mail today for my room mate. I wonder if I should just tell him that ZP didn't go up this week.

That was one of the most epicest ZP's I've seen recently.

Loved the "Walking coral reef"-part and "I AM A MONSTER TRUCK THAT WALKS LIKE A MAN!"


Oh yes, one minor point I will make is that I think the comments about the "14 year old ideal of masculinity" sort of misses the target. Rather I'd simply say that the game is presenting typical masculinity, face it... guys are wired that way. The modern meterosexuals are more or less an attempt at self supression.

Or let me put it to you this way, we can either have a macho dude driven by a desire to protect, avenge, conquer, and destroy, who acts like a warrior (which mandates a degree of emotional repression while he's doing his thing), or some dude who wants to sit around and talk about his feelings and confusion over the state of human emotion constantly.

I suppose one of the big problems is that a compromise is VERY hard to do, which is why the tiny handfull of characters that pull it off are noteworthy. In general you've got a choice between a Soldier/Warrior, a sarcastic swashbuckler type, or some fruit who would be the the lead man for a chick flick (or one of those gay-seeming supernatural creatures from paranormal romance books and the movies based on them).

In general, I think the withdrawn attitude is pretty realistic to what people who survive via violence wind up like. Granted, they DO insert too much angst into it though which I do not see as a nessicary conclusion.

I suppose War could have been done as the witty "Swashbuckler" of the Nathan Drake mould, which is what you'd get the the "check it out, I'm a monster truck with legs" vibe. However I imagine Yahtzee would have hated that more...

thats mostly horse shit. its socialization. guys arent one way or another. society trains them to behave a certain way regardless of whether its instinctual and the same also applies to women. men are often taught at a young age not to show emotion. its a sign of weakness. whereas woman are taught the opposite. some people believe this is one reason mental illness is far more frequent in males.

just because you think men should be stereotypically masculine doesnt mean youre describing masculinity. even if you think men should be "metrosexual" (btw i hate that word since it has nothing to do with a males sexual preference or anything else inherently related to sex) i would say the same thing. men have a cock, naturally more hair, naturally lower percentage of body hair, etc. most behavioral differences between males and females are almost all provably a result of socialization just by examining a wide variety of cultures.

but i also took Yahtzees comment about 14 year old boys to mean something entirely different. the guy with the big sword is a sexually charged image. a 14 year is around the age of puberty so its appeal to this demographic should be obvious. personally i think its childish to a watch "macho" man battle with giant phallus. also i find the idea to be rather homoerotic which is not my idea of masculine but it very may be yours.

The real question in my mind, is does it all work together to make a fun game? Or is it one of those games that tries too hard to be too much and just falls flat on it's arse making a damp puddle of mediocrity?

I usually take Yahtzee's omission of a mechanic to be praise, but he sounded offended by this game's very existence.

War doesn't look that bad, also, I thought he was supposed to be more "I got reprimanded and killed today" than "moody".


venting out alot of frustrations over this game eh? understandable since it rips off so many games. heh heh, wait till you play bayonetta which i still don't understand why reviewers praised it so much for "originality" while calling darksiders derivative

What does Bayonetta rip off?

well god of war...who in turn ripped off devil may cry, which the original hasn't aged well as it should. to be honest all games end up ripping off each other in a certain way. true "innovation" comes in the form of a unique gameplay mechanic: the z-targeting system, cover systems, regenerative health, etc. The reason these games (Ocarina of time, gears of war/killswitch and halo) are remembered for these mechanics is because they supplanted this feature with tried-and-true gameplay that has been used by everybody else and fashioning unique stories.

though to be honest, in retrospect, it's incredibly difficult for a game to be "original"

This was perfect. Is it even possible for you to dissapoint?

man i have this game and love it. first i don't know what Yahtzee is talking about if you buy your weapon moves then attacking becomes a lot more fun as you integrate more button combos, although its true in the beginning it's like "hmm do i want to push x one time or three?" and to all the people who are now like "after this review i am not going to get it" you are dumb. sure it may take some elements from other games but it uses them really well if you don't want to buy it it's at least worth a rent because this is bullshit now any game that has a mythological setting is automatically ripping off GoW and if there's a light puzzle it's ripping of LoZ, fuck you haters resident evil had light puzzles, prince of persia had light puzzles. the only thing that was a little ridiculous was the portal gun aka voidwalker. everytime i used it i couldn't help but think "now we are having fun with portals" =)

That was simply hilarious. Enjoyed it alot more than the previous one.

... I like Warhammer 40k :(

So, what I gathered here is that Yahtzee hates stupid one-liners from overly masculine characters unless they're -not- making them, and he's going to absolutely hate Bayonetta if his comments on art direction are any indication. Well, that just kills the suspense.

one of his best reviews :D

This is one of my favorite reviews...

Now im just going to grab my microphone and telegraph my pat on the back attack.


Please elaborate on your opinion of people who like Warhammer 40K.

My thoughts exactly.

Im a gelatinous creature too?

Does that mean I'm like a nurgling or something?
I can deal with that.

What constitutes a God of War rip-off?

Awesome review! I've played Darksiders and it's not a bad game, but as always. You can't deny anything Yahtzee says in his reviews :)>.

Fantastic game and review, neato.

