Jimquisition: Monster Boobs And Plastic Children

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Jim did a switcharu on his position AFTER the video was made saying it was just about the faces and didn't mention it on his next video so for a majority of viewers his original stance remains unchanged which deserves it's own criticism. Jim obviously doesn't think the fundamental shift in stance means enough to let most viewers know.

Wait, it was just the faces that Jim had issues with? Has he never heard to term "baby face"? Forget the design of fictional characters, there are plenty of real people with childish faces. This idea is almost as silly as the time the OFLC tired to ban any pornography in which the actresses are flat-chested, because clearly, the only difference between a child and an adult are a huge honkin' set of triple D jugs.

Yeah so many teenagers today look like plastic puppets and have monster boobs.
I kinda fail to understand the outrage over games that have.. teenagers that look like plastic puppets and have monster boobs.

we have literature that vividly describes such charachters, movies aim for that like fckn laser guided bombs and just about everything that leaving the presses has sexy woman all over it.
So take your outrage over jiggly physics boobs and direct it to where it belongs!

for example:
- Parents that send their little children to beauty contests and in fact do only that? childhood? naaah...
- your government, that is supposed to answer to you not only NOT doing that but also activly surpressing those that try to shed light on the shady dealings.
- oil firms ruining the ecosystem and not getting arse raped for it...

somebody probably already though of this one, but nevertheless:

Ctrl+Alt+Del comic in 2006: http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20061025

always stuck with me

From the things I have read he is more scared of all the SJW backlash in gaming right now. Hell how DOAX3 has a bunch of sexy girls with there bras and panties nearly coming off and bouncing about I am pretty sure we can see Kotaku, Polygon and many more websites just on the "This is encouraging rape!" kind of headline.

Really the reason we wont get any sex games are from the people who consistently are pushing the narrative now that gamers are rapist waiting to happen and that male games just hate women, Jim go off and do some reading The first DOAX came out and no one though anything more of it other then "It's a game".

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