Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

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+10 for Bear Grylls cameo.

Also, did anyone else feel like Yahtzee was reading with a different accent or something?

Someone's on the ball today :P

Anyway, awesome review, one of my favourite, even though I actually liked the game, solid 9 for me. Hilarious as always and loving the subtle accent changes throughout

um no offense to Yahtzee but is it just me or is he loosing his British accent

For everyone asking, yes the accent was deliberate, he was making fun of how the game used them so stereotypically.

I think Yahtzee produced the video ala South African accent 'cause he knew it would confuse people... and flood the thread with questions as to why.

Sounds like a House episode.

I'm on the fence with this game, myself. It's sub-par, mediocre, and worth thirty bucks, whenever it goes down.

I find the previous demand for this game to be reviewed odd... either way still a funny review.

I had though the plot was thin but that's hardly an original comment given that was common amongst other reviews. I did enoy the overall experience, of course noting the somewhat samey missions but either way good explosive fun.

What I haven't encountered yet is an infamous glitch that removes vital main story characters...

That was the worst south african impression I have ever heard. He sounded like a cheesey knock off of an Australian trying to imitate a New Zealander. Thats probably not hows its spelt but no true aussie cares out the kiwies.

The proper South African accent is a lot more subtle and can easily be mistaken as New Zealand speak. I should, my room mate is South African. And it no joke.

Huh... does Yahtzee have a cold or something, or was the change in accent a subtle joke that I failed to get?

He's doing the classic South African accent which really does sound like that. It's a bit exaggerated but it's fairly close to how South African people sound, English with a hint of Dutch :) The game does the exact same thing, the accents are a little over the top :)

Also I totally agree with the whole 'lost in game' kind of feel Farcry 2 has going, I'm a big fan of open ended games and I'm quite use to meandering story lines and I started to lose track of it as well. Then fallout 3 came out, I have not played Farcry 2 since then :)

Awesome video. The who switching between accents thing made me want to kill a baby though.

I can't believe so many people didn't know the accent was a joke.

as far as the review went it was a wonderfull cake of sarcasm and Zebra jokes, but I dont paticularly enjoy his accent for this episode, although I will still praobabply [ I no good at spelling] buy Farcry because I enjoy seeing very preety things.

wth was with the annoying accent? idk if that was supposed to be a joke but it was just lame.

That was probably IMO his best one ever. I couldn't stop laughing at the S-African accent :)

I didn't realize that he had a South African accent at first so I thought Yahtzee was mocking us (as if he doesn't already do that). It made it hard to hear but oh well.

What the Hell is wrong with Yahtzee's voice? It sounds weird in this video, almost like cockney...

And, in my opinion, it just sounds weird.

Okay, had to register to say this:

I am stunned by the number of people here who failed to realise that Ben was doing a South African accent. It wasn't an "aussie/aboriginal" or a "new zealand" or a british accent. The game is set in SOUTH AFRICA. This is made very clear in his review and works really well for laughs.

I'm curious to know if the accent confusion is coming from U.S. viewers. I know you guys have a hard time recognising accents, which is why your films with "foreigners" always sound ridiculous. Or worse, you simply use American accents for other nationalities. Good recent example: am I supposed to believe Tom Cruise is GERMAN in Valkyrie? Bloody stupid.


holy shit the accent was funny.... sounds a bit Australian O_o

holy shit the accent was funny.... sounds a bit Australian O_o

I sounds like he tried to hard to make an accent stand out. Well, that worked. It stood out, and made me think he had a cold or something. He sounded really off.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks his accent is changing a bit. I mean, just a matter of time when you live in a foreign country anyway, isn't it, and you hear it every day? I want to go to Dublin now and pick up an Irish lilt.

He's spot on as usual. I really enjoyed the game for the first few hours, but ran out of enthusiasm long before the game ran out of samey missions. Apparently I should trade it in towards Saints Row 2.

Also, South Africans have the strangest accents of any English speaking people in the world, or at least the ones who speak English do.

Didn't like Farcry, and wasn't planning on playing this. Now I really won't play this. Yay!

As he said Far Cry 2 is nothing like far cry

FAR CRY 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. The story was gripping and the environments varied and great on high detail. I never played the original far cry, but i thought i would get this and it was worth it.

He was spot on on the repetitiveness, but hell, i can't help it, the game was goddamn fun. Gorgeous huge world, kickass weapons (AS50, eye sex) and lots of things to riddle with bullets. Now, this description might put me off as a "casual" gamer looking for no consistency, narrative or complexity. But, by god, it's fun to unwind once in a while and just KILL shit.

it was an okay zero punctuation.

i think yahtzee should try lbp, resistance 2, and call of duty world at war.

he hasn't really done an actual ps3 exclusive review

Ben's becoming an Australian-British-South African

I felt the same way with Far Cry 2, just the same old drive here, kill/blow/burn this/them/him. After a couple of hours I just turned it off and havn't played it since

The accent made you sound a bit annoying, but other than that great review


The accent was hilarious. Also I awfully regret my $50 purchase of FC2 when it came out. :(

Nice accent, although its too close to his actual way of speaking for the maximum funny to insue.

You people must not watch golf. all.

The accent was deliberate. It's South African. Like he says within the first, oh, minute or so of the video.

Great review, Yahtzee...I was thinking about maybe even renting this one. You, sir, have saved me money.



Speeedy bannage up there.
Anyway, I liked it.
Never got much into the Cry Engine games, mostly because I'm in the demographic of "Poor Bastard" and can't afford a system/television to adequately handle the eye-bleedingly wonderful graphics.
Good to know the gaming industry, as a whole, is still following the proud tradition of giving us our cake, then watching us choke on it.

It's not the CryEngine btw, they used less than 2% of the CryEngine code.

In fact Crytek had absolutely nothing to do with it, it was all Ubisoft this time.

The base point remains, though.
If I didn't get into Far Cry or Crysis the first time, why would a shitty sequel make me any more enthused about it?

Because quoting people stating a fact has nothing to do with game interest.

It's not the same game. I will try it out, so should you.


Seems like Yahtzee can't really make up his mind on this one. I'll pick it up anyway cause I've been looking for a realistic shooter for a looooooong time now.

This si not a realsitic shooter- you can do mcuh better. If your a Pc gamer then pick up stalker - if your not then i dont know of any on 360.

I loved the accent. Afican seemed to be the only one missing from the game.

Excuse me sir, but that is absolutely ridiculous.

An FPSRPG being more realistic than a plain FPS? Surely you jest.


I'll pick it up anyway cause I've been looking for a realistic shooter for a looooooong time now.

Look elsewhere. This isn't one of them.

So, why is it not realistic?

And can you even give me an example of a realistic FPS?

EDIT: Sorry for triple post -_-

Please Ben, Don't do accents...

Also i found the AI hilarious. I was able to walk up to one guy who, due to his not shooting at me, i assumed to be friendly. A polite tap on the shoulder and he turns around like i'm some kind of ninja!

And Stephen Fry? tsk tsk tsk...

I didnt prefer the accent. I prefer the monotone voice of lore. Im glad he reviewed this but I would love to see him review lbp next.

Finally, Yahtzee's funny again! Took you long enough - but with all due respect, this was a great episode. Slipping in and out of the South African (or should it be Seth Efricin?) accent was brilliant, and while the rest of the jokes were a bit predictable that doesn't mean they weren't funny. Don't leave us hanging this long for good material again, okay Yahtzee? :P

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