Movie Trailers: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Trailer

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Well... that's different...

I know none of you can hear it, but I'm screaming. I mean, I didn't really like MLP to begin with, but even taking away the adult male fandom, this just creeps me out for some reason. It's like the caveman part of my brain has taken over and is trying to make itself look bigger, while shaking a spear at it and yelling.

Is this real?

Now the people jacking off to MLP will get accused of being pedophiles instead of being into beastiality. That's all I could think of.

I think the show is supposed to be set in high school, so pedophile might be stretching it a bit. Besides, who would jack off to filthy humans anyways.

Also, I wonder if Spike will be just as obsessed with human Rarity as he is with pony Rarity. Considering he is a dog of all things, that's just comedy waiting to happen.

Seeing the trailer again doesn't make that song any better, or even good. Other than that I'm cautiously hoping for this to not suck. yay.

You know, I'm not a fan of the new MLP series, but now I really want to see this movie because it looks like a blatant troll of the whole 'brony' community, and I whole heartedly can get behind that.

Well I suppose I should give it a shot before saying its gonna be crap, I mean its being written by the writer who gave us some of the best episodes and the music should be good. High school though.... ugh, fuck high school, its probably the most pointless time in anyone's life. The reason mlp suddenly became huge is because you could think of the main characters as pretty much any age, this movie sets them all at an age that most people would rather forget or just don't care about, or are I suppose.

I'll probably catch the usual flak for this, but: I kinda like it. It's different but doesn't really seem bad. A lot of MLP new-season/new-episode promos are more wince-worthy than this, the only reason it's hard to see there is because one is already an established fan.

But it's hard to say. It's not like trailers can be trusted either way: I felt season 3 proved that MLP can kick out duds with the worst of 'em, even though the promos made them mostly seem good.

If I trip across it in my travels I'll watch it.

Is there a reason The Escapist is even hosting this trailer? I mean yeah there are a few bronies here, but in the end this is a crappy spin-off to a crappy kids show that is only airing in a few theaters. Is there really no other trailer to put up right now?

THEY DID IT!!! THEY DID IT!!! IT TURNED OUT GOOD!!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! (Cries manly tears of the purest and most absolute joy) I mean sure, Celestia was really out of character, Luna's face was all fucked up, and the bullshit romance between Twilight Sparkle and Flash Century was kind of out of left field, but the songs were catchy, the jokes were for the most part good (and several of them made me actually laugh out loud), the romance turned out (relatively) sweet, and the little references to the fandom and earlier episodes were pretty nice. All-in-all I'd say go see it, especially if you're a brony; because it was good. It really was. =')

Sadly there are no showings near my town so I'll have to rely on reviews from fellow Bronies for my information until it comes out on DVD or something.

In the meantime I wish two things:

1. That people would stop freaking out over it.
2. That MovieBob would review it.

I facepalmed so hard that I have a red mark on my head now.

Seriously, I only have a passing interest in this, and oh my GOD. No. No. NO.

this movie isn't playing in theaters near me, i checked a 50 mile radius the day of release and didn't see a single theater showing this movie. I mean wtf? We are having ANOTHER brony convention soon, and they don't play this movie anywhere near central Florida? Oh never mind, there's a single showing in mid JULY. No excuse Hasbro, you don't understand your market at all.

Obviously I can't judge the movie without actually seeing it, but the trailer and the premise in and of itself feels deeply disturbing. I can only imagine that a conversation like this happened somewhere down the development pipeline.

"We're going to make a My Little Pony Movie, but I don't want any ponies or magic in it."

"But sir, isn't the title of the series called My Little PONY, Friendship is MAGIC?"

"Yes, but we don't need either of those things. In fact, let's make them humans instead. And put them in a school setting. Kids love school, right?"

"Well actually-"

"Great! I love it! Let's roll with it."

"Sir, are we really canonically giving the ponies breasts? Have you even looked at the internet?"

"What's the worst that can happen? Now let's see some pony curves!"

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