Erin Stout, Detective

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Erin really is...what do you call it when you word an argument so that you always win, no matter what your opponent says because you were really cheap?


Ouch, last panel ... that's the most abuse I think a guy has ever had to take just for being the sexless innkeeper.

Although I love that reference, he technically did have a chance to have sex with Erin. Though she was all drunk and crazy so I can see why he said no.

She did come on to him, yes. But only after being scathing about his initial approach, releasing way more information than she'd normally give a stranger about her mental condition, and finally - after he suggested putting her in a cab home. She needed a place to stay, went the flirting route when that seemed most likely, then reassessed and switched gears. I still think the whole shebang was in the interest of finding shelter for the night.

chin up Erin

Whoa man, this got seriously dark all of a suddon.

Not that it is a bad thing by any measure, but seriously, seriously dark!

Don't you dar leave us hanging.

Shouldn't he say "what did I FELL for" instead of "fall"?

Shouldn't he say "what did I FELL for" instead of "fall"?

Grammatically speaking, no. Since "did" is already conjugated to indicate past tense, "fall" should stay as is. Alternately, he could say "what I fell for" and omit the verb "did."

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