Escapist Podcast: 034: Mass Effect 3 DLC & PS Vita

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I just wanted to say that I'm so psyched that there's another podcast. After it not airing for two weeks I was beginning to get worried. Also, I love that there was a shout-out for Advanced Wars. I just love both the aesthetics and mechanics of that game, making it my favourtie digital strategy game around.

The only small mercy was Susan Arendt's absence.

That's twice in a row you've complained about her, and having read through comments on past podcasts, I think you're pretty much alone in your hatred.

"Fire Susan" isn't constructive criticism; I don't see how it does anything but detract from the degree to which people can take your posts seriously.

Pee theory: When monkeys are given hum an toys, the females play with both equally, while the males prefer kinetic sort of toys like trucks.

But I'm not quite convinced that the male interest with movement comes from our superior peeing equipment, as much as from our significant lack of lactating and pregnancies, which led us to being the good-at-stabbing part of the species.

This cultural divide obviously generated gender roles that went far beyond genetics when, well... when, culture actually became more than us just the rules of how not to become extinct.

...I hope everyone actually realizes this, and you were just... taking the piss.

EDIT: First source that google gave me:

Mass Effect: I also have the silly urge to throw my snowflake of an opinion to the raging blizzard that is Mass Effect bickering, because... that's what we do here, right?
First off, the thing that I haven't seen mentioned amongst all the obvious DLC hate: This character just shouldn't exist, IMO.

Now on the integrity issue of this DLC: making a product as good as possible.

1) I'm sure the people actually making this game want to deliver the best possible product on release-day, in a single package.

2) That's what you should try to do, morally speaking.

3) The companies that strive for that are the ones that will get the finite amount of money I have for games.*

It's fine to have your game-breaking-bonus-weapons and fourth-wall-breaking-hoodies and silly robodogs. They don't necessarily make the game better.
Soundtracs and RL junk are encouraged in collectors editions. I love that shit.
It's even fine to make non-free DLC for later release(though DLC=free, expansion packs=/=free, is how it should be).

No, I'm not saying that companies that wish to make as much money as possible are evil beings to be burned at the stake. Yes, not adding content when you could, is not trying to make the best possible product(unless of course, the content is shit, in which case: why are you selling shit to me?). No, I'm not fucking saying I'm entitled to the best possible product. I'm saying that the companies that want to give the best possible product to their customers, are the ones I like.

And when the company that made KotOR and Mass Effect 1 become just another company for me, I become sad, and I go rant on the internet.

*Totally daddies money; haven't worked a day in my life. But you know, in principle.

As for the actual content of the podcast:

In the Terminator series, Skynet's takeover is deemed to be inevitable; every time someone "prevents Skynet", it just delays Judgment Day.

My girlfriend loves throwing stuff away to get rid of clutter, so when we're cleaning up, I actually feel bad if I tell her that I want to hang on to something, but can't give a good reason why. She has to keep reminding me that I can hang on to things if I want, but that I just need to make a decision.

I stopped watching The Office when Jim and Pam got married. That was it for me. I saw that it was going downhill, and I figured that was a good time to stop.

I agree with Steve about the X-Files; I much prefer the one-off episodes -- the one with the planned community where people are killed for violating the home owners' association rules (for instance, when Mulder put his basketball hoop outside) is one of my favorites. I also like the temporal-loop episode where Mulder keeps getting blown up in a bank robbery.

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