Escapist Podcast: 067: Disney Acquires Lucasfilms

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I must disagree with Susan about brain acceleration (reflex boosting, slo-mo, bullet time, whatever)
Consider it like Thu'um- it is skill that can be achieved by anyone
some are initially bad at this and need tons of training
some are average at this and need some training
some are talented at this and need only basic guidance (or even self-education)
and there are naturals who can do this on their own (even without consuming dragon souls)

But it is understandable why some may think that it is only "have or not" case
Because majority of people are really bad at this and need extensive training

If I had my druthers, the next Star Wars would take place a few generations after the events of Return of the Jedi. I would like to see Luke's Order fail...or at least not be well received and people of the universe generally thinking it was a bad idea. Possibly referencing how the Jedi Order let a Sith Lord took over the galaxy by plunging the entire republic into war. So the few Jedi left are scattered and fighting for acceptance. I would like that.

I feel really left out, I didn't recognise 90% of the sweet tasting foods mentioned. I guess it's something that varies from country to country. I'm not sure that outside of the U.K. people would known about flying saucers, jelly babies, refreshers, black-jacks, sugar mice, etc.

As for the Star Wars expanded universe, Timothy Zahn's follow on trilogy is the best thing out there (but as discussed, completely unsuitable for episode 7). Leia is depicted well with her diplomatic side being explored more while she has the weird experience of having some Jedi powers and being pregnant.
The lizard anti-force bubble thing makes more/less sense if you know it's a defence mechanism against a predator that hunts via the force. Its used mainly as a way to make Luke vulnerable again and introduce Mara Jade who has powers, but doesn't use them as a crutch.

So, is the Podcast on a bi-weekly release schedule now?

Is there a way for me to get to know if my e-mails reaches the podcast?

Utterly pointless, but I have to point out that, at least for skittles, the lemon-lime, lemon-grape, and lime grape go well together. Whichi is nive since EVERYONE I know likes either orange or cherry, so they go fast.

Also, if you've never gotten them, get the british candy Skittles. They're like M&Ms on steroids.

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