The Very Last of Us

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I don't get it. Maybe this would make sense if I played the game...

Joel had the ingenuity to make his own damn knives AND had all the guns, why should Ellie have given up her only weapon? Story wise, it actually makes more sense that she kept it to herself. Gameplay wise it would have been easier had she given it up, but it wouldn't make any logical sense for her to do it.

Combustion Kevin:
dude, civilised society may have ended, but that's still HER knife!

If anything, an apocalypse strengthens her property rights, because they are now basically living a free-market society.

I don't get it. Maybe this would make sense if I played the game...

The shivs that Joel uses will break after they are used. Ellie has a knife that never breaks, but only she gets to use it.

That's it.

If she used it particularly often I'd be all for her just keeping it to herself, but she saved me maybe four times with the damn thing, and I wasted so many poor pairs of scissors. It wouldn't have killed her to lend it to me whenever I needed a shiv, at the very least- maybe with a dedicated "Hey, Ellie, can I borrow that vibranium knife you have?" button.

Eh, I hate to nitpick (actually, I love it to death), but this is one thing that's always bugged me about post-apocalyptic games: everything always stays broken.

I realize it's part of the gameplay to have to scrounge and scavenge for limited resources, but it's not difficult to create new tools and weapons with the crap you have lying around your neighborhood. That there isn't one person making new knives, lights, guns (gunpowder is easier to make than meth), cars, etc, is what I find most unrealistic.

This wasn't a part of the original Fallout games, while the Brotherhood and most of the factions in the wastes are scavenging up what they can find, there were a couple factions like the Gun Runners who were actually producing new weapons and munitions. Fallout 2 upped it, with a couple of the factions actually producing the drugs you see (not just the addictive stuff, like Jet, but Stimpacks, Rad-X, and Radaway, the useful stuff). It was something Bethesda completely dropped the ball on when they did 3, though New Vegas brought it back.

Also, I'm kinda thinking of Fallen Earth, where crafting is a major part of character advancement.

I was thinking the SAME THING! why my knife only last like 2 stabbed (upgraded BTW)? and I couldn't just borrow the knife from the little girl that I was about to save to save BOTH OF OUR LIVES? if I were him... I'd give her a gun to trade for her "Infinity usage" melee weapon than my "only 2 uses blade made with rare to find materials"...

Am I the only one that is seeing a Dune reference here? "May thy knife chip and shatter."

A million Internets to you Good Sir/Madam

OT: Jesus fuck does this get on my nerves, shiv upgrade 1: sharpen = stronger blade/longer life. No game sharpening a bit of metal does not make it last longer, if nothing it actually shortens the life of it, now if you could get a makeshift forge together and then temper some metal before making it into a blade then you could make it stronger like Slash2x suggests. and why the fuck isn't there some kind of pry-bar for popping door locks? I have a small one in my car its easily backpack sized and with all the other shit you are carrying it wouldn't increase the packs weight much

Since the game puts a lot of effort into world building, little details like that stand out, but I guess that the clickers wouldn't have been so menacing if you could just stab all of them.

If Ellie didn't have the knife she would have been defenceless and the game would have been an actual escort mission

What the heck, bro! You had a screw-driver RIGHT there and you didn't use it?!

Okay, you have a decent chracter driven survival horror game. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have shitty weapons in a survival horror game. Weapons should break, so that you don't find yourself relying on anything but yourself in a situation. They should also be in short supply, and few and far inbetween eachother.

One thing I hated (one of the few things, anyways. Loved the rest) of Afterfall: Insanity is that the weapons did their job, allows, and you could count on a steady stream of unspent cartridges to go through any situation. If there was 80% less enemies, and more times you have to spend kicking a guy onto the floor, to clammer ontop of him and smash your rifle butt into its face because you used all your rounds up, it would have been better. More frantic. More depressing.

Weapons should be a luxury in a SH game.

EXACTLY!! lmao

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