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Incidentally, is this video in any way related to a long standing Doctor McNinja gag?

Not sure what gag that is, but no.

The mustache thing at least, is real for us. James always rocks the mustaches in videos, and we tell him to grow a real one... oh, but no, he won't or can't.

Awesome ep. Does the Stinger constitute a "Psych Hitler?"

Don't worry James, it's not the mustache on the outside that counts, it's the mustache on the inside.

...Then again, maybe you should make an appointmen with the laser tattoo removal clinic.

Dammit Hitler! Way to ruin a perfectly good Charlie Chaplin moustache!


I'd wear just a 'stache, but I look like a registered sex offender when I do. Even more so than when I have a killer neckbeard. I try to keep everything groomed, but it's really a pain in the neck.

I think I'd look good with the Charlie Chaplin, except for the fact that Hitler ruined it for everyone.

The whole episode was great, but the favorite sins bit positively killed me.

What ... was that?

9GAG is better anyway.

I'm loving the Charlie Chaplin Mustache there James!

What? no... it doesn't remind me of that Austrian chap, he stole the idea!

There's nothing quite like a good Hustle. Definitely my favourite flavour of LRR. :)

that was absolutely awesome! loved it

Bahaha the removal of the magazine to show the mask absolutely made my day, thanks guys :P

Hmm... the rapid delivery, the callbacks, the writing style seems so familiar.

Graham, did someone on the LRR staff recently watch a lot of Archer? Not that im complaining, far from it.

Gotta say LRR crew, that picture mural of holographic magic cards is FREAKING SWEET.



I'm disappointed by the lack of punching when I searched r/funny. Did they not post it, or do I lack sufficient search-fu?

Mustache James is kind of a dick?! Lol... I don't think it's the mustache ;)

There is just something about Hustle that makes me love it more than any other kind of LLR video. The writing always seems so effortlessly hilarious.

Don Savik:
Gotta say LRR crew, that picture mural of holographic magic cards is FREAKING SWEET.


Could be problematic, seeing how it is an actual, uncut sheet of foil magic cards, something that WotC almost never gives away.

Pity, I know.

I can't decide who I like more: Mustache James or Patient Mask James.

Also, was that mustache real at the end? That made me break out laughing.

that is a good magazine.

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