Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

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.....Rebecca Mayes is annoying as fuck, not funny at all.

Maybe that's why she needs to ride on Yahtzee's success.

I find that her lyrics feel like they were written by a child.

As expected from Mr. Croshaw, he chainsawed the crap of E3.

But that last bit of Rebecca May Muse is enough for one time. And seriously, that video has tons of comments.


How did he no mention Portal 2?
I thought we'd finally get a "Woohoo!" out of him...

Because he hates sequels. Mostly because even if the sequel improves things from the first game, it has an inherent lack of originality by virtue of being a sequel.

if he hate Sequels why does he love half-life 2 and Episode 1 and 2???

Honestly, I don't see the point in making us watch Rebecca Mayes sing about Yahtzee. Seriously, I saw that song already, and she's just annoying.

Holy hell, Yahtzee talked about Metroid for a total of SEVEN seconds! A new record!

... But seriously though, the video is just as entertaining as expected. Awesome.
Also, nice inclusion of Rebecca Mayes' song, which I quite liked.

And Christ, the way people reacted to Rebecca's song, you'd think they were forcibly subjected to listening to a cat drown. You weren't FORCED to watch it you know. You could have just done like I did and stopped playing the video.

Heh, I clicked on the comments link, but the page wouldn't load fast enough and the music continued playing, so I had to manually stop the music and then hope the comments page would load up.

Very good, although Rebecca Mayes is annoying as fuck, not funny at all.

Says the person who has 10 posts, and his only 2 badges are about rebecca mayes....
OT. wish he had gone on a bit more about the 3rd party games, but we all knew the motion controller rant was coming, didnt we?

I'm a little confused about people complaining about 3D (or at least that of the 3DS). While the 3D in the 3DS is a bit of a gimmick, it seems (at least to me) to be the right kind of a gimmick. You don't have to wear the goofy glasses (that's a step up) and more importantly, you can turn it off if you don't want to use it. So if you like the gimmick you can use it, but if you don't then there's no need to. Personally my reasons for wanting a 3DS have nothing to do with the 3D aspect.

Though he is right in that the only way to actually see the 3D effect is to have a 3DS with you, which is a bit of a problem but once it's released it'll be easy to check it out (game stores will probably have one on display)

Another bloody Kid Icarus too. Can't forget that, Yahtzee.

To be fair, that isn't "recycling" nearly to the extent as Nintendo's other games. There was only one Kid Icarus game, and this one looks extremely different from that.

I liked the video. It made me laugh a lot. Rebecca Mayes at the end was a nice touch too.

*disgruntled sigh*

alright, so about those of you verbally hating on Yahtzee's new crush/ future murderer

some of you are idiots, and some of you are assholes. those of you who are one or the other, i've no problem with. but those of you who have the IQ of a grape and are mad at everyone else for making you that way, let me make something abundantly clear-

"thanks for shoehorning in the blah blah blah"

"rebecca is as annoying as i am whilst drunk and snorting too much coke"

"i am a whiney emo bitch who is sad you got someone to want to suck your small penis"

look, if you don't like the song at the end of the E3 review, you have two functioning limbs and a mouse. turn if off if it bothers you that much. sing a frank zappa song, those will get any song out of your head. but if you watched it to the very end to see "WHAT JOKE YAHTZEE MIGHTA PUT AT THE ASS END OF THE VIDEO!?" its your own damn fault for watching. i mean, fuck, there's a bar at the bottom of the video to skip to the end even. if you don't like it, don't watch it, and move the fuck on. hearing much more of people who hate something, but are too stupid, or possibly a quadriplegic, to look away, will make me want to steal Rebecca Mayes' icepick, and hunt each one of you down.

you know. to make you nice crushed-ice cocktails. the secret ingredients are cyanide and anthrax.

for the percentage of you who do like her:
i have a theory why he put it at the end of his video- i'm sure everyone is confused about her song, as mr. croshaw is. what do you say about it? hes chosen to say nothing, but does put it in so that she knows he isn't ignoring it and actually has seen it.

I'm a little curious if Yahtzee has played Metro 2033. I want to know if he liked it at all. From seeing the context of it in the video I'm guessing so.

That song at the end was awful.

I think most people have worked out that motion controllers aren't aimed at us.

BUT, if the Move can do a proper lightsabre game (not like TFU on the Wii which was total shit, and made your eyes bleed from a resolution of 200 x 150) then I would buy a PS3 and all the shit to go with it.


I only get a half of episode so you show that fucking shitty music video.

Are you brain-dead or just bad at math? 8 min - 3 min for the song = 5 min... or about the length of your average ZP. Pro-tip: if you're going to abrasively complain about something, you should make sure your complaint is at least valid.

As to all the other song-haters: get a grip.
a) If you thought about it for half a second, you would've realized that the Escapist was almost definitely going to put the two together.
b) Feel free to hit the fucking pause button and not watch the song. It's not our fault you didn't, so it's kind of retarded for you to bitch to everyone about it.