To all of the people who keep saying "Gowersh! Yahtzee shur sownds angry." all I can say is no shit. He's angry for good reason. Rip offs are horible in more ways then one. They tend not to be as good as the original and they sap the market of more creative titles because it's mor profitable to steal other peoples ideas. So there!

hes right there all god of war rip offfs

This review was incredibly fun, since he had so much to work with, much like with WET.

although the vid was one of the more funnier ones recently, i canīt help the feeling that darksiders is neglected by some with a strange kind of bias. the kotaku review was also heavily based on the authors dislike for darksiders derivative style and gameplay.

what should be mentioned is that darksidersīgameplay is actually really good. and while some see it as a rip off, one could also see it as a homage to all the games it steals from. fact is, darksiders is the exact game that comes out when you put all itīs influences in a blender and it doesnīt even hide the fact.

i donīt know what difficulty yahtzee took for his playthrough, but kudos to him if he really only needed to button mash x to get through the whole game on anything other than easy difficulty. thatīs the only thing that i remember from the review that was about the actual gameplay. the reviewer from kotaku seemed like he had to downplay the game. it seemed like he somehow had to admit the qualities of the game while he simultaneously hated the art design and thought of it as a shameless clone that tries to cash in on old formulas.

although the game is getting high praise by others, it strucks me that yahtzee and the kotaku guy both sounded so bitter over this game as if it was some illegitimate bastard child or as if it was something personal. the game is by no means as good as the highest reviews try to tell you, but judging a game almost entirely by the fact that a certain comic artist(who sucks) designed the characters and that it is basically zelda64 with god of war-combat(what other game does that mix?) is not that fair.

however, when i have finished the game iīm gonna sell it so i still get at least 20 bucks out of it...


It's been quite a while since i laughed that much on ZP episode.

Nicely done! I just love that dry sarcasm.

I honestly couldn't tell if he was serious about the blue and orange portals.

Well I'm thoroughly enjoying Darksiders and I have several points of contention with Yahtzee's review, funny though it was.

1. Not all of us have EVER owned a Nintendo, and hence a Zelda rip-off can be quite welcome.

2. The combat is simple yes, but it's not trying to be Devil May Cry and the God of War games had a combat system no more complex than this in my opinion. 2 basic attack buttons with the shoulder buttons used as modifiers...sound familiar?

3. The art direction was done by a comic book artist called Joe Madueira of X-Men and Battlechasers fame, how was it not going to be over the top? I do agree with the assertion that the style of armour "borrows heavily" from WoW (in some people's opinion anyhow) but since Joe's art actually predates the MMORPG king then *shock* could WoW have perhaps purloined some of it's graphical style from him?

Anyway still a great review as always, keep up the (searingly caustic) good work!

Actually Bayonetta is much more like Devil may cry. But i suppose the combat in those is close enough.

I loved this review! :D

To all of the people who keep saying "Gowersh! Yahtzee shur sownds angry." all I can say is no shit. He's angry for good reason. Rip offs are horible in more ways then one. They tend not to be as good as the original and they sap the market of more creative titles because it's mor profitable to steal other peoples ideas. So there!

But....but....He insulted my 40k addiction
(makes sad whimpering sound)

Seriously though, Isnt God of war a rip-off of other hack-and slash titles, I mean devil may cry was out 4 years before GOW ever saw the light of day. And if I recall, even that wasen't "new".
Now Im not saying GOW doesn't deserve its mantle,
just pointing out that most "popular" and "good" games, are often less innovative then their mid-teer brothers.
While "innovation" is always welcome, change in a title is much more about how its done, rather than what.

A good idea, executed poorly is much less desirable than a bland idea executed flawlessly.

Darksiders and Dante's Inferno; shameless rip-off's, yes.
I'm hoping he'll be kinder to Bayonetta though. Shameless rip-off, perhaps, but at least the guy who directed Bayonetta is also the creator of DMC. I also really really like it.

What constitutes a God of War rip-off?

Rough tough and scary man's men who beat up mythical creatures of some sort with combos and quick-time events in an entirely too-dreary world.

I know this ain't profound or anything, but i really enjoyed that! =D Looks like teh coming few weeks can be filled with god of war induced bile!

I feel like such a troll...

Bayonetta's more of a Devil May Cry clone, being that they're by the same developer. And I think Bayonetta deserves some credit for being actually FUN.

It's difficult to define fun between the asinine adventures and the actual entertainment.

Yahtzee brought up a bunch of points which were valid, but the point is that it was intended to be kind of a rip off of Legend of Zelda...Joe Madureira (sp?) even said as much. I enjoyed the game a ton, as I kept picturing it as LoZ, but with a really badass viking / hell's angel as Link. Sure, it's derivative (really, really derivative) but it does so many things right. I personally really like the stylized, kind of cartoony art, and it was also great to see an apocalyptic game which doesn't follow the brown - on - grey color palate (Darksiders is pretty colorful. The voice acting (with the possible exception of War) is pretty great...Mark Hamill makes a great villain. And I swear Samael was played by Killface. It's definitely worth your time to play it. You may not get 60 dollars of enjoyment out of it, but I sure had fun.

And yes, I do like Warhammer.

Actually Darksiders, Dantes Inferno, Bayonetta and God Of War 3 does seem kinda similar. Im still picking up GOW 3 because Kratos is awesome, and hell seems like an awesome place too! :-P

I didn't know he had a Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, no no it's completely different. Although the gameplay videos made it look like Shigeru Miyamoto was one of the lead designers.

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