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Am I the only one who can't get in?

Mind filing a bug report if you're still having issues.


Caramel Frappe:

Am I the only one who can't get in?

When you try joining the event, I know it asks of your personal information like your name, e-mail, address, and confirming if you agree to the rules. Did you do those correctly, not jumping on yah but want to help despite that I am no Staff or Moderator given at that.

Really hope you do get to join, this event is really fun. Love being aliens, the aliens you can use are all extremely creative in their design as well as function. Much fun indeed, though the humans are still dominating so have to change that soon enough shall we? XD

Wait, what ? I didn't had to do that before joining ...

You may have joined before prizing was extended to residents of Canada. You can sign up here:

The game is already being hacked. In the alien faction I currently see 10 people. The bottom 6 people have fought around 3-5 times since the game started. The top 4 people have each fought at least 200 times, with the current leader having fought 650 times. Keep in mind you must wait for each human opponent to respond to a challenge, so how someone fought 650 times without cheating when the game has been out for mere hours is a joke.

Don't feel bad for not playing international players, this game is already being ruined by people who don't know how to play a fun social game without cheating.

Shakura Jolithion:
Having played some more, I know everyone else is discussing prizes... But... The fact that there's 4 alien bots for the humans to keep attacking (and I assume 4 human bots for the aliens to attack), and the terrible, terrible AI of those bots (buy 3 sets of 50 of one unit, attack with it over & over, alien will not counter which would guarantee its win... and instead guarantees yours. Every. single. time.), I have to wonder where the "competitive" aspect of this game comes in... or the strategy, for that matter. It's like a 5-way rock-paper-scissors each time, plus I've yet to fight another human player... I think whoever wins will be whoever spends the most time going through the same 5~6 clicks over and over, sadly.

Edit: I guess more on topic, you're not really missing out on competing that much for prizes since, at least right now, the game is nothing but who is willing to repeat the same 6~7 mouse clicks the most times.


These issues have been looked into and patched. Please feel free to read our latest patch notes found here and re-posted on the welcome threads in each faction forum. In addition, for how we will handle similar issues prior to patching, please view our recent thread regarding cheating here.

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