de-rez: Guide to Cool

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I believe you'll find yourself alone on that dream hunted...

That. Was. Epic.

I found this video to be both educational and totally hilarious.

Good advice

Thanks for using AssCreed (i love that game, but i call it that for the constant repetion of submissions), and also for using a ps3 copy. XD

Is anyone else curious about the lack of de-rez last week? I don't know about you all, but I've had to go back and watch a few to get my fix.

Hope there's a new de-rez next week that's super epic. Does no one know why there wasn't one last week?

Teleios said they were having a holiday. :)

Very hilarious. The line "Remember: Don't be an individual, be cool." is magnificent. Now make a video about being a "cool gamer... Among gamers", advising young people that to "be cool", you must hate popular games... Or like ONLY popular games.

Lol. Smoking in the shower! xD

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