286: Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

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Well thats interesting, I never knew navi changed colour, probably didn't notice because my eardrums were overwhelming all the other senses. Anyway I never found Navi particularly intrusive except sometimes when I was trying to explore by myself for a bit and she wou- HAY HAY LISTEN LINK LISTEN HAY HAY LISTEN LINK LINK HAY HAYHAYHAYHAYHAYHAAAAAAAY

I suggest psychological treatment for many of you. There is obviously a lot of disturbed people here.

Hell, I liked Jar Jar Binks better than Navi.

I think the biggest problems most people have with Navi are:

1) Her constant cries of "Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" when we KNOW what it is we need to do.
Yes, we get it, Navi. We need to go see Saria in the Lost Woods. Kinda busy trying to win Epona here, though.
Yes, Navi, I know we need to find a way to un-freeze Zora's Domain. Just let me figure out how to get this one Heart Piece and then we can go.
I'm not saying she isn't helpful, but with a giant world to explore, as dire as the situation is, one can still make time to stray from the main story for an hour or two to do some exploring.

2) Her stating of the obvious makes players feel like they're playing as an idiot.
Yes, Navi, we see the chest in front of our face. Yes, Navi, we know there's an enemy in front of us.
Of course, then there are also the times when it WOULD have been helpful for her to point something out, but she didn't.
Huh, guess Navi didn't notice the Like-like on the ceiling, either. Huh, guess Navi was so focused on that chest right in front of our face that she didn't see the enemy behind us.
Again, not saying she isn't helpful. The problem is her priorities sometimes need some work.

Do I hate Navi? No. I think she's a wonderful sidekick. She just gets WAY too focused on one thing, to the point that she seems to be obsessed.

I disagree because one, she never shuts up, ever, and two, everything she told me I already figured out or noticed hours ago.

Navi: Hey watch out!
Me: You mean for that large lizard in bright armor, weilding a claymore, and screaming at the top of it's lungs in the brightly lit room directly ahead? Thanks I didn't notice that.

I am not a bad person for not wanting to constantly listen to a chattering person. In real life, I tell that person to shut up or move away from them. Link can't do that to Navi. A good sidekick also knows when to keep they're trap closed.

If that makes me a bad person, then I'll see you all in Hades.

Thank God I found someone who shared my opinion. I like Navi.

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