Miracle of Sound: Mining All Day long

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Very, very nice. I think I like this even more than Rebecca! :D

This is turning into a great series!

Good escapist time to cash in on your ridiculously large MineCraft fan base. **as I say those words out loud I suddenly become sad**

I still miss Rebecca Mayes but this is real awesome stuff

Don't stop the awesome.

I'm loving this.

I love your songs. Top notch as always Miracle!

In the words of Charlie Sheen, this is most definitely winning.

This is awesome. Bravo, guys.

So, we lose Rebecca Mayes and get Miracle as an apology?
Worth it.

Couldn't get into this as much as your other songs since I'm not a massive MC fan, but it's still pretty darn awesome.

Once again, much better than Rebbecca Mayes.


I had no idea you were making videos for the escapist now, congradulations man!

You deserved it.

I approve of the dirt monument to the Escapist.

Man, these videos are starting to become my favorites, even beating out Yahtzee...

We need a repeat button.

Omg, that was amazing MoS!

It was so happy *toddles off to play Minecraft*

That was fantastic! Consider me a fan of you guys.

'I'll be loggin' on to God's great super-server in the sky
His frame-rate's in the hundreds and his settings are all high'

Great lines!

Great song too.

The only thing i missed was something in the lines of..
*humming the tune*
I should probaly hit bed and get to sleep I should..
But I just gotta go punch some more wood!

That was fantastic! Consider me a fan of you guys.

Miracle of Sound is one person. He does all this by himself.

The.....Best......Song........Ever....... :3

Who would have known that winning March Madness would not only get you the advertising deal, but a banging MoS song!?!?! (or maybe, its all part of the deal, and soon Minecraft stuff will be popping up in other features and columns, hmmmmmmmmmmm???)

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. But really, catchy tune. I enjoyed it =)

I'm a crafter and I'm okay
I sleep all night and I mine all day

Dr. Pepper Unlimited:
I love your songs. Top notch as always Miracle!

Notch, I get it.

This is the SECOND best minecraft song video I've seen on the internet.

In Search of Diamonds

That was great keep up these awesome songs

Why does the Escapist keep wanting songs, they all kinda suck. To bad there are at least 60 fanboys that will suck whatever the escapist shows them.

Sorry they couldn't hire Pink Floyd.

My approval, you have it.

Good job :D

We need a download link for this...

You had me at "Mining". By any chance you guys going to sell these songs as just music?

Just wanted to say Miracle. I have not been mining all day long, but if I was doing that I would have had this song on loop.

If this isn't on the Ear Worm examples at TV Tropes already, I'm going to add it.

This is so Ear Wormy, I'm going to be listening to it on loop for the rest of the day, lest I get it stuck in my head.

This is awesome :D
Thank you!

Not sure if this works for everyone but in terms of a replay button, I just hit play again and it set itself on repeat. Just putting that out there.

aww...poor cow

That was a depressing way to end the video.

Damn, this is great work! I can't wait to see more of your work, and on the Escapist now.

I just realised something. We get ZP every Wednesday, and now this every other one...

Who else anticipates massive site crashing every two weeks on Wednesday?

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