Rebecca Mayes Muses: Mass Effect 2

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Lol @ the Gametrailers watermark in the lower right corner in the Shepard EV scene.

Still, lovely song.

Not worth the wait. I didn't like it. Oh well, still looking forward to the next one.

didn't really get the moster's inc t-shit bit but your vidoes are always inexplicable and fun, that's what i like about them : D

More of Daisy please!

The song had a great melody but the lyrics were lacklustre.

I usually don't like these but this one was ok.

Eh, it was okay. All her songs sound the same, to be perfectly honest. At least the last four or so.

Wonderful song :D

THough it was hard to keep ignoring that damn pop out ad around the video. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing, escapist people

If you full screen the video, you can't see the ad anymore.

Slash Dementia:
A new video! Yay!
Beautiful song; and nice plastic bag costume.

I do wish there were MP3s for these songs, though, because I like them a lot.

they are on iTunes actually but it is as a video


Mash up his whittle face and call him chips...

I'll stop this now.

Yahtzee's ghost lingers on I see :P

Great video, Rebecca! Thanks for not leaking any spoilers! Just moved on to Disc 2 tonight, so I'm full of trepidation already! :D

I don't usually like these but this was very beautiful. Seemed like she liked it?

I was starting to worry that we had seen the last. Another lovely addition! Thanks!

One of my favourites so far, good job, look forward to seeing the next one.

MIKE WIZOWSKI! I love the other persons monster outfit :)

Huh, I just got around to watching all the Rebecca Mayes Muses videos and a realisation crept up on me... all these locations seemed very familiar.

Apparently I live in the same town as you. How utterly odd.

Anyhow, very nice song & video, I must say.

Do you ever meet people when you are out filming dressed up in insanely weird outfits like that, and if so, how do they react?

This is my favourite one. i love the song!

That was a wonderfull song. So calming and easy to listen to, I just got back from work and it has soothed me into a peaceful state. Loved it.

Loved it.. I demand an mp3!


<Dog jumps up>

Oh. OK.

My favourite one yet...amazing peice!

I am being lazy, I am sure I missed this somewhere, but is there somewhere I can order the songs from?

If anyone saw her wearing plastic bags... That must have looked silly as heck.

I really liked rebecaa mayes at first, then I realized that they were all basically the same song.

Wonder what she'd sound like with a full band behind her?

While these are interesting listens I cant help but wonder if having to write a song about a video game every fortnight is a bit limiting on the inspiration.

that was... relaxing. lovey song. and cute dog.

im usually not fan but I really liked this song.

wow, this just made my night...

great song!!! (like always)

Rebecca Mayes= my sexy plastic bag wearing hero lol

man I love these videos!

Watching this video was a real moment of pleasure. I really enjoyed the song and this is my favorite Escapist section. I can't wait for the next video.

Still love your songs Rebecca. They're very soothing.

I love your music, Rebecca, and this was especially lovely. Thanks for making these videos.

So far, this one and the Silent Hill one are tied as first in my books. Please have a link to the mp3s some time <3

It's OK Daisy! She's not really dead! Awwww :']
(like everyone else wasn't thinking that)

I enjoy watching your videos! I liked this song; it's quite calming.

i am still unsure whetheer she liked or disliked ME2, but heck, the song is, as usually, totally visc... sledgehammer!

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