Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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This is the BEST THING

All this needs is one Gavin Dunne placing his two cents in and doing a critical review to make it an Escapist all-star trifecta.

Please make this a regular thing!!!

Why was I expecting a duet?

Never the less, I expect a poetry off(?) at this years Escapist Expo!

That was a crazy bit of fun :) more please.

I never got poetry, until today; It's a clever story written about stuff. But in order to get it, it has to be about stuff you like.

Although the rhymes were long distance I loved the setup and execution of Yatzee's. I seriously didn't see the reveal of the metaphor coming. Also his delivery was awesome.

While both were good, I liked Yahtzee's more. Jim had more structure, but it was the asymmetry of Yahtzee's rhyme that did it for me. So...


That's awesome, do more he said with joy it reminded me when I was a little boy.

This is awesome!!! I loved Yahtzee's FTL poem too =D

Daaaah Whoosh:
Both poems were great, but I'd like to see Yahtzee's written down. The rhyme scheme, if it was regular, was very difficult to follow. I thought it was a limerick at first, like his Wolfenstein review, but now I'm not so sure.

I concur. It was hilarious, to be sure, but it was hard making sense of the rhyming scheme.

Jim killed it though (as we say in the streets).

While both were good, I liked Yahtzee's more. Jim had more structure, but it was the asymmetry of Yahtzee's rhyme that did it for me. So...



And I reckon Yahtzee's asymmetric style was cool, but Jim had the passion and the force.

Also fuck always-on DRM.

Am I the only one who thinks poetry is stupid and the escapist must be getting desperate?

Am I the only one who thinks poetry is stupid and the escapist must be getting desperate?

Yeah probably, this was an awesome idea.

Also this article should have had a poll asking who won =D

Simply loved Yahtzee's delivery, and Jim's determination.

Can't wait for next week!

Two of my favorite game journalist in one place, this is awesome I love it.

Is it just me, or does Yahtzee have that absolutely bat shit crazy gleam in his eyes on multiple occasions in this?

That was fantastic! I especially liked Ben's poem. I look forward to future episodes!

Serious Business:
Oh. My . God.

I've had an Account for Months now, and I haven't posted a single thing on the Forums. Always silent, watching.

But this. This! When i Read that Jim and Yahtzee are both in the same show AND THEY ARE DOING POETRY i was screaming like a little girl!

This. Was . Epic.

Welcome to the forums. (:

OT: This is fantastic. I figured I'd give it a go after Jim tweeted about all the praise. I'm glad to see I wasn't led astray. (:

I was choking back tears by the end of that magnificent performance. All music and art is nothing to me now, as we have reached the peak.

...Unless there are more episodes.

That was something not quite entirely unlike FRAKIN' AWESOME.

Now I have a whole new reason to look forward to Wednesdays.

This was definitely neat. Keep it going.

I would love to see Jim and Yahtzee coordinate so the video could look like they are reading at each other, exchanging lines. Maybe as a special episode or something.

I listened to Yahtzee twice because something sounded off. I don't know what beat Yahtzee was hitting/trying to hit. I didn't get it, but that's probably me not understanding that style.

Hoping for more!

At first I was pretty impresses by what Yahtzee was doing, but by the end of Jim's segment it felt like it was just beating a point that I've already heard a hundred times before. If they can keep up original material for this it will be good I think.

Great stuff. I didn't actually expect to like it but I ended up enjoying it a lot. More please!

That was certainly interesting. I feel like Yahtzee had the more clever poem. It wasn't until about halfway through it that I realized it was about the PS4. The Diablo 3/DRM bit just seems a little stale.

I thought Yahtzee's rhyme scheme was pretty clear, ABAB CDCD etc..., much like a sonnet. Jim's just had couplets which we are all more familiar with from rap or Dr. Seuss.

I wonder where this series is going to go. I'm intrigued either way.

The grin on yahtzee at the end.. just epic xD
and awesome series.. can't wait for more eps

Yahtzee takes the cake for having the most expressive(psychotic) eyes. Jim, your poetry is sound, but something is lacking... Maybe I just have a bro-crush on Yahtzee's psycho-eyes... Or jealousy masked by compliments and praise...

Yahtzee's face at the end is something I'll have in my next nightmare, I'm sure of it.

Well, that was...unexpected. Cool, but unexpected. Yahtzee, if you could just keep your head straight we'd have a new hit on our hands.

After the Escapist Expo last year, I found myself thinking that Yahtzee and Jim had a surprisingly good chemistry. I almost wish they lived closer together, so they could interact in the video, but hell, I still really enjoyed this. Yahtzee's PS4 metaphor was great, and Jim's scathing indictment of always-online requirements was top-notch, as always. I'll be interested to see where this goes. Can't wait for next Wednesday. :D

Great first show, poetry does not have to rhyme these days but if you want it to then that's OK by me.

I once saw a poet spread wax on their face with a knife, was interesting.

I wonder if Yahtzee could beatbox?

More, please.

That is all.

That was great, but I did find myself having to look at something else while Yahtzee did his bit. Seeing him in the flesh is to distracting. Once I did that, in my minds eye, he was a stick figure once again, and all was right in the world. =) Maybe Yahtzee could animate his parts =) haha

Rock on. More of these would be great. Both Jim, and Yahtzee rocked.

Am I the only one who imagined the Jim and Yahtzee doing this in the empty warehouse and the audience was some poor bastard stripped naked and duct taped to a chair?

Because that would make a pretty awesome scene in a tarantino movie.

I thought torturing people with poetry was something Vogons did, not Tarantino characters.

And Yahtzee, one point for having funny faces, minus one point for not staying in metre.

Just two words. Awe some.

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