151: Dungeons & Dragons Owns the Future

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Pffft, you're ALL wrong.

I rule the world! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pffft, you're ALL wrong.

I rule the world! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ah, yes, good point, I'd forgotten that. Sorry, master.

This is a huge update-
Or at least a D&D variant :)

Here's a Roman d20:

But games involving dice, a board, and other instruments were present not only in ancient Greece but in other cultures. Thus, the implication that RPG is something similar to what took place in the ancient past in obvious. Of course, if the ancients had access to video game consoles....


Well, i'm not sure about that. It's hard to draw a line between sword & sorcery and high fantasy, but i would tend to categorize all the official d&d campaign settings and the rulebase itself as rather high fantasy than sword & sorcery.

Typical elements of high fantasy are:
.) a range of humanoid races (esp. elfes, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, etc.), each featuring their own language
.) the typical wizard, with powerful controlled magic knowledge acquired by studying
.) the "good" versus the "evil" settings, good & evil always clearly destinguishable
.) young heroes who grow up and learn about life, during the story.
.) heroes who fight for a "higher" goal (most commonly saving the world).

Famous high fantasy writers are:
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

Typical elements of sword & sorcery are:
.) often darker, more grind-down worlds
.) ambiguous morality, different parties have different goals and use different means to get there. none of them are clichéd good or evil
.) mostly some magic or supernatural elements
.) heroes are fighting for their own, personal goals (or gain)

A famous sword & sorcery writer:
Robert E. Howard

If you do play to "save the world" depends on the game master, and if the characters do rather follow their own personal goals depends on the players. So that's the only point where d&d may be rather sword & sorcery than high fantasy. But i think in all other aspects d&d is most clearly pure high fantasy.

i almost never play D&D with my friends, but when ever we do, we have so much fun!!!

500 Years in the future....

Michael stumbled weakly up the obsidian steps to the Great Citadel's adamantine gates. His journey was over. All his friends were dead, all he cared for erased from the sands of time by the whim of this session's DM. But still, he had to continue. D&D must be stopped.

Gasping for breath, Michael whispered a few words in an ancient tongue, causing the gates to grind open of their own accord. He chuckled lightly, ending in a cough. He'd known that upgrading Mage Hand was a good idea.

It came subtly at first, little more than an icy chill in the air. But the clouds soon darkened further, and out from the dark rock rose the most despicable figure of time, the object of Michael's fury: The great lich Gary Gygax. It let out a hoarse cackle as it lowered its sword to the exhausted sorcerer. Its empty voice hissed three words:

"Roll for initiative."

[quote="Ray Huling" post="6.60794.481181"]Dungeons & Dragons Owns the Future

"The odd-shaped dice used to play original D&D - the pyramids"

Actually, if the "pyramids" in the above quote are referencing a d4, this is incorrect. A pyramid has 5 sides and a d4 obviously has 4 sides, and is known as a tetrahedron.

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