Can Americans Make Anime?

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Are they physically capable, yes. Is it in the interest of humanity for them to do so, probably not... but id love to be proved wrong.


I would say the thumbnail proves it, but in Avatar the eyes aren't big enough, the boys actually have brains, and the women aren't constantly pulling hammers out off their barely concealed asses to bash the boys' heads in for the slightest offense. Plus they don't take the time to explain their attacks while doing battle and there is less that ten minutes of split screen reaction shots per episode.

Oh well, back to the drawing board...

You forgot the exclamation fragments (see: Link's vocabulary).

Haha you're so right! I hate that stuff! That's why I think American can make better cartoons with Anime inspiration. And that's why I prefer Studio Ghibli animation, because they may be surrealistic, but they aren't insultingly stupid.

Anime is a MEDIUM not a genre. Can't even believe I or anyone would have to explain that. From crime anime to harem girl anime.

Give it up. This community doesn't listen to sense and reason. As far as they're concerned, they're happy dwelling in their ignorance that all anime is either;
a.)Girls with big breasts or
b.)Guys with big swords.

I wrote about this a while ago!
It's just a blog and it's not as good as this article, but I totally beat The Escapist to something!

Check it out and bring me some traffic, if you don't want to read that lemme sum up my thoughts.
For me the problem is that my first experience with American made manga was a terribly drawn christian story ( Love God and all, but DAMN that story was bad). The plot was predictable and droll and it tainted my view of the American product. It wasn't just the Christian manga though, every time I encounter an American made manga or anime after that it felt like a generic rip off.

When I heard about Avatar and how it was American made I didn't give it a second thought.
I was forced to watch the first two episodes of Korra, however, and am extremely grateful that I did. I am now looking forward to the second season and biding my time with the rest of Avatar :).

I pride myself in being an open minded person, but I got it into my head that it was impossible for Americans to make a show with a good plot and characters with Japanese/Chinese influence.

Oh come on. Anyone can make anime. It's all in the presentation.

Yeah, I agree with your "anyone can make anime" statement. Hell, apparently Rockstar Games can... heheheh...

The contemporary definition of anime in today's pop culture refers to only two things, the art style and typical conventions. The more realistic proportions save for the big gooey eyes, the excessive amounts of exposition and esoteric site gags take precedence over the fact that it came out of Japan. Legend of Korra isn't anime despite being made in the west, plenty of shows such as Panty and Stocking aren't anime despite being made in japan.

If it is not from Japan then it is not an Anime.
Anime does not describe a certain art, presentation or animation style. The only thing it accurately describes, and mind you only to insiders, is the origin. If you take that away then the term is rendered completely useless.

Manga = Japanese Comic
Manwha = Korean Comic
Manhua = Chinese Comic
Comic = Western Comic

So my answer is: No Korra or Airbender can not be Anime.

Sure they can. Boondocks, Teen Titans and the two Avatars are pretty awesome. and the new black dynamite toon too.

Are they physically capable, yes. Is it in the interest of humanity for them to do so, probably not... but id love to be proved wrong.

The Boondocks is one of the better animated shows ever IMO. It's a damn fine service to humanity.

considering all the western cartoons that have been taking influence from anime, I'd have to say yes (now I'm just waiting for when writers start making anime-influenced novels and comics more often). I really get sick of people using "anime" as an insult as quite a few people use it to denote cartoons from Japan as a lesser artistic form; videogame crowds are particularly guilty of this, unaware that there are a BAJILLION styles of what is considered an "anime" artistic style.

I say no but both the Avatar series are an exception to the rule. I prefer the anime typed animation to stay in Japan and and American typed animation to stay in America.

Can american make Visual novels?

i watch both cartoons and anime, anime is far better when it comes to quality of the art style. when it comes to the full length movies its not much of a difference other then the style of story being told. when it comes to series like avatar and korra the difference is almost nonexistent

It isn't a style.
It isn't a medium.
If it isn't from Japan, it isn't anime.

Anime doesn't mean it has a certain kind of plot or a certain artistic style, because there are shows from Japan that go against those grains since anime first came about. If you believe a cartoon to be quality, then just call it a quality cartoon. You don't have to needlessly rename Western cartoons "anime" just because you can't grasp the idea that a Western cartoon can do just as well as Japan can in the fields that you like in Japan's stuff. Just because you're playing a guitar riff from a famous rock song on a piano, doesn't mean you now have to call the piano a guitar.

You wanna make food comparisons? Here's a good one.

