Zero Punctuation: Mercenaries 2

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You know I just love the fact that the latest episode to lack all the buggering advertisements that length my wait to view your page I have to say this is one of your better reviews.

Now if you will excuse me I have my own review site where I must tear the shit out of some similarly broken games.

"But he seemed to remember me now.."

Awesomeness. Thank you Yahtzee.

Good times.

Whats odd is while we all know this game is flawed, some of the bugs make the game more fun IE suicidal AI, better when its the enemy but of course it could have been as good as the first but instead is rushed.

ZP and UR ar the only reasons I come to this site 2:P

I saw a guy playing at the PCG showdown lan event last weekend, as soon as i walked over and started to watch his Character dressed in a chicken outfit fell through the floor.

He spend the next 5mins falling into nothing, while it was funny to watch it kinda didn't make me want to buy the game.

A better ZP than last week for sure. And rather funny it was too. go yahtzee.

Very good review of another mediocre mindless self-indulgent boomfest.

Even better news is the disappearance of the annoying and unnecessary tack-on adverts after Yahtzee finishes running his mouth. This made me every bit as happy as the Half-Life 2 reference.

*tugs at pipe, blows a few smoke puffs*

Mmm old chap, this review was all but QUNT.

Another rushed shitty game where the only positive thing to say is 'blowing up shit is fun'. Its a shame it gets boring really fast in mercs 2. If the game did have decent ai it probably wouldn't have been anywhere near as horrible, maybe. Guess the programmers were out back wanking off or something.

Funny review yahtzee. I hope for force unleashed next, oh just think of all the nerd jokes. hehehehe

GLEE! Finally, they got rid of the stupid commercials before and after each episode! That made me so happy I almost forgot about the review itself. :) Some nifty visuals in here, especially "bold-facedly claim", half the designers not being in communication with the other half, and hijacking vehicles "with quick-time events".

This game seems more of a better stress reliever rather than a game.

Finally, one that is entertaining and informative. Thanks you. While i never planned to buy Mercenaries 2, this review itself was really hilarious, though I'm not sure if it was an improvement on your part, or the terrible designs in the game itself.

Also, I feel like playing Rampage now.

Another epic video.


I am so buying this game now. I'm an old rampage fan.

I think i figured out why Yahtee hasn't reviewed SW:TFU. He must have enjoyed it and he can't think of any funny big problems with the game.

LOL! Yes, that must be it!

Wow, I can't believe the lack of video ads this time around. Impressive!

I think i figured out why Yahtee hasn't reviewed SW:TFU. He must have enjoyed it and he can't think of any funny big problems with the game. Also this review was awesome.

LOL, yeah, that is a likely scenario.
Especially since TFU is just one funny big problem.

So yeah, I hope for Yahtzee to review it, too, and gives it the beating it deserves. Given his (well-deserved) hate for the crap that Lucasarts is spitting out, I think I can hope for a fun ride if he decides to do so. :P

But one way or the other, I don't care that much. I always have a great time watching these videos, even if I never heard of the game before, it's always hilarious. :)

Damn Yahtzee, I wanted you to review WAR this week, with the Escaptist teasing me about it everywhere it's kinda fucked up you didn't review it. :/

I'd miss you if you were gone too yahtzee XD
that video was fantastic! so worth the wait :P
cant wait for next weeks video

This one made me laugh.

What is it witn hijakced vehicles in games, seriously? You steal an enemy vehicle and somehow everyone knows it's you. It would at least be more believable if enemies stopped shooting at you and allies started freindly firing.

Bloody brilliant, as always.

I guess it's a good thing tha Yahtzee didn't review the PC version.

I can't believe that for once you were actually nicer to a game than I was. Review hilarious and every point you brought up I ran into a minimum of ten times before finally permanently loaning this game to an unlucky friend.

I expected SH5, but Konami, being douchewankers, moved it tomorrow
conclusion: Yahtzee is more influential than a game company!
jk, I liked this review too ^-^

"Dick Pavlova."

That's made my day! XD

I think i figured out why Yahtee hasn't reviewed SW:TFU. He must have enjoyed it and he can't think of any funny big problems with the game. Also this review was awesome.

Force has a catalogue of problems, but no one wants to bring them up in fear of lucas arts releasing another, and another, and another with better effects instead of a simple patch.

Anyway, onto mercs2

I bought this on its release because i enjoyed the first and XBL didn't release a demo until a month after it came out because 'thats how they roll' and over all, its not that bad, it delivers what it promised, big ass explosions.

Game Mechanics?
Pfft, got other games for that... excuse me while i call in those airstrikes i keep finding by the side of the road.

The only issue i have is that its glitchy, i dunno if its like this with the other platforms but on 360 it has several issues, mostly concerning online and achievements.

and yet again, i will avoid this game like all the other ones you shit on :D

lmao awesome review I loved mercs 2 but then again I get so into the game I dont notice its bugs or sloppy stuff unless its obvious enough as a nuke going off in ur face

very good review, especially liked the part about rescuing the hostage, great stuff

Now THIS is what a proper episode should be retarded ads in it. PERFECT.

However though it is still not funny.

Yathzee you double poster you.

It... it actually WALKED OFF the building? Wow.

That's damn impressive AI.

I loved it! It was about time he made an episode like this one! Going to watch it again

I don't think the game is super good or anything. But I did have fun playing bits of it.
Awesome review, though. XD

hahaha nice review. I hope the force unleashed is reviewed soon.

Finally no adverts at the end, the Escapist has learnt its lesson. Also the reviews are gonna get good as a massive line of highly anticipated games to be praised or (more likely) destroyed are coming out.

Merc's 2 is the most broken game I've ever played. At one point I was just driving along and suddenly fell through the ground. My char fell over and over in limbo and I had to reset my whole system to fix it.

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