Critical Miss: Mass Effect 3

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Hilarious comic, but you made one mistake -- femShep is properly shown from behind.

I guess that makes the gamer a meta-Schrodinger.

This topic may need some pruning. There's so apollenly many puns I almost soiled myself.

Also the comic was hilarious :D

Mining could have easily been made fun with random slaver, Batarian, pirate, merc space combat encounters. Joker does the piloting ala-starfox-style corridor battles, and any repairs needed can be fixed by using some minerals. Bam! I just made mining fun and I'm not on Bioware's payroll... which reminds me, Bioware, put me on your payroll.

"Eh... still beats scaning for minerals." --Also beats playing slots for cash :P




Ugh. Beyond be-leaf.

At least they twigged it though, that must have been a tree-t.

Yeah, atleast they're branching out.


I think I might be going to hell for laughing at all these terrible puns... :D

It just never ends. One lame pun is cringe-worthy, but so many of them from so many users? It just kind of builds up. Maybe I'm just barking up the wrong...

Nope. Not gonna do it.

Exactly why I hate the Mass Effect series


That would be pretty amusing, collect minerals and upgrades by watering a plant.



I see what you did there. For sixteen hours.

The problem with Mass Effect 2 is rooted in boredom

Please pardon my intrusion, sir, but you seem to have forgotten to put your sunglasses on.

his avatar has them.
on another note...

How about this. Make it so you don't have to find the upgrade, then pay a ludicrous sum of minerals just to implement it. I don't care if it covers the whole squad or one guy, if it costs 50K credits or 25K resources, a 10 percent boost ISN'T WORTH IT! That and leveling at the END of a mission were the only things I really abhorred in ME2. Top gun in 1 was a HUGE effective increase. In 2, you get like a 70% boost on some weapons if you played right, and a measly 15% from your armor with items that boost the same thing. Anyway, I liked the Mako better, at least then you could cruise around. And hope a Thresher didn't pop up and one shot you...

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