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Waaait, there is a consensus that this is a bad thing?

There is a consensus that it is a bad thing that an indie director is going to reboot Spider-man with a storyline based on Ultimate Spider-man?

After emo-Spidey doing a musical number?


I love Raimi, and he managed to do one very cool film with Spider-man in it in 2, but 1 and 3 never took off for me. 1 was a film cut in half, torn between Spidey's origin and the need to have the Green Goblin as an antagonist. As it turns out, the origin story took so much screen time that it left absolutely no reason for Spidey and the Goblin to be doing what they were doing. In the film's continuity, the Goblin obsesses about Spider-man for no discernible motive (other than this relationship between hero and villain was the core of the infamous James Cameron treatment).

3 was more generally hated, I thought. There was the half-assed Venom plot, the 60's-like weirdness, the completely superfluous Gwen Stacy appearance... it played as the Batman TV series of the saga. It had a couple of heartfelt moments and a few self-conscious laughs, but that was it. The arc closed, the threads were wrapped and it still was not worse than the first, so everybody went home happy.

And now Sony reboots the thing, with Stan Lee's Spidey fairly represented in film already and wants to do the Bendis version?

It's the best superhero movie news I've heard since the rumoured replacement of the X-Men Origins thing for a First Class movie.

You know, I was really hoping for a reboot. I mean, with Dr. Octopus already killed and Gwen Stacy being a totally uninteresting character, it would by nice with a fresh start. That is of course if they decide to dig in on some of the greatest stories from the book series. Make the most out of Gwen and Arthur Stacy's deaths, and Harry's death - or better yet, stay more true to the original story of how Venom and the symbioth came along. If they decide to stay more true to the story, I'll like it.

Dark and Gritty makes me NOT watch the movie.

I still haven't seen "The Dark Knight".

I like lush, colorful universes. And witty, non-serious dialogue.

kinda off topic here but are you excited for the red dawn reboot?

Great article as always.

I think I understand why I'm the only person I know who thoroughly enjoyed all the Spider-Man movies (the live-action trilogy, I mean). I haven't really read the comic books they are loosely based on. When watching these movies, I didn't have to deal with all the pesky "ooh it's not like the comics" criticisms that everyone else had.

I guess I'm not much of nerd, huh?

kinda off topic here but are you excited for the red dawn reboot?

I'm fascinated by the idea of remaking a movie that was as "of it's time" as Red Dawn. I honestly have no idea how they're going to do it in a way that isn't a satire or a full-on disaster: Not only is the worldwide political climate of the original COMPLETELY nonexistant today, but the whole wish-fulfillment fantasy aspect of blue-collar American guerillas staging an insurgent campaign just doesn't seem as automatically "heroic" now that we've had Ruby Ridge, McVeigh and all the other psycho-militia business. That said, the early leaked images of some stuff - like the Chinese-American flag logos - are definately intriguing.

Again, I am glad they fired Raimi's ass. After the stunt he pulled with Spidey 3, it's good that they are going for a reboot. I agree with many of your tips Moviebob: No hot stars under 30, no bad stuntcasting....and if the final battle takes place in the gym on dance night....let the Jonas Brothers be crushed underneath rubble....and have Spidey take the public(but not criminal) blame for not saving them in time.

Personally, I will be happy with a reboot because it means that there is a chance, albeit a small one, that they can do it better. A better Peter Parker, a better Spider-Man, a better MJ. Tobey was ok, but I was always uneasy with the creepy kid from Pleasantville being Peter. Have Spider-Man make his jokes and run his mouth off....with mechanical webshooters. Have an MJ who doesn't IMMEDIATELY come off as a social-climbing whore....if she needs to be one, ease her into it, don't thrust it into our faces.

Ultimate Spider-Man is a great series (though I have read it much post issue 100ish), you have a younger, more vital Aunt May; one who can still whoop Peter's ass if need be when he comes home late. You can deal more with Peter's exploration and joy involving his powers....the "Go web, go!" bit was nice, but then hit too heavily into uncle-death drama and never let loose. Instead of Peter being a photographer...have him be the web designer for the Bugle, show more of the psuedo-father figure thing that he had going with Jonah after Uncle Ben died.