If you are from New York, go to Chicago, and order a pizza, you're most likely going to get a deep dish pizza. Why? Because that's what the most common and popular type of pizza is in Chicago. However, not ALL pizza made in Chicago is deep dish. And not all chefs or patrons who enjoy deep-dish pizza have any relation to the city of Chicago. You can eat deep dish style pizza without even knowing it's the popular style in Chicago. Just because it's the common style, doesn't mean that anyone doing something similar is deliberately imitating it and therefore has to classify itself as thus.

All of those things that you said were in Korra about characterization and whatnot? Those don't always exist in anime, but they also exist in plenty of other animated works from all across the world.

Any cartoon from Japan can be whatever it wants to be and still be a Japanese cartoon.

So why is it that when a non-Japanese cartoon has certain elements found fairly often in anime, all of a sudden it has to be a Japanese cartoon?

Now lets debate what makes a game a RPG!

On topic:

My problem is sometimes this hints at the anime label adding a more mature or higher quality rating to animation. Good animation comes out in other Countries too.

To which I reply: Pixar.

But we don't go around saying, hey, this is good, we should call it Pixar!

Carlos Storm:

Chris O'Brien:
Can Americans Make Anime?

I've watched Avatar and Legend of Korra

Short answer: Yes

That's Amerime & it will always be considered just that. Amerimes, Amerimangas, & Canadimes always use a piss poor parody art style of animation styles & cliches that are decades old in Japan, & they try to cram in as much of that cliche as they can; a example of trying too hard would be Rod Espinoza's New Alice in Wonderland. They try to emulate something they're not, the force is obvious, it doesn't feel natural.

The one acception is an Amerimanga called Bizenghast. It was published through Tokyopop, the art is unique, & Marty A LeGrow admitted she wasn't trying to make it manga-like. Another example of a fail would be Return to Labyrinth. It had it's moments, the art was pretty bad, but the writer pulled a "well it's a manga, I'd better stick some Japanese people in it" as well as prioritizing a manga-like story over something that felt like it was a sequel to a Jim Henson movie. & creating a whole cast of new characters & giving Sarah & Jareth a backseat felt like what Micheal Bay did to Transformers.

Americans can't make anime. This is because the definition of anime is "cartoons from Japan."

That is the ONLY logical reason why Cowboy BeBop, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Girls Bravo and Tenchi can all fall under "anime." The only thing they have in common is that they are all cartoons, all made in Japan.

This ISN'T a bad thing. This isn't even the problem.

The PROBLEM is people acting like AMERICAN cartoons are somehow inferior to Japanese ones. Which is silly. The quality of a product is defined BY THE PRODUCT, not its medium, or place of construction, or even the labels we assign to them.

Ultimately, I kind of agree with the heart of the article, but it is making the wrong argument. The problem isn't one of labeling, the problem is people thinking cartoons = bad.

There's good cartoons. There's bad cartoons. Just like there's good anime and bad anime. Legend of Korra is a good cartoon, REGARDLESS of its label. And not watching it because of the label is idiotic.


Seriously, if you like Animation, Action, and Fantasy, check out Wakfu.

AND an very well written villain with believable and tragic motivations.

I was just surprised how much I enjoyed Wakfu in general. Even though it borrows "anime styles" I find it's look to be very unique and distinctive. The animation is buttery smooth and it's really gorgeous to watch.

I do have some issues with the show;
1) Season 2 seemed unfocused and even unnecessary compared to season 1.
2) Adamai looks ridiculous as he does hideous and is four times more annoying.

JP Sheehan:

It isn't a medium.

Pretty much lost any point you might have had after saying that. It is a medium. Fact.

This is labeled as Anime.

Despite the fact that it is heavily influenced by this in tone and art style

And this is labeled as an Anime

But this isn't. Despite it sharing more traits with what is usually called "Anime"

Yes and even this is labeled as an Anime despite the fact that the show looks nothing like other Anime in style

And what is this? A Disney cartoon?

Nope that is the first Anime film.

So will people stop saying "Anime is all about the art style". NO IT FREAKING ISN'T! Because the art style can vary widely from show to show. The only way Anime works as a definition is as Animation from Japan. BUT, we already have a word for that called Japanimation. So stop using Anime to refer to a whole variety of stuff that shouldn't be put together.

anime is what it is who care if people want to add stuff to it its not like it had any real meaning to begin with.

I'm of the opinion that Americans already have a word for their animation, "Cartoon" and Japanese cartoons are called "Anime"

I'll stick to the "If it's not from Japan, it's not anime" belief based on the above.

Also, Anime is not an artistic style of drawing, because it varies from near realistic to clearly drawn on toilet paper and meant to wipe one's ass.



Beat me to it.

Anoni Mus:

You can call korra what ever you want to but it clearly draws alot of inspiration from a lot of popular Anime. Korra for example might as well be from a miyazaki movie.

No similarity whatsoever between Korra and Miyazaki movies except the fact it's a female protagonist.

