Goodbye is Still Goodbye

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Fare well, Russ

Goodbye Russ, it's been a wild ride, and though I didn't always agree with you on everything (Game Dogs, mostly) It was an amazing few years, I'm glad to see Steve get the spot too, he's been an asset to the team for quite a while.

It's always hard giving up something you love.

Cya later, friend.

Good luck.

Well I guess this is where we do indeed part Russ.

Happy trails and I wish the best of luck to you in whatever new adventure you stumble up!


Your State of the Industry piece still strikes me as the smartest and most necessary statement about the video game industry I've ever read.

Good luck with wherever you go and whatever you do.


Wait, Russ is quitting The Escapist? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
First Extra Credits, then him! We'll miss you =(

Good bye my brother, hope you manage to find your great perhaps and have many adventures :)

Goodbye Russ. Even though in today's Internetworld, Goodbye does not have to be Goodbye anymore. As long as The Escapist exists, you will only remain a mouseclick away.

Good luck on your future endeavours.

I wish you luck on whatever you choose to do now. I'm sad to see my favorite staff member leave ):

No more Kane jokes.... No more random weed comments in the podcast....

MY WORLD IS FALLING APART! It was Duke Nukem Forever that finally broke you, wasn't it?

But seriously, best of luck on your future endeavors, whatever they may be. I'll be bookmarking False Gravity, so be sure to update it when you got news. Oh, and give Steve the Outlook password for the podcast e-mail account, dammit.

I wish you luck in life! You've really made this site a great place.

I'll always miss your /fingergun...

You'll be remembered well mr Pitts, you were truly excellent.

Awww, I never got to really interact with you, but it's been great having you! You made the Escapist a great place. I hope it continues to be in your absense, and that whatever you do, you do with awesome!

Thank you for everything. Best of luck!

Goodluck Russ on whatever adventures you pursue.

So long Russ. If you get killed in your new adventures, I'll send a guy to avenge yah.

Goodbye, good luck and godspeed, Russ. See you wherever the road leads.

You're leaving some seriously massive shoes to fill. Like Deathstar sized shoes. Best of luck to you!


By other adventures he means Game Dogs 2, right? Please don't.

well the escapist seems to be dying. talent jumping ship, contributors going unpayed and the most overlording mod's ive ever had the misfortune of running into. oh well.

Goodbye mister Pitts. It was a pleasure. I hope you future endeavours will come with good luck.

We never really talked...
Actually never EVER talked, but that's okay, i'm sure you're a nice person.
Although i have never met you, i have certainely felt your impact on the site, and it's positive! (but not in the medical way, that would mean you had something like scurvy)
look i'm rambling but I wish you luck on your adventures fighting robots and monkey pirates.
Adios amigo, you'll be missed!

Epictank of Wintown:
See you next time, Space Cowboy.

Great now I'm breaking out into tears like when Spike died.

Epictank of Wintown:
See you next time, Space Cowboy.

Great now I'm breaking out into tears like when Spike died.

Daystar Clarion:
See you space cowboy.



STOP IT!! *Sobs* T~T

This makes me sad, but hopeful. Good luck in all of your endeavors. I am sure you will succeed in whatever it is that you choose to do next!

Well in all honesty, Russ you have never steered me wrong with anything you've done on this site. Whether it be your reviews or sketches, I have always found them to be pretty damn good.

And yes I'm willing to forgive Game Dogs, because I was certainly enjoying it for the short time it aired.

So yeah Russ, I wish you well on your endeavors and may your success be just as magnificent if not better than your time with The Escapist.

Seeya Boss


Goodbye Russ you will missed, and not just because your name made me think the Escapist was run by Leman Russ.


Goodbye, sad to see you go mr Pitts. Good luck and thank you.

PS. Just one question. What is "European-style writing" and how does it differentiate from "American" style?

Hehehe... Steve Butts.

21 Fingergun Salute?

You'll be missed Russ.

So long, Russ.

I hope the future is going to be kind to you, but I agree with whoever above me said that it would be cool if you maintained a presence on the forums /returnfingergun

I'd be a lot more sad if Steve Butts wasn't taking over! I've never been a quiet admirer of Steve and I'm glad someone so capable is taking the EiC role.

I'm quite sad to see you go Mr. Pitts, but i understand we all have to move on to other things.

Good luck in any future adventures, i know you'll do well!

EiC is not an easy job, nor always one that goes fully appreciated by the readership that reaps the benefits of its work. Thank you for doing that work, and largely, as near as I know, doing it well. Good luck with future endeavors.

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