Zero Punctuation: Soul Calibur IV

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And the mispelling of Calibre/Caliber is intentional.

It's neither an intentional or intended misspelling. It's not a misspelling at all.
Seems few have heard of Excalibur.

Doesn't realate to the spelling of the other words.

I made my point here that I f*cking hate SCIV, but not really for the reasons Yahtzee listed in this video.

I actually think that fighting games in recent years are usually successful in being easily accessible to new players, but deep enough for veterans. From this video, it's obvious that Yahtzee really doesn't "get" the fighting genre, or else he would have a lot, and I mean A GOOD FUCKING LOT more to say about this nothing-but-eye-candy incarnation of SC.

For starters, battle theater was gone, weapon demonstration was gone, half the Create-a-soul options are gone (and no doubt would be available FOR A PRICE later on). WTF? I won't get into the game mechanics in depth since I don't have all night. I also think tower of souls is fucking boring, but I know a lot of people don't like Chronicles of Sword in SC3 either.

Speaking of which, I don't think Yahtzee have (yet) ranted about the SCAM that is replacing "unlockable contents" with "downloadable with a price" contents? I know there should be naval laws against hyping features that needs 100 hours to unlock (cough cough NAMCO). However I think that the expectation to fully enjoy the game you have to pay 2~3 times the price of your original game for DLC, should be a capital offense itself. As penny-arcade put it, "replacing the cheat codes with your credit card number".

Alas, dear Yahtzee, you disappoint me. I'm not much for fighting games, either, but even I know that when two skilled players are fighting each other in that epic multiplayer clash, it's never about random button-mashing. SoulCalibur (as in, you know, Excalibur) is no exception, and in terms of the fighting system itself is a very good fighting game.

Understand this. Fighting games are much like fighting in real life--random swings will land you in a room where it's best to be wearing clean underwear. It's all about thinking fast and being fast on your feet. You need the brains to know what to do and the reflexes to do it before the opponent caves your face in.

THAT is the charm of fighting games, and it's rarely at its best against the computer, sadly. I have to admit, the only reason I'm not all that into them is because I suck at them and I'm not that into multiplayer games.

You know, I think it's supposed to be like Excalibur.

Yahtzee has a nice point - fighting game is sort of a toolbox, however he fails to understand that fighting games are mostly about PvP playing. It's about competition. Adding a storyline is smth like a tradition.

It also bothers me that the playstation version of this game hasnt gotten a trophy patch, and yet it has an in-game achievement system as if to say "screw you, get a 360"

I find it interesting that Yahtzee's #1 way for a game to be fun is 'Having a good story'. I know how important he considers the story to be in a game, but surely the actual gameplay aspect is more important? I dunno maybe I don't get it!

Oh god this game was lame. The Star Wars thing was shoehorned in and the story was terrible. I liked SC2 for the campaign mode, but this one just took the mickey.

For some reason I saw this on latest posts, really, what the hell.

For some reason I saw this on latest posts, really, what the hell.

It was because of a spambot with bad spelling reviving it.

For some reason I saw this on latest posts, really, what the hell.

And yet you posted.. And why am I posting? What the hell indeed.

Here you go, sorry it's a bit late:

Go to the episode guide and there is a written verison of each review.

The Message right at the end said it all >:D bwahaha!
...serves em' right!

Meh. its a fighting game, and its established. I know i buy every new Soul Calibur so I'm not helping it at all, but thats beside the point. Though even I was pissed when fans decided to tell the people who make these games they needed to make Soul Calibur V when the story is clearly over (I know, its over at the end of every game so its getting to be like saying the next final fantasy game will be the FINAL fantasy).

EDIT: If you pay attention to the series, its supposed to be following Seigfriend in his descent from and re ascent to hero while a bunch of other people get it on it too.

"molesting a goat" 1:27

Ok, I gotta know; who is the guy in the picture at timestamp 3m 53s?? I've seen his pic in several of Yahtzee's reviews and he's usually being equated to something/one none too flattering! Ha!

It's funny because I've heard that throws are next to useless in metagame. (easily countered by a pro)

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