Review: Animal Crossing: City Folk

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again, its for the people that like cartoony versions of the sims. I personally like it but, thats just cause my life sucks. :D

haha I'm sure you're life isnt all that bad. Cartoony and flowered up things can be played very well, for example, I got little big planet recently for christmas and its incredible! many a flowers in that game. I just dont see the point in Animal Crossing. What is the end goal in it? Any final hurdles to rain on the flower parade of Animal Crossing?

wow, Section Editor retort, I genuinly feel proud that caught your attention.

I may have played it a little bit with the "Exact same as the real world, except cartoon like" because, well, it's not exactly the same, as you said. What I meant was that it all seems like a flowery and fluffed up version of The Sims without the fun of sexing up everything you see or killing the family just because they don't want to play guitar. This is from my perspective and I dont really see the point in these games other than taking a few Vicoden and seeing round corners while your playing them. You said there was no risk, unless your allergic to bees of course, and that its basically your own little world. I thought that was what Spore did, but on a bigger scale? I'm not saying its a terrible game for everyone and everyone should hate it, I'm just confused on what the main goal of the game is? Literally to shop down every tree or find out why the chicken did cross the road? *Boom Boom*


The goal is whatever you want it to be. The game doesn't put any particular restrictions on you - but you're right, you can't sex up the place or lock your character in a room until he starves to death. It's a family-friendly, cartoony life sim, and as such, is fairly toothless in the harm department.

There's no way to "win," there's no quests or goals, per se - though you could consider paying off the various financial stages of improving your house to be one set of a goals, collecting everything to fill out the museum to be another set of goals, and so on. It's not meant to be an intense experience, it's supposed to be very laid back and, dare I say it, casual. AC is a game meant to be played for an hour or two every few days, all year 'round, as opposed to nonstop for two or three weeks straight.

Hmmm I understand what you mean now tbh.
Its the sort of game that you can mellow out to and the type of game that makes all the gamer girlies out there go "aww it's so cute =)" *not sexist as that is a quote from one of my friends when I asked them why they enjoy the game.

So, to conclude my curiosity, it is a casual game that is enjoyed by serious gamers trying to unwind and casual gamers for the flowers and freedom. Overall its the lighter side to the gaming world where Nico Bellic cannot steal the local town bus/taxi and kill the hairdresser.


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