GinxTV: Halo 4 Preview

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Anyone think the visor modes remind a lot of the metroid series? I wonder if Halo is going to start including more puzzles in the campaign. Just no more freaking libraries.

So long as they bring back indestructable vehicles, I'm game. It wasn't fun getting your steering screwed up after a wheel bumped a rock or wall. I gave up on the series in the middle of halo 2 when they decided smaller areas, people playing as another character half the time, and a focus on multiplayer were good ideas.

Definitely liked Halo 1 to 3, and ODST + Reach had their moments too, I guess.
But this one just doesn't look exciting enough for me to want to get into, plus the fact that Halo is now going to be a yearly franchise kind of puts me off it too.
I think they should have waited for the new Xbox console to be released before they started pumping out more Halo games- there's almost been too many for the 360, to the point where they're all starting to blend together...

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