Zero Punctuation: Infamous 2

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Kinda disappointed he didn't notice the achievement that's really a homage/reference to his review of Infamous 1.

Which tropy is that?

"Health points like gamer girls have daddy issues"...LOL, so true about the ones who are all "I'm a girl, did I mention I'm a girl?".

so cole auto wins this bout with prototype because he got his game out first? i bet yahtzee wanted to see them do that dress stunt again XD

it is interesting that yahtzee gave it such a seemingly good review despite the "moral choice-but not really" mechanic. i guess it really must have some merit.


Call me immature, but my goodness I loled at "or you can fuck a cow"

you're immature. But then I laughed out loud as well.

call me immature

you're immature :3


Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.

Except the one for Portal. But yeah I was quite surprised he actually liked it.

Watch his review for the original Infamous, it's pretty favorable too.

I'm surprised he didn't mention the create a mission thing in the game.

Then again if he did he'd probably just end up repeating what he said about LittleBigPlanet 1.

In other words its the same as the first game a few flaws but still manages to be good to a nice level of polish.

No it also has a "make your own mission" thing like littlebigplanet.

oh dear you had to quote carry on cleo didn't you

It was a good game so I'm surprised he liked it.

Maybe this will hush up the Infamous haters a little bit.

The good ending made me straight up cry

Did Yahtzee just reference an internet meme?

Apparently.... Maybe it's time to call an all-out kidnap and replacement conspiracy alert.

It's the only sensible option if you ask me.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Infamous 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Infamous 2

Watch Video

O.o... well that's odd! What was that bit about a Romanian judge @4:35 all about?
I'm asking because I honestly couldn't make any heads or tails of it ...and I'm Romanian!

Also, this has to be THE most lenient review I have seen in a long while, and following the one from Duke Nukem Forever... GREAT SCOTT Yahtzee! I hope you're not going Soft on us.

good God, that was an extraordinarily positive review

gonna get this game, when I was originally not planning to try it at all

Best one he's done in ages. I would play that game if I were a console freak, but as we all know it I'm an honest citizen of "The Ultimate PC Master Nation", i.e. "The Fourth Reich".

I wish infamous was on xbox360

wait the city called new they know it mean it mean new swamp

a third morel stand point must be introduced and its called i don't give a f*ck. you will be realy good at this if you choise good or bad randomly ( basicly a "grey" char ). but the powers must be a little more weaker then truely good or evil.

He liked a sequel, let's pop the champagne. First bottle is mine.

Now I feel like playing it.


but true, shockingly he's being kind of nice to a game for once, he must REALLY like it... I wonder when Prototype 2 is being released, if we'll get the same malarkey as last time where he plays them off against each other and then asks for the best lingerie pictures of the opposite game's character >>

You know what? this was probably one of the best -actual review- like ZPs. I got quite an insight into the game from this, and while it was less about the comedy, it still had me bursting out laughing a few times (particularly Brisbane and the sock in the fruit basket for some reason).

It was the discussion about what makes a good sandbox and especially the talk about moral choice systems that really stuck out though- it seemed to elevate the video right up to extra punctuation levels of 'worth listening to'.

Plus it redoubled my conviction that with everything he has said about sandboxes, he'd probably love M&B Warband...

To be fair, being evil is easier.
Well at least at the beginning, where you either toast everyone or fight it out precisely, but after that it pretty much becomes redundant.
Apart from the fact that you can kill civillians, hence allowing you to use your sky-f*@k moves consequence free!
Though i was quite suprised he liked it.
Maybe it was because of the rather enjoyable noise pigeons make when they hit the ground...
But great, funny review once again!

you know Yahtzee's comment at the end there about electrified wee reminded me about a thought i had my self, during this game you basically romance one of the two lead ladies(if not for their powers than for the interesting dialogue when they get flirty) and my thought was this, since Infamous 1 its been stated(subtly) that Cole has an ever present and seemingly unconsciously controlled electric field around him that trashes most conductive things he comes in contact with(how his goddamn phone works or how ANY radio signal works with his big electric ass around is a mystery) ANYWAY my thought was this does his dong emit electricity like the rest of him and if so how the hell would he be able to bone a regular or super-powered chick?


Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.

Except the one for Portal. But yeah I was quite surprised he actually liked it.

I too am a bit in shock (har!). I just finished the first game (thanks, free game!) and was not horribly impressed by its moral choice and insanely strong mook enemies, but did find it fairly enjoyable over all.


wait the city called new they know it mean it mean new swamp

They know, they deliberately called it that, because the city is surrounded by swamp areas.



Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.
I kept waiting for the big turd covered other shoe to drop and the worst it gets is that the moral choice system still sucks, (s shoe just not turd covered).

Go watch the orange box. THAT is the most favourable review Yahtzee has ever done. Sort of.

and the one for Painkiller was probably a bit more positive than this, but I reckon this one comes third after those two.

Edit: Correction. Infamous 2 comes fourth after Orange Box, Painkiller and Saint's Row 2

Very true, the painkiller review has my favourite quote ever: "IT SHOOTS SHURIKENS AND LIGHTNING! It could only be more awesome if it had boobs and was on fire!" :D

That's it. It is what I feared since the beggining. Yahtzee is broken. The Duke Desilusion Forever was too much for him. Nothing can beat that.

"Oh, look! An in tact thing!" <--made me laugh really hard for some reason

So, basically, Yahtzee would have found the game nigh on perfect had SP named the two extremes on their moral choice system differently? Maybe, had they gone for "complete twat Cole" and "butter wouldn't sodding melt Cole" he'd have been happy with it all round?

The thing is, they can't(not AND have a decent sandbox as the writing and mission making would get mental and the dev cycle would just grow and grow-and SP aren't a massive team despite a decent legacy with Sly)do all the shades of grey and might have been best ignoring the first game and just having a few choices and an unfairly misunderstood Cole in a world where people just see the worst in you and especially mistrust you if you're an outsider with amazing powers who, they say, managed to destroy his own town. Nearly twice. ?wouldn't have been that hard to make two or three endings and just save all the good power ups for a set XP or whatever. I realise the first had it so they felt they needed it and the inclusion of a level editor speaks volumes to me as this game cannot have MP so they want ANY reason for replay value and for that you gotta, partly, blame the critics of this world who create when there's no MP in a strong SP package-WTF is that about?

I really liked the first inFAMOUS despite finding the choice system a bit weak myself and thought the star was the under rated writing and couldn't, for the life of me, understand how anyone found ,much of a similarity with it and Hulk UD2(or Prototype)at the time as P'tye was the worst written and unconvincingly put together game of it's year. Hopefully they've done as much with that as SP seem to have managed with what looks just about the best sequel inFAMOUS was ever going to get. It's never going to please everyone(sandboxes minus the R* mark rarely seem to for some reason)but SP always, for me, make well put together games and never get to hog the limelight and they really deserve a bit more than that. also hoping for a better show from P2 later this year as, even with a poor first game, there's something worth saving in there.

The evil path wasn't that good compare to the good because Cole didn't come across as evil at all. He did 90% of the same thing as in the good path so there was no impact in playing in the two different paths.

Vegeta.. whats his scouter say on his power level.... ITS OVER 9000 !!!!!!!!!!!! 9000... can't believe no one got this internet meme.. its the first time Yahtzee has mentioned it.

+1 point for Yahtzee

Yeah, sounds good and all, but if you're after a nit to pick, here's one: It's only on bloody Playstation! FFS I'm really goddamn tired of this exclusives business. Someone needs to explain to developers, preferably using lots of sharp pointy memory aids, that games released on only one platform are artificially limiting their audience and therefore sales. I think exclusives hold back gaming as a medium, and really ought to result in the automatic loss of a point or two in the old ten point review scale.

Yeah, Sucker Punch, Insomniac, and Naughty Dog have to be my three favorite developers personally, and Sucker Punch is definitely the odd one out there. I can't help but associate the three with Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Crash Bandicoot though... even if Insomniac was also Spyro (and Naughty Dog also Jak and Daxter)...

OT: Loved the first, going to get this one. Still want to platinum the first though.

huh wow..i haven't finished the first one up, been jumping on and off now, but from what i've seen around i might just have to beat it and get the 2nd one

I have say, I entirely agree with you for once in my life. Why be evil when being good is so much better?

The thing I liked most about the moral choices were the civilian's reactions. In my good playthrough, they would say, "Go get 'em!" or, "My family wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you." As I'm doing my evil playthrough, some comments from the people really sink to the bone. Like, "How can you live with yourself?!" or, "We're not just toys to be played with!"

Sounds like the perfect sequel. Same basic gameplay and mechanics but with added features and tweaks.

I wonder what Yahtzee thinks of Sucker Punch's first work, the Sly Cooper trilogy.

Moral choice should just become choice, and let the players morals factor into right and wrong

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