Korra is very much the same miyazaki protagonist. The similarities between her mononoke & nausicaa are startling


Not meaning to be picky but I noticed in the article the mention of bourbon. Jack Daniels is technically not Bourbon as it is not from Kentucky or Bourbon St New Orleans. The manufacturers refer to it as Tennessee Whiskey. But hey I like to know where my poison comes from before I drink it.

Anyways. I personally believe anime to be an artistic genre and style. Yes it started in Japan but that doesn't mean no one else is allowed to use and certainly doesn't mean the anime they produce is any better or worse. Even if 'they' happen to be American.

You realize that his point in mentioning Jack Daniels is the same point he made about animes. You yourself reinforce it. If Anime can come from America then Bourbon can come from Tennessee.

Yes I do realise my statement on Jack reinforces his statement. My passing jab was merely centered at the part where he pretty much stated he didn't care about knowing anything about the product so long as it got him drunk - or words to the affect.

Well, technically the art style is all that differs American animation from Japanese anime. So technically, if I were to create a cartoon with that art style it's anime. So, yes... they can very easily.

Once you drop stupid arguments that can't work their heads around the distinction between a pedantic argument of locality and just the style the reason why the US doesn't make anime falls into two reasons.

1: Marketing.

More than anything else Americans don't really accept, or rather, no one up top has ever decided that cartoons can be anything beyond children's shows and comedy. At best what you see is a show or movie that hits the audience at a lot of different levels and says a lot of different things to different people. EG: Pixar movies, Avatar: Legend of Korra. But even a show as popular as Avatar only got booked for a single season, and even Pixar is falling into the meta-motions of a creatively tapped studio.

2: The fan base.

Anime's its own worst enemy. Outside of Japan most of the folks who actually watch anime do so over the internet through free streaming sites, and even if everyone went through legal channels it still wouldn't really put food on the proverbial table. Folks really take it for granted that classics like Cowboy Beebop and even the more spectacle driven shows like Evangellion and FLCL were somewhere in between genius and accident. Beebop was supposed to be a kid's show that ended up in airing limbo while the network tried to figure out how the hell they were supposed to pitch it. Evangellion was a censorship nightmare, and it's director had to go on prosac. Not so much in the case of Eva, but for Beebop the only reason it really grew beyond small cult classic is simply because of foreign interest. And you see it elsewhere- Big O and Ghost in the Shell : SAC only lasted as long as they did because of Adult Swim.

(This is a subjective text based on my relation with so called "animes" and might be out of context to some degree; it's 3:15am, sorry)

What we should ask ourselves is : Is it a good SHOW? or a bad SHOW?

Avatar - The last airbender was an epic show. Enjoyed the hell out of it. BTW <3 TOPH! Best Character. But I digress.

Legend of Korra was a really, really good show. Animation was great, voices: fantastic. Story Ark : It was interesting because it had similarities with what is going on IRL.

Also, side-note: they had me at steampunk.

Of course, It missed out on some character-related aspects, the Ending was indeed rushed ; I was expecting a kind of "To be Continued" ending with Amon still the main villain for the 2nd Season. I guess after a three season fight against the Fire Nation, A one season story ark kinda felt poor to me.

But they were both great, great SHOWS.

They were better, in some respect, than some more "traditional" cartoon(blasphemy, he didn't use the correct word).
Perfect example : Naruto ; which drags on and on and on. I've been watching it regulary. But every now and then I had to skip ahead, because the narration was just excruciating. Episodes of recalls, flashbacks, where there is no character development, no fight, no nothing. Just stuff that I've seen seasons ago. Or the character meets his opponents "du jour" and proceed to get freezed just before the fight. "Oh you wanted a fight today? Sorry, you can't have that. Here take our recycled animations with fancy filters on it.That'll do it." If I have to skip episodes of a show, maybe that's an indication that there is something wrong.
(I have given up on this cartoon)

Bleach had also problems in how it managed it's timeline. There were complete story arks that I skipped simply because they weren't relevant of the main storyline(and of my interest). But they were easy skips and I could carry on with my viewing without missing important stuff.

I realize these two are heavily commercialized "animes". So there had to be fillers every once in a while. But still annoying.

But, except if I missed any, Legend of Korra AND Avatar didn't suffer this cheap filler syndrome, even if it is fairly commecialized. I felt like there was structure behind all of it. If it ever had flashback. It was because we didn't knew these details. (Tarrlock's relation to Amon, Aang's life with the monks)It had purpose. At the end of an episode, the fight was done. The end of an episode brought some sort of closure. Complete opposite of other Animes for reasons explained earlier.

My point is: Anime doesn't mean Quality; Defenders of "anime's style and culture" should broaden their points of view and try enjoying japan inspired western cartoons simply because they are good shows.

