Unskippable: The Getaway

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How old is this game? It was on a demo of mine from 7 or so years ago! I remembered it when "Suit Guy." came on.

"Oh, we...shot her.that bad?"

Lol this was pretty awesome, the dirge of cerberus one was better though.

Good job guys.

I must say I enjoyed both of the Getaway games, though the second was better. The cutscenes for both were pretty bad though.

All I remember of The Getaway was my brother playing it, walking into a restaurant with an SMG out, being told by the Maitre D' that the restaurant is full, and hitting him with the SMG while the character said "That won't be a problem."

Anyway, pretty good, although I doubt anything soon will top Dirge of Cerberus.


Anyway, pretty good, although I doubt anything soon will top Dirge of Cerberus.

I agree. I'm having to resist the urge to add "I'm watching you, moon!" to all my forum signatures.

You guys did pretty good for what you had to work with. This cutscene is terrible!

That was a bassoon not an oboe.
Either way that was pretty funny. Red car, empty street... Very inconspicuous guys.

"..Your a best selling novelist...this is your life!!"

"What are you looking at?"
"Tits - uh! Steering wheel!"

great. not as good as some of the previous ones, but still plenty good - i am very pleased they got a spot on the Escapist!

but was there really no end credits funny bit? i thought all of the previous vids had one.... i miss it already...

Wantonly tragic cutscenes aren't quite as funny. Granted, with names like "eyebrows" these guys were begging for a lampooning.

Just in case this doesn't get enough praise, let me say "I love Unskippable". Escapist has some really top notch series these days, nothing goes better with gaming than a good laugh. =D

Not their best by a long shot, but look what they had to work with. Find something that's more easily made fun of for next week. If only Chaos Wars had a fully animated intro cutscene to go with the horrible voice acting.

I liked them guys wearing suits.

Seriously, though, well done once more. Not quite as good as the others, but still definitely good.

Hahaha finally some competition to Zero Punctuation.

'I know what this murder weapon needs! my fingerprints' is the best line i have heard in a long while.

Well done.

"Incidental Music provided by: Eyebrows and the Thugs, from their latest album: Punching People in the Face Repeatedly."
This one had some of the greatest quotes...

"Why is it whenever they knock out the main character they knock out the cameraman as well?"

I'm excited because this is the first game you've done that I've actually played! Well second, counting Lost Planet, but I didn't really play so much as I died five times to the big ass Akrid in the beginning, before finally getting to a point where I thought I was making progress only to get blown out the window and out onto the street due to a grenade thrown by one of my own men. After that, the only thing I had to say about the game was, "Fuck this."

So yeah, great video this week. I'm actually checking the Escapist on Mondays now to see your shows -- before I only just realized you had a new one up on Wednesdays when I checked for Zero Punctuation. I agree with a lot of other people, by the way. Kind of slow in the beginning, but great for the last few minutes.

This was way below the previous ones. Many of the jokes felt forced or tacked in. Still very good, though.

"Eyebrow and the Thugs"... someone should create this band.

Well, its been said too many times to cite any particular person, but considering the program is mocking long cutscenes it seems like the quality of the jokes depends more on the original game than the actual writers. You can only do so much with a set bit of material.

Which actually leaves me wondering why Dirge of Cerebrus was so ridiculous that it was funnier when they mocked it...

You guys sure know how to pick your cutscenes

Definitely not as good as Dirge of Cerberus, but I think it all depends on the cutscene, anyway.

I think what made Dirge so funny was that it was a recognizable entry from a famous franchise, which is known for being ridiculous and slightly derivative.

I had no idea what "The Getaway" was before this video, so I wasn't as enthused.

Still, had some funny lines, and I'll definitely keep watching.

That was actually extremely fucking hilarious. It was also the first Unskippable I watched. I recognized it could be funny when they out that bit at the end of ZP, but I was too lazy to actually watch an episode. This one caught my eye because I remember this game from oh so long ago. Very funny. I'll go watch the other Unskippables now.

I can't remember if The Getaway was good or not. I suppose I'll go look that up.

I think this is the best one they've done since Eternal Sonata. Hilarious, though I think they dropped the ball at one point:

"Where's my son, you fat bastard?"


You guys sure know how to pick your cutscenes

And we watch A LOT of cutscenes to pick them.
The worst part is when we see one that's terrible, but for whatever reason we can't use (usually due to the scene's length) because then we've sat through it for nothing.

Update: After watching all the Unskippables I formally declare that the series is fucking hilarious and I am now officially constantly eagerly waiting for more.

And I think this episode was as hilarious, if not more so, than the others. Hard to tell, they're all so great. Sorry, I get a little excited when I discover new great things I enjoy. I'm going to go look up The Getaway now and try to see if I can remember whether I enjoyed playing it or not all those years ago.

I'll admit that I didn't find this one as funny as the others. They seemed to force a few of the jokes.

Loved the British accents! The only way I could hate this series is if it as cancelled

"We bury your kid, your kid dies." has to be my favorite line.

And I think having suffered through the first Getaway makes this one a lot funnier.

This one was good. I enjoyed the "your kid dies" stuff. Well done sirs.

"here's my gim sock drippings" Naaaaasty

"Not the chair!" awsomeeee

"What if I kill my kid?"

"We bury your kid... your kid dies!"

You guys are really getting awesome at this, keep it up.

Man.. The Getaway was such an underrated game. Good to see it brought back for a bit of a laugh. Good comments guys.

A few mild chuckles were had, but not many.

Pure class, as always. I still own The Getaway - not a great game, but had a very nice recreation of London and some funny accents made me keep it.

Incidentally, I think this is the first video in the series that has been edited a bit - after the wife's death and Mark-Suit-Guy's "AAARGH!" there's a (boring) bit you have to play: you get in your "British" green car and follow the "inconspicuous" red car around London for a bit, winding up in the gangsters' place where the second part of the scene takes place. I'm not complaining, I think you could do more stitch-ups in the future!

"We bury your kid, your kid dies"


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