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Third trailer was my favorate. GIBB.

Also, poor Roscoe :'( No more avian abuse plix.

All signs and intros looked very profesionaly made :)


Keith K:
Ruh Roh!

Flagrant misspelling of Rosco in your own trailer! Oh no!

No, it's Roscoe.

There is, however, a flagrant misspelling of "thrilling".


Kinda meh, but for a good cause.

I watched some of the feed while they were filming yesterday and the final result was even more epic than I could have expected.

Sega CD is the greatest actor on the planet, I'm glad he's in this!


wait, i didn't get anything of what happened. What exactly is dessert bus?

Desert Bus is a game for the Sega CD. It is arguably the most boring game ever created because the entire game is driving across a desert. The cRRew(maybe?) are playing the game for as long as donations are given to support Child's Play.

Got all that?

Actually to be more specific, Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors is a game for the Sega CD. It contains a bunch of minigames that you are supposed to use to trick your friends. Desert Bus is one of those minigames. It is just driving across a desert, but the catch is that the bus is always drifting off to the right, so if you don't sit there and keep pressing the left button to keep the bus on the road, it crashes and you fail. But you can't just tape down the left button either because then it will just crash on the other side of the road.

Hilarious! Also, I'm really excited/honored to be "in" the video at 3:40. Yay chat!

Please who are these guys trying to fool.

Roscoe is the true star of desert bus.

Oh no! The monkey is bothering the duck!

What kind of horrible murder-simulator are you trying to peddle to our children now!?

I want this game deliberated in a useless committee and then forgotten about immediately afterward, post-haste!

Awesome stuff...wait, do I spot a wild Kroze?!!!!!

Can't get enough of that THIRLLING ACTION

The pigs are the true star of Desert Bus.

Awesome stuff...wait, do I spot a wild Kroze?!!!!!

I thought so...

Fantasticlly made! I remember been there last night for it =D

You're in the chat too!? I didn't notice a "Jaredin" there! :-D


Gibb is the greatest character ever. That is all. Needs moar spoken word though! :-O

Loved the music.

Was that caramelldansen you were dancing to? xD

Awesome song, btw:D

Brilliant. Every single one is great. Fear of the duck, fear of the duck. I have a constant fear that someone's always near...

Did anyone notice that "The Game" was randomly stuck in at the end of the first trailer?

Jeremy creeps the hell out of me at the start of this video. Please don't let him do this again D:

It was cool, but I liked watching you film it better. The talking made it better "MORE MANLY *Slap*"

Surely Kathleen's "Kathleen" intro in the second trailer was a reference to Hypberbole and a Half.

Sega CD is the greatest actor on the planet, I'm glad he's in this!

I do believe they saw me suggest it in chat.

Oh no! The monkey is bothering the duck!

Gibb is not a monkey, he's a Yeti.

I'd comment in excitement over the first appearance of Gibb in an Escapist video, but I'm too busy watching Desert Bus!

I have the same Power Pellet dispenser



Oh no! The monkey is bothering the duck!

Gibb is not a monkey, he's a Yeti.

Oh dear. That does change things.

After all, we know that yetis are scientifically incapable of bothering anyone below 5000 ft.

The duck's bothering the yeti! Oh noes!

Why have you betrayed us Roscoe?

Wow. Got to get me some iMovie once the Mac App store hits.

Awesome use of the new iMovie =) may sway me into getting it - desert bus looked awesome though i didn't get a chance to watch anything else on it

Roscoe is now my favourite LRR cast member for ever.


Last one was the best

Thumbs up to Paul for epic pose.
When the hell will Bill showup on camera again?

I really wish you guys where in Tucson. image

I'd find you guys and get your autograph! image

I love how a desert bus advertisement played before this video.

Yay!!!! Gibb's back! Haven't seen him in a video for a while.

Great set of trailers. I saw some of filming. Great job splicing it all together.

Go Desert Bus.

I already donated some a little money to kick things off. I'll be making some challenges tomorrow night when I have some free time and can watch without interruption.

Go Desert Bus!!!!

I'd make fun of the typoes, but you're bussing tired from all the bussing you've been doing so it's acceptable!

Also, dance part and danssen made me lose my shit.

Lastly, crabcore goomba blanketpimposter.

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