Zero Punctuation: Spore

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I felt fairly meh about this review.
If anything I'm watching gives me the time to stare at the ads and ponder the physical possibility of some fantasy woman's underwire they're doing it wrong.

I still like spore. :D

Good review ^^ Got a bit bored of the long drawn out NOOOO after a few seconds though.

Next man to dick about with a stupidly long 'No' is going to get raped with a rusty chainsaw.

Nothing and nobody compared to Batman.

Great video, Captain Croshaw.

I was going to buy spore for the fact that I could play god.
Not like in sims where the charcters don't do what you say if they dont feel ilke it.
But now I wont bother.

I had a pretty sure feeling this game was set to be the review, and what a shocker! it was.. but i wrote my own review earlier so whatever I know what i thought and... btw keep up the funnies Yahtzee!

Spore was dull at the end :\ a real disappointment.

We knew spore sucked, now we have proof

Next man to dick about with a stupidly long 'No' is going to get raped with a rusty chainsaw.

You know a clean chainsaw works far better.

Oddly enough, I hated the sims but I do love Spore. I dunno why, but it's fun just running around beating the crap out of everything with my own creations. I do agree the tribal and civilization parts sucked, as I only played it to unlock the space part.

I'm thinking either Mercenaries 2 or Warhammer next week

I think the long, drawn out "no" and the way you guys found it boring and repetitive to be an extremely good representation of my experience with the space stage in general. Started good, quickly became tiresome.


You know a clean chainsaw works far better.

To quote a movie, "It's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more." Ok, so maybe their aren't sharp to start with, but you get the point. . .chain. . .something.

I'm thinking either Mercenaries 2 or Warhammer next week

Mercenaries 2 then. . .we won't see Warhammer until there is a 14 day free trail and nothing else has come out that week if history can be used to predict the future.

I do agree parts are shallow, but so was this review. I got the feeling you didn't play long enough to milk some of the juicer content for a better laugh. I really never played the Sims so I can't share in your disappointment. And if your theology is to think everything is crap until it proves itself otherwise I don't see how you (or others) can be upset that Will didn't deliver the game you were expecting.

As a more artsy person the appeal for me was creature design, and it tickles me to go on Sporeapedia and see what other people have made. Somebody made a Charles Darwin :)

And what game were you playing? It was a billion times easier to play a hippie herbivore than an evil monster bent on world extinction.

Well, I liked it. I'm gonna go play it some more :P

funny when all my freinds told me how great it was no one seemed to mention anything bad about it, well im still to poor to buy it regardless.

...That whole No bit was like any and all jokes in an episode of Family Guy. It's half funny, all lame, and taken just past too far to the point of annoyance.

Everything else however was...well meh, not your best.



You know a clean chainsaw works far better.

To quote a movie, "It's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more." Ok, so maybe their aren't sharp to start with, but you get the point. . .chain. . .something.

You, sir, just won 10 points for a classic Alan Rickman reference.

And amazingly enough, my threat seems to have worked.

Ah, now I'm just tempting fate.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo your threat did not work


*Decimates your anus with ill-maintained deforesting equipment*

The second 'nooooo etc.' was the short answer..I wonder what the long answer was?

The whole point of Spore is "being creative". And yes, it is a dumbdowned version of almost any game in the making.
I find it still a good game, even if Yahtzee doesn't like it.

But he does have a point about phase transition.

I honestly don't know if he even played the game this time or just read the boards.

On top of that it wasn't even funny this time around.

Spore isn't bad, it's not th game of the year, it's not awesome, not really that good but it's not bad.

The DRM on the other hand...

Just stole paid for it and after bashing my head about with the cell stage have finally crawled out onto land. Only by this point I stopped caring.

I don't know about this one, it feels like yahtzee is starting to slip a little as far as humor goes...

good review non the less

Another good review. The best part of Spore really is the Creature Creator/creature phase (I like being able to kill/befriend other creatures with stuff I made). However, once I got to the tribal phase everything got boring...

Also, I'm surprised he never mentioned anything about 'DRM' or 'SecuROM', since that's a huge reason why many people aren't getting it (not legally, at least).

Do we hate Spore?


NO. I don't know about you guys but I love Spore. Yahtzee was obviously expecting something from Spore that I knew from the very start wouldn't be there. Spore is something completely different from the Sims series and I thought that Yahtzee would have understood that.

I definitely enjoyed the "different game a minute" feel to it because it not only serves to keep things interesting, but it illustrates that as society changes, so do the rules. That's how humanity evolved, right? Also, Yahtzee didn't seem to get that you don't HAVE to follow a set stereotype for your creature from the beginning. Just because you're an herbivore doen't mean that you HAVE to be friends with everyone. Hell, you can kill everyone off anyway! Carnivores can also be friends with everyone.

Having played through the Sims series personally, I found myself more proud of my Spore races than I ever was of my sims. Seeing a creature that you guided from a cell all the way to a spacefaring power is heartwarming, especially when you single-handedly destroy the evil Galactic Empire and discover the center of the galaxy.

I respect and value your opinion as always, Yahtzee, but I heartily desagree with you. Spore is one of the best games I've played in years, and I'm sorry that you couldn't appreciate the beauty of Spore for what it is.

Hmmm, this review wasn't the best review you've done.
You seemed to run out of ideas to comment on and resorted to what seemed to be filler material (the long nooo wasn't really necessary), and that wasn't because of the game.
There are flaws with Spore that you didn't mention, such as the 3 installation limit, the crashes that many people are suffering from and the plain fact that the game wasn't indepth enough. These were very noticeable facts and I can't help but wonder why you didn't mention them.

The review was alright, but it lacked much entertainment.

To be honest I agree thats it's a ripoff of MANY other games but you could'nt put GalCiv 2 into the space stage,lastly,according to maxis the designers for Civ4 were working on the civ stage seem like a load of shit cause it's the worst stage.

Oh and also I can't believe you didn't mention the galaxy inhabited by other life type thing.

I disagree about the herbivore stuff, I found that befriending and then religously indoctrinating other races/cities to be much, much easier than attacking them all the time. And more variety too.
Still, it is very shallow and didn't keep my interest beyond the first few space quests.

I know this sounds daft, but to me, the space stage seemed to also bring to mind EVE online, if you know what I mean. Still, I enjoy Spore, if only because it involves a good degree of creativity.

Regardless, still a great review, even though the "NOO..." parts were a little too drawn out.

Hype is probably the thing that is killing gaming generations from here on out, because marketing is so painfully cheap and good game design is apparently incredibly expensive.

This makes me glad I didn't reserve a copy of SPORE and decided to wait it out. :(

*applauses how long yahtzee can hold a note*
that was amazing XD
thank you so much yahtzee ^-^

True that some of the earlier phases could have been extended, but clearly you haven't played the herbivore side very well, and it's jsut not FUN for you as destroying everything in the vicinity... I believe your major issue is that you were constantly comparing it to SIMS and Sim City, fairly outdated games which are only played by losers and girls. Spore is a wonderful creatino in which you can build everything the way you want to or just import stuff other people made if you're too much of a lazy bastard to put a block down for a house. Fiddling with plants and animals and interacting with other space civilizations is painfully frustrating at first but that's when being a herbivore comes in great, diplomacy with others rather than trying to anhialate a city with about 20 turrets with a simple weak laser >.> .

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