I am having great optimism for the new movie. Let Raimi go back and do another Evil Dead, or keep working on Legend of the Seeker. There, he has both the money and the power(along with Tapert) to do what he wants creatively, without pissing off people who pay him to do something and he doesn't.

I consider myself a fanboy of manything, though I'm not sure about Spider-Man... As for your advice, some of the things would only serve to piss me off more.

Tell Them It'll Be "Dark"

Yeah, I'm not buying that. There are some movies, comic books, themes, etc. that can work dark. Spider-Man has his moments, but typically, Spider-Man's more of a funny guy than the kind of guy that would be associated with anything dark.

"That'll Pay Off Later"

You mean like Chekhov's Gun? (see: )

Other than that, I much care for deliberate teases to something that will be seen in other movies, because that's a trend that's happening fairly often in movies and video games: setting up things for sequels that may or may not happen.

Details and Obscurity

...Well, yeah, I DO love those little details in movies. Not to mention I an a HUGE fan of obscurity! :D

No Stars Under 30

I'm not into things like "teen relations" but I don't mind seeing young actors.

Stunt Casting

I HATE this! >:|

Announce That the Villains Will Be Venom, Carnage, and the Kangaroo - All to Be Played by Zac Efron

LOL, what?

Noo! I have fallen for one of those before! Last time Zac Efron played The Kangaroo, I had to see the movie! Worst twenty imaginary bucks I ever spent...

Ha, seriously, I'd probably have to agree, this movie, despite spitting in the face of fanboys and praisers of the orignals, will probably do well because of stuff like this. How unfortunate.

I don't what made me laugh more--Bob's cynical yet deadly accurate observations, or Adam Baldwin's foaming-at-the-mouth lunacy.

I likes me some batshit crazy right-wing tough guys. John Wayne didn't take no crap.

Not onscreen, maybe. The real John Wayne though...

I don't what made me laugh more--Bob's cynical yet deadly accurate observations, or Adam Baldwin's foaming-at-the-mouth lunacy.

I likes me some batshit crazy right-wing tough guys. John Wayne didn't take no crap.

Not onscreen, maybe. The real John Wayne though...

Interesting article. I was joking when I made the statement, though. That was why I used such poor grammar. John Wayne certainly wasn't the individual he played in the movies. But this article overlooks a very important interview with Playboy magazine that places Mr. Marion Robert Morrison squarely in the company of Mr. Baldwin. In it he dropped gems of wisdom like this:

I believe in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.... The academic community has developed certain tests that determine whether the blacks are sufficiently equipped scholastically.... I don't feel guilty about the fact that five or ten generations ago these people were slaves. Now I'm not condoning slavery. It's just a fact of life, like the kid who gets infantile paralysis and can't play football like the rest of us.

So while you're correct that he may have "taken crap" in his real life interactions, you don't get much more batshit crazy right-wing than that.

Funny thing is if you look at the comments on that Adam Baldwin blog, people are actually agreeing with him on it XD

OT: good article, not your best, but it kept me laughing the whole time, I enjoyed it

I've thought about this, and, if they have to recast everybody, that's fine....BUT! Please please PLEASE keep J.K. Simmons as Jameson! He. Is. PERFECT in that role.

Also Donald Glover should've played Peter Parker. A reboot with a black Spider-Man could be much better than another white one.

the only thing that pisses me off about the new spider-man is that now marvel can't stick him in their movie continuity. The spider-man films were pretty good (number 3 was terrible though) but I hated a lot of the dialogue in the first movie, and the dreadful goblin robot suit. Only spider-man 2 was a genuine classic in my eyes, so a proper new spider-man franchise isn't in itself a bad thing. I'm just unhappy sony's new film is it!

Also read adam baldwins blog and can suggest two theories.

1. he's nuts, plain and simple, part of that libertarian all government is dreadful lets get rid of all taxes brand of idiotic shallow discourse that seems to be infecting politics lately.

2. He wants attention, publicity. Get people talking about him and perhaps land him some juicy acting gigs at fox. (which i'll still watch, politics aside I like him as an actor.)

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