I think someone has a crush on Rebecca Mayes.

And here I was excited to see a 8 min ZP episode but then my enthusiasm got shat on by the annoying lady annoyingly singing about something.

I'm a little curious if Yahtzee has played Metro 2033. I want to know if he liked it at all. From seeing the context of it in the video I'm guessing so.

I've been wondering about this as well. I can totally see him liking it too.

I appreciated having Rebecca Mayes viddeo appended to the end. I thought about watching it when it first got posted, but never got around to it.

I hadn't bothered to sit through the Mays song on her channel. Seems she really doesn't like him.
Makes me like him more.

If you were going to includ rebeca's song at least give an opinion about it. Why are the first seconds mute?

About the main video it was OK, the part i liked the most was the one about raiden.

umm... did anyone see ms. mayes holding a screwdriver at the end of the video?

Well I lol'd quite a bit. I'm not completely objective to motion controls. As long as I can sit down and the controls match my hand controls I can enjoy it. This is why Kinect, as it stands, is absolutely shit. I will enjoy Sorcery on Move though.

I aggree about the motion controllers, but he could have touched more on games like Fallout New Vegas I am salvating like mad for it .hee hee pants hat.

One of the best ZP's I've seen for ages, welldone! *still waiting for SMG2 though*

Rebecca Mayes is easy on the eyes, but quite honestly, that's about it, and SHAME on them for tacking this whiny piece of shit music video onto the end of ZP. What's next? Running commentary from Russell T Davies?

Attention Powers That Be, some people like her and her songs, some people don't. Please keep them separate so that those who like them can enjoy, and those that don't can keep themselves from having their psyches warped and ears ruined. Quite frankly I'd rather listen to Diane Sawyer sing about the economy than hear Rebecca sing about anything. At all. Ever.

For that matter, I'd rather hear Yahtzee spend 5 minutes talking about how awful she is.

Rant over.

How come you haven't reviewed Metro 2033 yet? You obviously know it exists, based on this video.

Good video, of course.

I don't even know why people bother with E3 anymore, it's just a parade of shitty sequels, remakes, and Blizzard and Valve promising shit.

Way to be misinformed. Last I heard Blizzard promise anything in a convention was at Blizzcon '09

Good vid, im thinking maybe the fact yahtzee played the vid at the end of his clip but had no comment was maybe comment enough

Good vid, finally one I agree with completely. Motion control can shove it. Skipped Rebecca Mayes though, not one of her beter songs.

I just never bothered. Like most games I'm happy just going through the main content, which she isn't a part of (it's also why I don't post here often). I thought it was entertaining though, and thought that if Yahtzee did get a stabbing it would go something like: 'You call that a shank? You even stuck it in my bloody shoulder! Okay that was a bad pun, but were you hoping the I keep my heart, brains, or lungs up there!?" Then go on to rant about how people who complain about so-called small hitboxes must be playing with their feet. Or tounges.

Oh, and OT:
E3: nothing new, move along.


The Cheezy One:
that was good
i was thinking "yeah 8 mins long" so a bit disappointed in that regard. also ive already seen that song

No offense, but that song at the end really sucks.

Legend of J:
They added that crap on the end

I only get a half of episode so you show that fucking shitty music video.

Who let that awful song in to the end of the video?

Brilliant come back, Yahtzee. Bravo. :)

wow i was the ONLY person to not hate that song
i actually liked it

I'm a little curious if Yahtzee has played Metro 2033. I want to know if he liked it at all. From seeing the context of it in the video I'm guessing so.

thats what i was thinking
i think he got so many new games around then, its now too late until the dry season

So she invited him for a drink...I think the thing at the end is a hint that she likes screwdrivers! Which is ironic because I'd go out with her for some vodka. Although, did you really need to include it at the end? I don't mind the video but I'll admit I had my hopes up for an 8 min long E3-hole tearing review! Seriously, ANOTHER GoldenEye???? WTF!? Oh well, I guess we're addicted to mediocrity.

Good review as always, a reason to enjoy the middle of the week!

the last thing I want to see when I go for my weekly fix of pure bile and hatred of everything game related from Yatzee is some feminist whining and moaning, like they always do, about her feminist problems that have nothing to do with gaming. At the start I thought it was a love song for Yatzee, but no, she's a feminist so she doesn't do men I guess.

So...Yahtzee didn't respond?

Wow, That's the third time I've seen someone tear down all the over-hyped stuff from e3 and I STILL haven't heard anyone mention anything I care about in the slightest. I guess Vanquish is either so good that no one has anything bad to say or everyone else is just completely ignoring it for some reason.

I'll eat my hat if Yahtzee had anything to do with attaching that mediocre pop dribble at the end there. I'm sure it was the Escapist desperately trying to look cute/make drama/elicit a response from him. Song was fun until she got to the completely meaningless chorus, wherein it became clear that it wasn't a song about Yahtzee, just a 'meh' song that she shoehorned a few one-liners about Yahtzee into.

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