Name Game: #9

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You gotta look at it for what it is, that it probably cost 150$ for that box she has. It didn't even include the game.

Sweet! More Portal jokes from people who never played Portal.

The cake was never a lie. The prior test subject just failed.

I cannot believe I didn't see the punchline coming - well done.

Whoever makes this comic must contain high traces of awesomosity and raditude.

(in reference to the comic) because it's funny to see people like you get worked up.

Everytime someone makes a cake joke a puppy dies.

Pfft, what do I care? I've got a damned cat!

I cannot believe I didn't see the punchline coming - well done.

Whoever makes this comic must contain high traces of awesomosity and raditude.

Well you, sir, must be a gentleman and a scholar.

Best Name Game yet. Way to make a very overused joke funny again.

I like her faces when she's staring into the box.

Very much same here.

Cake jokes are way past being funny. At least this one was better than most.

Why are people acting like this was some clever twist on a tired joke? Someone mentions portal, says they are getting a cake, and then said cake turns out to be a lie. That's it. The basic of the basic.

I'm slightly amazed there are people who actually didn't see this coming, except to say "Man, there is no way this author could be so unbelievably bad, I wonder what new thing they're going to do."

Really, I should be nicer though, this author is a hack, and I guess cake jokes are a bad gaming webcomic rite of passage.

although i could foresee what would happen in this comic already from the first frame, it still made me giggle some..

notice how the guy is big in comparison to her.

ot: funny and witty, though i must say i like this art style better then the previous

This comic isn't even funny when it steals good humour.

I like the Art in this one better then the others?

EDIT: Read it like ron Burgandy. I Put a Question mark closed my browser and thought.....Something was wrong with that. And no i refuse to change it.

Imagine playing the game, and there were nothing but "The Pie is a Fallacy" jokes.

I can imagine those cheeky folks at Valve actually doing this.

In this context I don't think cake jokes are bad at all! In fact, I thought it was funky. :D

If Valve did this to us, I would both love them and hate them.

Sigh. Needs more [rhubarb]

no it was delayed...gee who didn't see that coming

hahaha but I love how Valve is totally avoiding cake jokes in Portal 2...and this would be the perfect comeback/final screw you to people who totally overused it

"it's STILL a lie...get over it!"

Hahahahahahaha, February... That's a joke! xDDD

Still, nice to see that these still hold up on a second reading!

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