(This is the best i can do in english to stand my position on the subject discussed. It probably went all sort of directions but i'm sure it is a good piece of opinion nonetheless.)

him over there:
The contemporary definition of anime in today's pop culture refers to only two things, the art style and typical conventions. The more realistic proportions save for the big gooey eyes, the excessive amounts of exposition and esoteric site gags take precedence over the fact that it came out of Japan. Legend of Korra isn't anime despite being made in the west, plenty of shows such as Panty and Stocking aren't anime despite being made in japan.

While I'm all for descriptive linguistics, and not being anal about etimologies, this is one of the cases where you REALLY shouldn't change a definition based on pop-culture alone.

Pop-culture can be wrong, too. While the majority of PEOPLE in general would look at Panty & Stocking and say that it's not an anime, the majority of people WHO WATCHED Panty & Stocking are anime fans who watched it as an anime, discussed it on anime fansites, and catergorized it together with the rest of the Fall 2010 anime season.

Those masses who use "anime" interchargibly with their crude stereotypes of it's supposedly typical elements, are no different from those who use "handheld console" and "nintendo" interchargibly, those who call a browser, or those who call Europa Universalis a turn-based strategy.

Even if they are the majority, they can also be dead wrong, as long as there is also a more informed group with a precise, reasonable definition, who know what they are talking about.

i must say NO the can't and the reason is simple.

the shows that are described are cartoons marketed at ppl of the age of roughly 5 to 12.
where as the anime is marketed at students between the age of 15 to 25. this is clearly show due to the large amount of blood, violence and references to sex in general. these thing are in contradiciton tot he great american famillie valuae's. and there for the americans will never make a proper anime that will be succesful.

I don't think so. Anime-style or Western-Anime would be much more appropriate terms.

Bourbon isn't the only example. Various wine styles, cheeses, cured meats etc can only be called by their names if made in the regions where they originate. If not made in the region of origin then they have an alternative name that still identifies them as made in the style of the original product. May seem a bit pretentious but it is in effort to preserve the value and reputation of traditionally made products.

Westernime. Couldn't help myself.

Whatever people say about anime being a Japanese word you can't argue that it isn't considered its own school of animation with a distinct style and common themes. If something non-Japanese has that style and those themes then anyone who doesn't use the word kawaii in regular conversation will call it anime.

You know I wrote an epically long post about the fact that really Animé simply means Animation; and that the term was in-fact a borrowed on from European Distributors that the Japanese use due to not having native word for Cartoons as we do in English.

I mean to me Animé will always describe anything Animated, with Manga or Japanimé describing those specifically from Japan.

Still this is about Legend of Korra...
Honestly, I don't care what the silent pigeon hole board decided to finally clasify it as.
As far as I'm concerned, what it achieved in a 12-Episode Series ... means far more than any stupid classification.

Avatar has been one of the few shows that wasn't Japanese that has managed to make me excited and interested in. The story while can appear over-the-top in places has a very human and down-to-earth element about it.

They are good from a simple standpoint that, they are dealing with some very deep subjects in a way that normal western animations avoid like the plague - i.e. without the happy ending for everyone.

I would actually say even being compared to Japanimé that have matured, from the likes of Project I.G. ... Legend of Korra, frankly deserves to stand next to something like Ghost in the Shell. To a degree more so given the subject matter, I mean the show is very western.

The characters have very western personalities, particularly Korra. Not to mention the subject matter. As I said, I couldn't care less if you'd consider this Animé or not... as far as I'm concerned we need more shows like this. We need more shows that are more down-to-earth with thier story telling, are darker in nature and overall are not simply aimed at children but are enjoyable for adults as well.

Gonna stick to my anime definition that its from Japan. Simply because it a japanese term.

Yes the west can sure create works like their Japanese counterparts, and the avatar series are a great example. Using a japanese term to describe western animation makes no sense as the word to describe them in the west already exist.

I do agree that using the word anime as a genre description is a bad idea, as japanese animation as a whole covers just about every facet of genres imaginable. You choose what you like to watch in a series and i'm certain you'll find an anime for it.

Just happy to see the west branching out and messing with a greater variety of genres other than the usual kid power fantasies and adult slapstick/sitcoms.

I think it's a pointless question. "Anime" is a name used for cartoons from Japan, and "cartoons" or "western animation" are names used for cartoons not from Japan. I enjoy a lot of cartoons and I couldn't really care what they're called or where they're from. Anyone can make a cartoon about anything, and people who limit what they watch based on what country it comes from are only doing themselves a disservice.

Uh, animated cartoons? Yes. They've been doing it for, literally, years.

Big eye little girl pedo material? Not unless they want to go to jail.

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